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before the commencement of such term, or unless the appellant shall in writing present a satisfactory excuse for not having filed the abstract before the commencement of the term; but this rule shall not apply to cases docketed for the purpose of dismissal under the rules of this court.

Rule 14. MOTIONS-NOTICE-TIME MAY BE EXTENDED. All motions shall be in writing, subscribed by counsel, and filed with the clerk; and in cases where a notice of motion is required the time prescribed therefor may be shortened by any justice of the court as well as by the court.

Rule 15. STIPULATIONS AND AGREEMENTS. All stipulations and agreements of parties or their attorneys in respect to a cause shall be reduced to writing, signed by them, and filed with the clerk, or stated in open court and entered by the clerk; otherwise, the same will be disregarded. Counsel obtaining any order or judgment may be required by the clerk to furnish to bim the form of the same.

Rule 16. CAUSES SUBMITTED ON BRIEFS. Any cause may be submitted on brief by stipulation, and either party may submit a cause on his behalf on brief filed, and without oral argument.

Rule 17. TIME GIVEN FOR ORAL ARGUMENT-WHO MAY BE HEARD. Counsel for each party shall be allowed one hour, to be divided among associates as they may desire; but the court, in special cases, will allow further time. Each defendant who appeared separately in the court below, and an intervener, may be heard through his own counsel.

Rule 18. OPINIONS-TO BE RECORDED BY CLERK. All opinions of the court, after having been finally corrected, shall be filed and recorded by the clerk, and his fees therefor shall be taxed as a part of the costs.

Rule 19. REMOVING RECORDS-MAY BE REMOVED FOR PREPARING ABSTRACTS. No papers shall be taken from the files of this court except by leave of court or one of the justices thereof; but appellants may withdraw the transcript of the record for the purpose of making an abstract, upon giving a receipt therefor to the clerk, and upon such withdrawal may retain the same for eight days, but no more, unless upon the written order of one of the justices of the supreme court. If the respondent shall desire to make an abstract of the record, he may withdraw the transcript upon giving the like receipt, and retain the same for a like time; but neither party shall withdraw the transcript more than once. All records and papers of said court shall be open to inspection by the public, and any person may procure or make copies thereof.

Rule 20. REHEARINGS-TIME AND MANNER OF APPLICATION-REMITTITUR. Application for rehearing of any cause shall be by petition to the court, signed by counsel, briefly stating the points wherein it is alleged the court has erred; such petition to be filed within 20 days next after the filing of the opinion in the case. Counsel shall

accompany such petition with a brief of the authorities relied upon in support thereof, and the certificate required by law. The filing of a petition for a rehearing shall suspend proceedings under the decision until the petition for a rehearing is disposed of. Upon the determination of a petition for a rehearing, or where, on notice to the party against whom the judgment is entered in any case, the party does not signify an intention to move for rehearing, the clerk shall issue remittitur to the court below, or, if an original proceeding, a copy of the final judgment, upon payment of the balance of costs, if any, due to the clerk in the cause; and where a judgment or decree of the court below is reversed or modified, a certified copy of the opinion and decision in the case shall be transmitted with the remittitur to the court below.

Rule 21. DISTRICT COURT CLERK'S FEES -IN CRIMINAL CASES TRANSCRIPT MAY BE ORDERED FURNISHED WITHOUT COST. The clerks of district courts shall be entitled to receive the fees allowed by law for all transcripts of records, and also any balance of costs due in the cause, before delivering the same, except in criminal cases where the defendants are unable to pay for transcripts of the record, and the trial judge shall have ordered the same to be furnished without cost, and except in criminal cases where plaintiff is appellant.

Rule 22. CLERK'S FEES-DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Whenever an action shall be brought into this court the party so bringing the cause shall pay to the clerk the usual and reasonable deposit required by him to pay the costs as they accrue: provided, that, if upon the final determination of any cause there shall remain in the hands of the clerk any balance of deposit in excess of costs, it may be returned to the party entitled thereto.

Rule 23. APPLICANTS FOR ADMISSION TO BAR-COMMITTEE TO EXAMINE. There shall be appointed at the beginnng of each term of this court a standing committee of three members of the bar of this court, whose duty it shall be to examine and report in writing upon the qualifications of every applicant for admission to the bar of this court who is required to be examined.

Rule 24. APPEAL FROM PROBATE Court -TIME OF TAKING-BOND. Any party entitled by reason of a personal interest to ask for or to oppose any judgment or decree in the probate court, may appeal from the judgment or decree made by the court, adverse to him or his interest, to the district court of the judicial district embracing the county where such probate court is held. All appeals from judgments other than those declaring the validity or invalidity of a will, or the final decree on the administration of an estate by an executor, administrator, or guardian, or the decree of distribution, shall be taken within 60 days from the entry of the same, and the appeal from the judgments above par. ticularly specified shall be within 90 days from the entry of the same, and on such appeal the trial shall be de novo. Such

appeal shall be taken by filing with the | his notice specifies some particular part
clerk of such probate court a notice stat- or parts of a judgment or decree appealed
ing the appeal from the judgment or de- from, the issue in the district court shall
cree, or some specific part or parts there-be considered as joined on the particular
of, and by executing an undertaking or part or parts so specified, and the remain-
giving security in the same manner and to der of such judgment or decree that is not
the same extent as in case of appeal from dependent upon such particular part or
the district court to the supreme court: parts of said judgment shall stand unaf-
provided, that, in cases of appeal by an fected by such appeal.
executor or administrator who has given
official bonds, no additional undertaking
need be given; and where the appellant in

Revised and adopted January 28, 1891.
For former rules, see 25 Pac. Rep. v-vii.


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27 P.













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[ocr errors]







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...1046 Esmeralda County v. State (Nev.).
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Dearborn v. Moran (Wash.)
Deardorff v. Guaranty Mut. Acc. Ass'n

..... .........



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Den, Manning v. (Cal.)..
Dennis v. Superior Court of Los Angeles

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158 ...1073 761


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County (Cal.). . . . .

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489 Fairchild, Beverly v. (Kan.).




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Ferguson, Ely v. (Cal.)..
Ferrier v. Ferrier (Cal.)..
Ferrin, Stalling v. (Utah)..



4 191 280 .1053 839








996 668














F. Hammar Paint Co. v. Glover (Kan.).... 130
Fields v. Fields (Wash.).
Field's Biscuit & Cracker Co., Hinckley v.

Excelsior Water & Min. Co. v. Pierce (Cal.)....







389 ..1063

844 396 ...1045 869 ....1091


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De Toro. Luco v. (Cal.).

671 ..1082 777 271

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301 alsky (Cal.)....

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.1044 Ford v. Gladfelter (Kan.)..
642 Ford, McGarvey v. (N. M.)..









711 1 56 642 936

1080 111


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