University of Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences, Volume 8

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University of Illinois Press, 1919
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Page 117 - That the Secretary of Labor shall have power to act as mediator and to appoint commissioners of conciliation in labor disputes whenever In his judgment the interests of industrial peace may require it to be done...
Page 127 - The Chief of Engineers of the United States Army, under the direction of the Secretary of War, is authorized and directed to cause investigations and studies to be made in cooperation with the appropriate agencies of various States on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts and on the Great Lakes, and the Territories, with a view to devising effective means of preventing erosion of the shores of coastal and lake waters by waves and currents...
Page 178 - President issued a proclamation urging all employers engaged in war work to refrain, after August 1, 1918, from recruiting unskilled labor in any manner whatsoever, except through the United States Employment Service...
Page 34 - But, despite all our endeavors and hopes, should our country be drawn into the maelstrom of the European conflict, we, with these ideals of liberty and justice herein declared, as the indispensable basis for national policies, offer our services to our country in every field of activity to defend, safeguard and preserve the republic of the United States of America against its enemies whomsoever they may be, and we call upon our fellow workers and fellow citizens in the holy name of Labor, Justice,...
Page 147 - Machinery for safeguarding conditions of living, including housing, transportation, etc. 5. Fact-gathering body to assemble and present data, collected through various existing Governmental agencies or by independent research, to furnish the information necessary for effective executive action.
Page 28 - ... physical injury to person or property, or by threats of such injury, or which teaches, advocates, advises, or defends the use of force, violence, terrorism, or physical injury to person or property, or threats of such injury, in order to accomplish such change, or for any other purpose, or which shall by any means prosecute or pursue such purpose or professed purpose, or shall so teach, advocate, advise, or defend, shall be an unlawful association.
Page 66 - Association of California; and be it further Resolved, That the purposes of the proposed association shall be: (1) the establishment of a Bureau of Information to regulate distribution; (2) to establish one auction-room in each city; (3) to make such auction-rooms open and free to all buyers; (4) to do all such other things as may be conducive to the Best interests of the...
Page 92 - The derangement of our labor supply is one of the great evils in industry. The shockingly large amount of labor turnover and the phenomenon of migratory labor means an enormous economic waste and involves an even greater social cost. These are evils which flow from grievances such as those we have set forth; they are accentuated by uncontrolled instability of employment. Finally, we have failed in the full use and wise direction of our labor supply, falsely called "labor shortage...
Page 153 - These principles included the following provisions: (1) The abandonment of strikes and lockouts for the duration of the war. (2) Full recognition of the right of both employers and workers to organize in their trade unions and associations respectively and to bargain collectively through their chosen representatives. This right was in no way to be denied, abridged, or interfered with by either side, and all discrimination for legitimate activities with such organizations was forbidden.

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