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of one month after it is first exhibited in the public office of the Consulate at Zanzibar : provided that any Act of the Imperial Parliament, extending to India, or any Act of the Governor-General in Council which is passed after the commencement of this Order, and applies to Zanzibar by virtue of this Order, shall not take effect until the expiration of one month after such Act has been exhibited in like manner.

(v.) The Consul-General shall cause a copy of this Order and of every such Act to be exhibited, and for the said period kept exbibited, in the public office of the Consulate accordingly.

And the Right Honourable the Earl of Rosebery, K.G., one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, is to give the necessary directions herein.


BRITISH NOTIFICATION, respecting the Nyasaland Dis

tricts (the British Central Africa Protectorate).-London, February 22, 1893.*

Foreign Office, February 22, 1893. It is hereby notified for public information that the Nyasaland districts which were declared by the Notification of the 14th May, 1891,t published in the “ London Gazette ” of the 15th May, 1891, as being a British Protectorate, will be hereafter officially known and described as the “ British Central Africa Protectorate."

RULE under The Zanzibar Order in Council, 1884,"

establishing a Table of Judicial Fees to be levied in the Zanzibar Courts.- Zanzibar, May 3, 1893.

By virtue of the powers vested in me under Article 44 of “ The Zanzibar Order in Council, 1884,"I 1, Her Majesty's Acting Diplomatic Agent and Consul-General, declare the annexed Table of Fees as leviable in the Courts established under that Order, with the approval of the Secretary of State and concurrence and sanction of

“ London Gazette,” February 24, 1893. + Vol. LXXXIII, page 142.

I Vol. LXXV, page 639.

the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury, and make them to come into force from this day's date. Zanzibar, May 3, 1893.

RENNELL RODD, Her Britannic Majesty's Acting

Diplomatic Agent and Consul-General, Zanzibar. Approved :

ROSEBERY, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Foreign Office, May 31, 1893.



For service of summons, petition, answer, motion-paper, notice,

warrant, decree, order, or other document on a party, witness, juror, assessor, or other person, under any branch whatever of the civil jurisdiction

£ 3. d. Within 1 mile (Englisli) of Court at Zanzibar .. 2

Not exceed. Beyond, for every further complete mile

1 In Pemba or on the mainland

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ing 5.s.

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Decision of Questions without Formal Suit.

On submission of special case
On hearing

1 0 0 1 0 0

Summary Procedure for Administration of Property of Deceased Pereges. On summons

1 0 0 On order


Summary Orders before Suit.
On application for order..
On recognizance
On order

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 0


5 00



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Bankruptcy and Liquidation by Arrangement or Composition. On declaration by a debtor of inability to pay his debts

0 5 0 On debtor's summons

0 5 0 On bankruptcy petition On petition for arrangement or composition

10 On order for adjudication

1 0 0 On meeting or adjournment of meeting

10v On special resolution presented to the Regis.

4 per cent. on the gross amount

of the assets, not exceeding : trar for registration ..

total fee of 2001. On extraordinary resolution presented to the

per cent. on the gross amount Registrar for registration

of composition, not exceeding a total fee of 2001.

On order of discharge
On notice to creditors, each
On preparing advertisement
On execution of warrant..
On keeping possession, per diem
On inventory, per diem ..

£ s. d. 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 5 0 1 0 0 0 10 0 1 0 0


Probate and Administration. On application for probate or administration.

1 0 0 On oath for every executor, and administrator, and surety

0 10 0 On every security ..

1 0 0

-The like sum as is for the time On probate or letters of administration with being payable in England for will annexed ...

stamp duty in like cases, not

exceeding a total fee of 1001.

The like sum as is for the time On letters of administration without will being payable in England for annexed

stamp duty in like cases, not

exceeding a total fee of 1501. In addition to the foregoing,

1 per cent. on the value of Where the Court appoints as administrator

the estate and effects, not an officer of the Court

exceeding (with the foregoing) a total fee of 2001.

£ 8. d. On filing account..

0 10 0 On passing account

1 0 0

Ordinary Suits.
In every suit of any kind whatever, other than such as are before

specified :

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On every summons, motion, application, or demand, taken out, made

or filed (not particularly charged) .. On every rule

0 5 0 0 10 0

£ $. d. 0 2 6


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On every decree or order (not particularly charged) ..
On order for adjournment of hearing rendered necessary by default

of either party (to be paid by that party).. On every warrant of execution against goods—

For less than 501.

For 501. or upwards ..
For keeping possession, per diem

1 0 0
0 10 0

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On motion for leare to appeal

2 0 0 On every security..

2 0 0 On order for leave to appeal

5 00 On record of appeal (including expense of transmission) Such sum as the

Court directs. Miscellaneous. On taxation of any bill of costs, for every ten folios, from each party to the taxation

05 0 On every deposition taken before trial ..

0 10 0 On balances of estates of deceased persons paid into Court other. wise than in a suit

2 per cent. oL

amount On deposit or registration of bill of sale, will, deed of partnership, or other document

1 0 0 On notice of bill of sale filed

1 0 0 For taking inventory, per diem .. For protest of a bill of exchange, and copy

100 For noting a bill of exchange For copy of such notation For taking an affidavit For every exhibit..

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£ $, d. For drawing a willIf not exceeding 200 words

1 0 0 If exceeding that number, for every subsequent 100 words or fraction thereof

0 5 0 For filing any document whatever

0 5 0 For certifying signature or seal..

0 5 0 For attendance at a saleAt request of parties interested or of local authorities, if absent less than two hours

2 0 0 At request of parties interested, for each additional hour or frac

tion thereof 108., with a maximum per day of.. On reference to the archives

0 6 For certified copy of document in the archivesFor first 100 words ..

0 6 For every further 100 words

1 0 For an official certified translation of any documentFor first 100 words ..

0 10 0 For every further 100 words For communication between two Consular Courts

0 10 0 For attendance of Consular oflicer at local office or TribunalWhere amount involved is Under 2501.

0 10 0 2501, and under 5601.

1 0 0 5001, and under 1,0001.

2 0 0

per cent. on amount 1,0001. and upwards

involved, not exceeding a total fee of 501.


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On every summons or warrant, unless specially directed by the

Court to be issued
On hearing in summary case
On warrant of commitment
On recognizance :
For service of notice on each juror or assesso
On trial with a jury
On record of sentence on a trial with a jury
On appeals

0 2 6 0 2 6 0 1 6 .0 1 0 0 2 6 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0

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