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Popular Feeling in Paris–Excitement on hearing of the Fighting around Metz and Hostile Feeling against the Government-Appointment of

General Trochu as Governor of Paris, and brief Biographical Notice of him-Complete Exemplification of his Views with regard to the French Army-His First Proclamation to the Inhabitants of Paris-Favourable Reception of it by all Parties-Cheering Assurances of M. Thiers as to the Capacity of Paris to withstand a Siege-His Proposal to make a Waste of the Country surrounding the Capital, and to bring the Inhabitants and their Produce within the City-False Statements made by the Government as to the Battles around Metz and the reputed slaughter in the Quarries of Jaumont—The Feeling of the Extreme Opponents of the Government—The First Arrivals of the Wounded in Paris-Execution of Spies - Fearful Atrocity at Hautelaye—Important Decree published by the Empress appointing a Committee of Defence - Proclamation of General Trochu to the National Guard—Sketch of the Sieges of Paris, and Historical and General Description of the Fortifications Activity displayed in placing the latter in a thorough State of Defence— Armament of the Forts-Gunboats launched on the Seine to assist in the Defence of the City-Minute Information possessed by the Germans as to the Fortifications of Paris— Improved Tone in the Feeling of the Parisians, and Activity manifested in the Organization of the Troops—Expulsion of the Germans and of all the “Dangerous ” Classes, and Voluntary Exodus of the Well-to-do Classes and Foreigners—Closing of the Theatres-- Arrival of the Outside Population within the City, with Huge Droves of Sheep and Cattle—The Country aroused at the Danger of the Capital—A Loan of £30,000,000 rapidly subscribed for— Proceedings in the Corps Législatif— Impressive Remarks by M. Thiers—The Party of the Left gradually gaining the Upper Hand—Important Communication from the Government and Reply from the Inhabitants—Statement to the Corps Législatif by Count Palikao relating to the Sortie from Metz and Battles around Sedan—The Surrender of the Emperor and his Army still kept from the People-Great Agitation in the Chamber, and demand of M. Jules Favre that the de facto Government should cease-Levy en Masse—Instances of the Changeability of the French Character — The Sad Feeling in Germany caused by the Fearful Losses in the Battles around Metz, and increased determination to put down France effectually-Behaviour of the French Wounded - Remonstrances of the well-known Authoress, Fanny Lewald, against the Attention shown to the French Prisoners—Increasing Feeling of Hostility against the French Government and People-Germany's wishes with regard to Alsace and Lorraine—Protests against Foreign Interference in the Struggle—The Jubilation in Berlin and other German Cities on the Reception of the News of the Surrender of the Emperor and the French Army at Sedan.

Having brought the narrative of the events con- | brated; and the Parisians suffered keenly from nected with the war to the surrender of the suspense and mortification occasioned by the early emperor and his army at Sedan, we suspend the disasters of the campaign. The festival of the further description of active operations in the field, church, however, was duly honoured. On the to glance at the situation of affairs in the French day following the festival (August 16) the city capital, where most important political and other was again plunged into a state of the most intense matters had naturally occupied the attention of excitement, when it became known that severe the authorities and people generally. We shall fighting had been going on upon the banks of also, at the same time, briefly notice the feeling the Moselle, the details of which were, in vain, manifested in Germany.

eagerly sought for; while the excitable disposition In Chapter IX. we described the progress of of the Parisians was em bittered by the minister events and the state of the public mind in the of the Interior posting a despatch to the effect French and Prussian capitals down to the emperor's that “some travellers” had reported a great fête day (August 15)-a day which had been battle, in which 40,000 Prussians were placed fixed on by many enthusiastic Frenchmen for the hors de combat. Taught a lesson by the false triumphant march of their troops into Berlin! news spread after the battle of Woerth, this proAs already stated, the usual festival was not cele- ceeding of M. Chevreau only served to increase



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