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Entorod according to the act of Congress, in the year one thousand, &c. &c.,

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.



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Passed at the first session, which was begun and held at the

City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, on Mon

day, December 7, 1801, and ended: May 3, 1802. THOMAS JEFFERSON, President: : AARON Burr, Vice President,

and President of the Sapate: ABRAHAM BALDWIN, President of the Senate, pro..empore, on the 14th January, and from the 21st of April

. NATHANIEL Macon, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Ghp:61.J An act for the apportionment of representatives among the several states, ac-

cording to the second enumeration,
$1 Be it enacted, &c. That, from and after the third day of
March, one thousand eight hundred and three, the house of rep-

resentatives shall be composed of members elected agreeably to One represen- a ratio of one member for every thirty-three thousand persons in Every $9,000 each state, computed according to ihe rule prescribed by the persons, after constitution; that is to say: within the state of New Hamp3d March,

shire, five; within the state of Massachusetts, seventeen ; with1803, &c.

in the state of Vermont, four; within the state of Rhode Island, Number of re- two; within the state of Connecticut, seven ; within the state prosentatives to each state,

of New York, seventeen ; within the state of New Jersey, six ; as mentioned, within the state of Pennsylvania, eighteen ; within the state of &c.

Delaware, one; within the state of Maryland, nine; within the state of Virginia, twenty-two; within the state of North Carolina, twelve; within the state of South Carolina, eight; within the state of Georgia, four; within the state of Kentucky, six ; and within the state of Tennessee, three members. (Approved, January 14, 1802.]


CHAP. (2.) An act concerning the library for the uso of both houses of congross. The books, $1. Be it enacted, &c. That the books and maps purchased purchased for by direction of the act of congress, passed the twenty-fourth of the use of con- April, one thousand eight hundred, together with the books or gross, &c. 10 be placed in a

libraries which have heretofore been kept separately by each room in the

house, shall be placed in the capitol, in the room which was capitol. Vol. iv. p.

occupied by the house of representatives during the last session 2315.

of the sixth congress. The president 2. That the president of the senate and speaker of the of the senato and speaker of house of representatives, for the time being, be, and they here


Vol. iii.p. 1560.

by are, empowered to establish such regulations and restrictions, the house to in relation to the said library, as to them shall seem proper, tions, &c. and, from time to time, to alter or amend the same : Provided, Proviso; no That no regulation shall be made repugnant to any provisions contrary to contained in this act.

this act. 3. That a librarian, to be appointed by the president of the The president United States solely, shall take charge of the said library, who, to appoint a previous to his entering upon the duties of his office, shall give is to give bond, bond, payable to the United States, in such a suin, and with &c. such security, as the president of the senate and speaker of the house of representatives, for the time being, may deem sufficient, for the safe keeping of such books, maps, and furniture, as may be confided to bis care, and the faithful discharge of his trust, according to such regulations as may be, from time to time, established for the government of the said library; which Librarian's said bond shall be deposited in the office of the secretary of the bond to be

deposited in senale.

the office, &c. $ 4. That no map shall be permitted to be taken out of the

No map to be said library by any person; nor any book, except by the pre- taken out of sident and vice president of the United States, and members the library, of the senate and house of representatives, for the time being. Vol.ii. p. 1175.

$ 5. That the keeper of the said library shall receive, for Act of 1812. his services, a sum not exceeding two dollars per diem, for ch. 138. every day of necessary, attendance; the amount whereof, 10gether with the necessary expenses incident to the said library, after being ascertained by the president of the senate and speaker of the bouse of representatives, for the time being, shall be Payment of paid out of the fund annually appropriated for the contingent of the contin expenses of both houses of congress.

gent fund of $ 6. That the unexpended balance of the sum of five thous-cengress, &c. and dollars, appropriated by the act of congress aforesaid, for 1677. the purchase of books and maps for the use of the two houses Unexpended of congress, together with such sums as may hereafter be ap- balance, and propriated to the same purpose, shall be laid out under the the purchase direction of a joint committee, to consist of three members of of books, &c. the senate, and three members of the house of representatives. under the di

rection of a (Approved, January 26, 1802.)

joint commit. Chap. [4] An act for the protection of the commerce and seamen of the United States Obsolete.

against the Tripolitan cruisers. Whereas the regency of Tripoli, on the coast of Barbary, has the regency commenced a predatory warfare against the United States:

of Tripoli has

commenced a § 1. Be it enacted, fc. That it shall be lawful fully to equip, predatory officer, man, and employ, such of the armed vessels of the Unit- The president ed States as may be judged requisite by the president of the may employ United States, for protecting effectually ihe commerce and sea- ar med vessels men thereof on the Atlantic ocean, the Mediterranean, and ad- as he may

judge requis joining seas.

2. That it shall be lawful for the president of the United The president States to instruct the commanders of the respective public ves- the commandsels aforesaid, to subdue, seize, and make prize of, all vessels, ers of public goods, and effects, belonging to the bey of Tripoli, or to his sub- make prizo jects, and to bring or send the same into port, so be proceeded of roselle, &c.


Vol. iii. p.


&c. for

tee, &c.

site, &c.

sions revoca.

sure, &c.

to the bey of against, and distributed according to law; and also to cause to subjects, &c. be done all such other acts of precaution or hostility as the state

of war will justify, and may, in his opinion, require. The president $ 3. That, on the application of the owners of private armed may grant special com

vessels of the United States, the president of the United States may missions lo

grant to them special commissions, in the form which he shall the private armed vessels direct, under the seal of the United States; and such private of the U.S., armed vessels, when so commissioned, shall have the like authoPrivate armed rity for subduing, seizing, taking, and bringing into port, any vessels to have Tripolitan vessel, goods, or effects, as the beforementioned pubthority, &c. as lic armed vessels may by law have; and shall, therein, be, subpublic armed ships, &c.

ject to the instructions wbich may be given by the president of Their commis- the United States for the regulation of their conduct; and their ble at plea

commissions shall be revocable at his pleasure; Provided, That

before any commission shall be granted, as aforesaid, the owner Proviso; a bond to be or owners of the vessel for which the same may be requested, and given before a the commander thereof, for the time being, shall give bond 10 granted, &c.* the United States, with at least two responsible sureties, not in

terested in such vessel, in the penal sum of seven thousand dolJars ; or, if such vessel be provided with more than one hundred and fifty men, in the penal sum of fourteen thousand dollars, with condition for observing the treaties and laws of the United States, and the instructions which may be given, as aforesaid ; and also, for satisfying all damages and injuries which shall be done, contrary to ihe tenor thereof, by such commissioned vessel; and for delivering up the cornmission when revoked by the

president of the United States. Tripolitan

§ 4. That any Tripolitan vessel, goods, or effects, which shall goods, &c. captured by be so captured and brought into port by any private armed vesprivate armed sel of the United States, duly commisssioned, as aforesaid, may be adjudged be adjudged good prize, and thereupon shall accrue to the second prices ac- owners, and officers, and men, of the capturing vessel, and shall owners

, &c. be distributed according to the agreement which shall have been and be distributed ac

made between them, or, in failure of such agreement, accordcording to ing to the discretion of the court having cognizance of the capagreement,

ture. &c. The seamen $ 5. That the seamen may be engaged 10 serve in the navy may be engag of the United States for a period not exceeding two years;. but two years in the president may discharge the same sooner, if, in his judgment, the navy but their services may dispensed with. (Approved, February 6,


may, &c.


Chap. (5.) An act extending the privilege of franking and receiving letters, free of postage,

to any person admitted, or to be admitied, 10 take a seat in congress, as a delegaie ; and

providing compensation for such delegate. Delegate in 81. Be it enacted, &-c. That any person admitted, or who may congress to receive and

hereafter be admitted, to take a seat in congress, as a delegate, send letters shall enjoy the privilege of sending and receiving letters, free of free of post

postage, on the saine terins, and under the same restrictions, as Vol. ...p. 694. are provided for the members of the senate, and of the house of 1993. representatives of the United States, by the act, entiiled “An

act to establish the post office of the United States;” and that

age, &c.

Vol. iji. p.

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