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It is hardly to be expected, that an author, whom the public has honoured with some degree of applause, should not be again a trespasser on their kindness. Yet the author of Marmion must be supposed to feel some anxiety concerning its success, since he is sensible that he hazards, by this second intrusion, any reputation which his first poem may bave procured him. The present story turns upon the private adventures of a Sctitious character'; but is called a Tale of Flodden Field, because the hero's, fate is connected with that memorable defeat, and the causes which led to it; . The design o the author was, if possible, to apprize his readers, at the outset, of the date of his story, and to prepare them for the manners of the age in which it is laid: Any historical narrative, far more an attempt at epic composition, exceeded his plan of a romantic tale; yet he may be permitted to hope, from the popularity of THE LAY OF THE LAST MINSTREL, that an attempt to paint the manners of the feudal times , upon a broader scale, and in the course of a more interesting story, will not be unacceptable to the public.

The poem opens about the commencement of August, and concludes with the defeat of Flodden, 4th September, 1518.

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