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teers, of Ireland. I have given orders that all the inhabitants of this province, who have subscribed and taken part in this revolt, should be punished with the greatest rigour; also, that those who will not turn out, may be imprisoned, and their whole property taken from them, and destroyed. I have also ordered that satisfaction should be made for their estates, to those who have been injured and oppressed by them. I have ordered, in the most positive manner, that every

militia man who has borne arms with us and afterwards joined the enemy, shall be immediately hanged. I desire you will take the most rigorous measures to punish the rebels in the district in which you command, and that you will obey, in the strictest manner, the directions I have given in this letter, relative to the inhabitants of this country.

CORNWALLIS. August, 1780.

Note F.


Portsmouth, Virginia, November 4, 1780. My Lord, I have been here near a week, establishing a post. I wrote to you to Charleston, and by another messenger, by land. I cannot hear, for a certainty, where you are: I wait your orders. The bearer is to be handsomely rewarded, if he brings me any note or mark from your lordship

A, L.


G. Woodfall, Printer, Angel Court, Skinner Street, London.


Miscellaneous Works,





THE CABINET LAWYER; or, a POPULAR DIGEST of the LAWS of ENGLAND; with a DICTIONARY of Law Terms, Maxims, Acts of Parliament, and Judicial Antiquities; correct Tables of Assessed Taxes, Stamp Duties, Excise Licenses, and Post Horse Duties; Post Office Regulations, Rates of Porterage, Turnpike Laws, Corn Laws, Prison Regulations, &c. &c. The Sixth Edition, corrected to the end of the last Session of Parliament. 8s, 6d. boards.

“ This very useful book, carefully revised and much improved, bas worthily reached a third edition. It is an excellent Digest, and does credit to the Editor.”Literary Gasette.

THE BRITISH FARMER'S CYCLOPÆDIA; or, Complete Agricultural Dictionary ; including every Science or Subject dependant on, or connected with, Improved Modern Husbandry ; with the Breeding, Feeding, and Management of Live Sluck ; the Modern Art of Farriery ; Core for the Diseases of Dogs; tbe Management of Bees ; the Culture of Fruit and Forest Trees; of Cyder; of Malt Liquor, and Made Wines; with Forty-Two Engravings, coloured and plain. By THOMAS POTTS. 4to. £3. 13s. 60. boards.

THE COMPLETE SPORTSMAN; containing a coinpendious View of the Ancient and Modern Chase; a concise History of the various kinds of Sporting Dogs; and of the Quadrupeds and Birds which are the objects of Porsait. The method of breeding and training Hounds, Greyboands, Setters, Pointers, &o. The Diseases of Dogs with the method of Cure. Shooting, with particular instructions, wherein the Art of Shooting Flying is reduced to practical certainty. The choice of a Fowling Piece, Powder, Shot, &c. The Ancient Forest and Game Laws. The Modern Game Laws, explained and illustrated by a variety of Cases. The Laws relating to Dogs; Angling, and the Laws relating to Fish. With every instruction and information relative to the Sports of the Field. By T. H. NEEDHAM. 12mo. 7s. boards.

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THE LAND SURVEYOR'S READY RECKONER; or Gentleman and Farmer's Guide to Land Measure; shewing, at one view, the contents of any piece of land, from the 801l part of an acre, to any number of acres; with plain and easy directions, illostrated by examples, for taking the dimensions of a field, and measuring land by Gunter's Chain as well as by chains and links, and other methods osually employed; also a Table, sbewing the breadth required to any given length, to make 1, 2, 3, 10 10 acres : and another to convert yards into poles and links. By S. THURLOW, Land Surveyor. A new Edition corrected. 2s. 6d. bound,

IMPORTANT HINTS and DISCOVERIES IN AGRICULTURE; or, a New System of Farming in general, whereby such essential advantage is gained over the general system in practice, as is judged nearly to equal the rent, or comparatively speaking, almost to redoce a Farm lo no Rent, and also employing the Poor, and reduciug tbe Rales. By C. DRURY, late of Mansfield. Fourth Edition, enlarged and improved. 8vo. 14s. boards.

By the same Author, · DISCOVERIES, of a particular rapid method of Fcoding Pigs, at hall the asual expense, 28. 6d.



Miscellaneous Works, published by

HOME BREWED ALE; or plain practical Instruction to private Families, for brewing their own Liquor ; with directions for purchasing Brewing vessels, and preserving Yeast for future use. By a HOUSEKEEPER. 8vo. 2s, sewed.

A TREATISE on CARRIAGES; comprehending Coaches, Chariots, Phatons, Curricles, Gigs, &c. and their proper Harness. ' By W. FELTON, Coachmaker. 2 vols. 8vo. with upwards of 50 plates. £1. 11s. 6d. boards.

COOKERY and CONFECTIONARY. By Joun CONRADE Cooke; an original Work, comprising the varieties of English and Foreiga Practice. Wirb 40 Illustrative Engravings, 12 mo. 6s, boards, 7s, bound and lettered.

“ This book is in every sense a valuable practical Mangal, combining elegance with atility and economy.”—Literary Magnet.

THE CAMBRIAN PLUTARCH, comprising Memoirs of some of the most eminent Welshmen from the earliest times to the present. By J. H, Parry, Esq. 810. 10s. 6d, boards.

“ Mr. Parry bas deserved the thanks of all who are attached to Cambrian Literature and History, by this judicious biographical compilation. We can bear testimony to the interesting nature of bis Jabours in general, and to the simple and respectable style in which his volume is written."--New Monthly Mug. Dec. 1824.

By the same Author, THE CAMBRO-BRITON, illustrative of the History and Antiquities of WALES, and more especially of the Ancient Remains of Welsh Literature, of which it comprises many interesting Translations, both in Prose and Verse, never before published. Three vols. 8vo. £ 1. 11s. 6d. boards.

To the admirers of Cambrian and Celtic lore this work presents attractions, both as to novelty and variety, not elsewhere to be found.

THE NATURALIST'S REPOSITORY; or, Miscellany of Exotic Natural History: consisting of elegantly coloured Plates, with appropriale, scientific, and general descriptions of the most curious, scarce, and beantiful productions of nature, that have been recently discovered in various parts of the world, and more especially such novelties as, from their extreme rarity, remain entirely undescribed, or which have not been duly noticed by preceding Naturalists. The whole composed according to the latest improvements in the various departınents of the science ; and forming, collectively, a truly vala. able compendium of the most important discoveries of Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Insects, Shells, Marine Productions, and every other interesting object of Natural History--the produce of Foreign Climales. By E. Donovan, P.L.S. W.S. &c. Five vols, royal 8vo. with 180 plates, £10, 10s. boards, or 60 numbers 3s. 6d. each.

An EASY GUIDE to the GAME of CHESS, with a number of curious and remarkable situations in the different branches of the Game ; adapted for the instruc. tion of the Tyro, and the amosement of the Adept. By CHARLES CHECK, Esq. 18mo. 2s. sewed.

The AUCTIONEER'S GUIDE; being a complete Abstract of the Laws of Excise relative to Auctions and Auctioneers, to wbich is added the Appraiser's Guide. 12mo, 2s, 6d. boards.

An ESSAY on the SOILS and COMPOSTS indispensably necessary in the propagation and culture of the more rare and valuable ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Flowers, of the Pleasare garden, Flower garden, and Greenhouse collection. By Thomas Haynes. 12mo, 5s, boards.

The EXOTIC GARDENER ; in which the management of the Hot-house, Green-honse, and Conservatory, is fully and clearly delineated, according to modern practice; with an Appendix, containing observations on the soils suitable io tender Isotics. By J. Cusuing. Third Edition, 8vo. 108, 6d, boards.

The LIFE PRESERVING MANUAL; comprising all the means most proper lo be instantly adop!ed, with a view to preserve life, restore animation, lessen ile danger, or alleviato the sofferings in every case of accident, injury, and sadden illness to which the lioman frame is liable ; with instructions and cantions caloulated to prevent the occurrence of the most frequent and fatal accidents. By S. G. Wilks, M.D. bd..

IV. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stutioners' [lall Court.


A GENUINE GUIDE TO IIEALTII, or Practical Essays on the most approved means of preserving Health, and preventing Diseases. To which are added cur. sory observations on Intemperance and various Excesses, and the extraordinary infuence they have on the Frame, with suggestions to counteract their baneful effects; also StricTures on the peculiar regimen and management of Invalids, Women in Child-bed, and Infants, with ample Instructions to select such Articles of Food, &c. as are best adapted for them. By T. F. CHURCHILL, M.D. Professor of Medicine, &c. 12mo. 4s. sewed.

“ Dr. CHURCHILL has judiciously divided his subjects into distinct Essays, each of which contains a fund of useful as well as improving matter; and if his maxims are adopted, they will evidently prove of universal advantage.”—Gent. Magazine.

The COTTAGE BIBLE and FAMILY EXPOSITOR; containing the authorized Translation of the Old and New Testaments, with Practical Reflections and Short Explanatory Notes. By Thomas Williams, Author of a new Translation of " Solomon's Soog;" an Historic Defence of Experimental Religion ; a Dictionary of all Religions, &c. &c.

This Work, which is dedicated, by permission, to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, and recommended by respectable Clergymen of different denominations, may now be had complete, in 3 vols. 8vo. price £ 2. boards, or in 40 Parts, at 1s. each. Also, a superior edition, price £ 3. or is. 6d. each Part.

In order to secure a correct copy of the authorized Translation, the text has been printed from an Oxford stereotyped edition, and compared with those of Cambridge and Edinburgh; and the Editor has been assisted by a clerical friend in the revisal of the proofs.

The CONSTITUTION of FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, upon Legal and Scientific Principles, exemplified by the Rules and Tables of the Southwell Friendly Institution, according lo the Statute, 10 Geo. IV. c. 56. Examined, anthenticated, and recommended by JOHN Todd Pratt, Esq. the Barrister at Law appointed to certify the Rules of Friendly Societies ; as well as by WILLIAM MORGAN, Esq. F.R.S. and ARTHUR MORGAN, Esq. Joint Actuaries of the Equitable Assurance Society; together with Complete Tables for calculating, at every period of Life, the Value of the Assarances for Sickness, Annuities, Rorersions, and Endowments, effected by Members of Friendly Societies, acoompanied with Practical Illastrations : to which is added, a System of Book-keeping, now io General Use among such Institutions. By the Rev. Joun Thomas Becuen, M.A. Prebendary of the Collegiate Church of Southwell; Chairman of the Quarter Sessions for the Newark Division of the County of Nottingham, and for the Liberty of Southwell and Scrooby. Fifth Edition, 6s. 8vo. boards.

The Publishers beg leave to inform Noblemen and Gentlemen about to form Friendly Societies, that they have, at the request of the Rev. Mr. Becher, retained the Tables of Contributions in Types, for the accommodation of such Institutions as may adopt this System, which arrangement will prevent the inelegance and inaccuracy pervading several of the Tables, that bave been printed, and will very considerably reduce the cost of them.

MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. By J. A. PARIS, M.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; and J. S. M. FONBLANQUE, Esq. Barrister at Law. 3 vols. 8vo. 36s. boards,

The MIRROR of the GRACES, or English Ladies' Costume: on Dress and the various Accomplishments of the Feinale Sex, agreeably to the Principles of Nature and Rules of Propriety ; 18mo. with coloured plates, 6s. plain, 5s. boards.

GAY'S FABLES, in Two Parts, complete, with a Life of the Author, and embellished with One Hundred beautiful Wood Cuis, by Branston. 24mo. 3s. 6d. boards.

NISBET'S MEDICAL GUIDE for the INVALID to the PRINCIPAL WATERING PLACES of GREAT BRITAIN : Containing a view of the medicinal effects of the waters of each place. 12mo. 5s. 60. boards.

A TREATISE on the PASSIONS, ILLUSTRATIVE of the HUMAN NIND. Interspersed with Poetry, original and selected. By a LADY. 4 vols. 12mo. 12s. boards.

GRINNING MADE EASY; a collection of Comic Songs. 12mo. 4s. bds.

Miscellaneous Works, published by

PRIESTCRAFT DEFENDED; a Sermon, occasioned by the expulsion of Six Young Gentlemen from the University of Oxford, for Praying, Reading, and Expounding the Scriptures. By J. MACGOWAN. 6d. sewed.

By the same Author,

LAURA; or, an Anthology of Sonnets, (on the Petrarcan Model,) and Elegiac Quarloorzains : Englisli, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, original and translated: with a Preface, Critical and Biographic Noles, and Index. By Capel Loppt. 5 rols. foolscap 8vo. 30s. boards.

ELIZABETH; or, the EXILES of SIBERIA. A Tale founded on Facts. Translated from the French of Mad. de Cottin, by Mrs, Meekk, Witb Plates, 4s. 6d. 12mo. boards.

BUTLER'S HUDIBRAS, (Suttaby's fine edition,) with a Life and Notes, by Gray, and otbers ; and a Discourse on the Civil Wars. 4 vols. 24me. 9s, boards,

LIFE of ABRAHAM NEWLAND, Esq, late Principal Cashier at the Bank of England, from authentic Documents ; to which is added, a History of tbat Great Na. tional Establishment, with the Charters and Statutes passed relative to it, fron the time of its incorporation ; with an elegant Portrait. 5s. 8vo, boards.

MEDITATIONS and CONTEMPLATIONS: containing Meditations among the Tombs; Reflections on a Flower Garden ; and a Descant on Creation ; Contemplations on the Night ; on tbe Starry Heavens ; and a Winter Piece. By James HERVEY, A.M. Rector of Weston Farell. To which is prefixed, The Life of the Author, 12mo. Ss. 6d. bound; or on fine paper, 4s. 6d. bound.

The DOMESTIC PHARMACOPEIA; or, Complete Medical Guide for Families: with an Appendix of Favourite and Domestic Remedies, Medicaments, &c. wliich being calculated meet and combat successfully all incidental Attacks of Disease, it is incumbent on every pruilent Family to possess. 12ino, 5s. boards.

ST. LEON: a Tale of the Sixteenth Century. By W. Godwin, Esq. Author of Caleb Williams," Cloudsloy,” &c. Third edition. 4 vols. 12 no. 24s. boards.

The ZENANA ; or, a Nuwab's Leisure Hours. 3 vols. 12mo. 24s. boards.

By the same Author, PANDURANG HARI; or, Memoirs of a Hindoo. 3 vols. 12mo. 24s. boards.

The ECONOMY of NATURE, Explained and Illustrated on the Principles of Modern Philosophy. By G. GREGORY, D.D. Third Edition. 3 vols. 810. Plates. 31s. 6d. boards,

The SHIPWRECK. By WILLIAM FalconER. With a Sketch of his Life. Neat Edition. Foolscap 8vo. 48. boards.

The MINSTREL; or, the Progress of Genius: in Two Parts: with some ather Poems. By JAMES BEATTIE, LL.D. with Designs by Thurston, and Engraved on Wood by Mr. Clennel. Foolscap 8vo. 55. boards.

VALUABLE SECRETS in ARTS and TRADES; or, Approved Directions from the best Artists. Containing upwards of One Thousand Receipts. 12mo. s.

The POETICAL SATIRIST. Containing the most choice effusions of Satiric Humour, Whimsical Incident, and Laughable Conception, that could be gleaned from ibe productions of the Comic Muse. 32mo. 2s. 6d. boards.

A CRITICAL HISTORY of the CELTIC RELIGION and LEARNING. Containing an Account of the Druids or Priests, Judges, Diviners, Bards, &c. &c. of the Ancient Gauls, Britons, Irish, and Scots. By John TOLAND, M.A. With the History of Abaris, Priest of the Sun.

To wbicb is added, a Life of the Author. 8vo. 8s, boards,

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