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course of twenty-four hours, each corps d'armée having secure command of the various roads and consumed 1800 loaves of 3 lbs. each ; 120 cwts. railways of German communications. Colonel de of rice or pearl barley; either 70 oxen, 120 cwts. Bigot rightly judged, therefore, that if the tranof bacon, or a proportionate amount of prepared sport of such vast and necessary supplies could be sausage; 18 cwts. of salt; 30 cwts. of coffee; 12 effectually stopped, German armies in France must cwts. of oats; 3 cwts.of hay; 35,000 quarts of spirits soon cease to exist, and they would fall an easy and 3500 ounces of orange essence, or some other prey to levies of men who, however raw, were well bitter tincture, to mix with the spirits. To this armed, and operating in their own country. gigantic repast must be added 60 cwts. of tobacco, The scheme of isolating the Germans from their 1,100,000 ordinary cigars, and 50,000 officers' base of supplies, after defeating them in Franche cigars for each ten days. Multiply these figures Comté, would have been feasible, and even prom by twenty-five, and we have the sum total of the ising, had Bourbaki had a trained and well-organconsumption in one day, or as regards tobacco in ized army of 150,000 men, and could the forces of ten days, of the German troops in France. The Chanzy have been counted on to cope successfully difficulties of bringing up such gigantic stores with Prince Frederick Charles and the grandwere often aggravated by the usual disasters inci- duke of Mecklenburg, on the supposition of their dental to warfare. Sometimes a large number of acting together. But even on these hypotheses the oxen, having become infected with the cattle it is doubtful whether it would not have been plague, had to be destroyed; and frequently stores more prudent to attack the communications of the would arrive in such a condition that they had to Germans at points considerably nearer Paris than be thrown away and replaced by fresh cargoes. a few marches to the west of Belfort; and in the The wear and tear of the war in a rainy autumn actual state of the combatants the whole project and an unusually cold winter, moreover, required was, we think, desperate. Bourbaki's army, even the continuous forwarding of an incalculably large if reinforced to 150,000 men, was known to be stock of every article of clothing. Several times raw and ill provided; its movements would have during the campaign each corps had distributed to be conducted in an exceedingly intricate and among them woollen shirts, flannel bandages, mountainous country, in the depths of a severe woollen comforters, woollen plaids, woollen stock- winter; it was, therefore, by no means certain that ings, boots, &c. The field-post, too, in an army it would overpower Werder and raise the siege of where everybody could read and write, took up Belfort, and far from probable that it could master, no inconsiderable amount of rolling stock. From at least for a sufficiently long time, the great line the 16th of July to the 31st of December, 1870, of the German communications, already not withno fewer than 67,600,000 letters and 1,536,000 out protection, and which reinforcements could newspapers-in other words, about 400,000 letters easily reach. Success, therefore was far from and 9090 papers per day—were despatched from assured, even where it appeared most promising; and to the army. In the same period 41,000,000 and even success, unless extraordinary, would thalers and 58,000 parcels of all sizes and weights leave the rest of the forces of France exposed to were sent by the War Office to the German mili- defeat and disaster. The march of Bourbaki from tary authorities in France. The soldiers received Bourges and Nevers would obviously set Prince from or sent to their friends and relatives at home Frederick Charles, in conjunction with the grand13,000,000 thalers and 1,219,533 parcels, or duke, free to move against and attack Chanzy; 22,173 of the latter per day. A large number of and how could he, with an unorganized and insick and wounded were constantly being conveyed efficient army, contend against masses of veteran back to Germany, besides prisoners, the number troops, who could, moreover, speedily receive of whom was unprecedentedly large. Add to all additions? The notion that Prince Frederick this that, towards the close of 1870, from 180,000 Charles would follow Bourbaki, and leave Chanzy to 200,000 new troops were brought up to the seat to deal separately with the grand-duke, was a mere of war, and that the transport of guns, shell, and assumption; and it was absurd to imagine that every variety of ammunition never ceased for one the prince, a really great commander, would halt, day until peace was declared, and we can then irresolute where to strike, and allow his enemies form some idea of the extreme importance of to elude him. Thus, while the operations of

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