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This Manual is a revision of the edition issued under date of February 15, 1913, and embodies the changes or corrections which have been suggested or made necessary by new enactments and regulations in the interval from the time of issue of the 1913 edition to the end of May, 1917.

This edition contains the substance of a large number of memoranda, circular letters, general orders, and general and special instructions issued from time to time during the years of growth and development of the Reclamation Service since its organizatio n. It also includes the Operation and Maintenance Use Book, with the exception of the accounting sections and forms.

The arrangement of the present edition differs somewhat from the strictly alphabetical arrangement of the 1913 edition. In the present edition the subjects under consideration are classified under four main heads, namely, Administrative, Engineering, Legal, and Operation and Maintenance (Use Book). The sections on accounting, appearing in the previous Manual, will be published in a separ ate volume.

Any manual of this kind is necessarily more or less ephemeral and must be modified at short intervals. Accordingly the Reclam ation Commission decided that this edition should be issued in loose-leaf form, with the idea of bringing the Manual up to date quarterly or at other stated intervals.

This edition takes the place of all former memoranda, circu lar letters, general orders, and other general instructions, and is to be considered as authoritative, except as modified hereafter from time to time by instructions issued from the Washington office.


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