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Cape Town, Ist

SLAVE TRADE. Ordinance. (Togoland). Liberation of Slares.

Sebbe, 15th January, 1893. 656
Regulation (Erythrea). Navigation of Natire l'essels.

Massowah, 16th April, 1893. 694
Treaties with African Chiefs, &c. See AFRICA (CEY.

SOLOR. Contention. Portugal and Netherlands. Possessions in Solor, &c.

Lisbon, 10th June, 1893. 394
Declaration. Portugal and Netherlands. Convention of June

10, 1893.

Lisbon, 1st July, 1893. 396
Souru AFRICAN REP BLIC. Convention with Great Britain. Affairs of


November, 1893. 680

Pretoria, sch
Law (Natal). Importation of Gunpowder,

&C............17th July, 1891. 321
(Do.) Extradition.

29th June, 1892. 324
SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Order in Council (British). Application. Colonial

Probates Act, 1892.

Windsor, 16th May, 1893. 1248
SPAIN. Decree. Trade with Great Britain and other countries with

whom Treaties of Commerce awaiting Ratification
have been concluded.

Madrid, 31st December, 1893. 1291
Ordinance. Import and Export Duties Fernando Po.

Madrid, 2nd August, 1893. 667
Notification (Germany). Customs Duty. Spanish Products.

Berlin, 27th September, 1893. 495
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :-with
Denmark. Convention and Protocol, Commerce and


Madrid, 4th July, 1893. 866, 871
Great Britain, &c. Procès- l'erbal. Ratification.

l'enice Sanitary Convention,

Rome, 18th November, 1893. 19
Guatemala, Conrention. Copyright.

Guatemala, 25th May, 1893.733
Portugal. Treaty and Protveol. Commerce and


Madrid, 27th March, 1893. 416, 462
Tariffs. Imports....

Agreement. Boundary. Moura and

Aroche, &c.

Madrid, 27th March, 1893. 872
Sueden. Notes. Arbitralion. Interpretation of

Commercial Conrention, 1892.

Madrid, 9th August, 1893. 481
SPEECH of Queen of Great Britain. Opening of Parliament.

Westminster, 31st January, 1893. 1
of Queen- Regent of the Netherlands. Opening of States-General.

The Hague, 19th September, 1893. 525


... .


SPEECH of King of Roumania. Closing of Legislature.

Bucharest, 1st June, 1893. 520
of King of Roumania. Opening of Legislature.

Bucharest, 27th November, 1893. 522
SPHERES OF INFLUENCE. Agreement. Great Britain and Portugal.

North of Zambezi.

London, May, June 1893. 65
SPIRITUOUS LIQUORS. Act of Parliament (British). Liquor Traffic.

North Sea,

29th June, 1893. 1258
Irrété (France). Spirit Taxes. French Congo.

Libreville, 29th December, 1892. 673
Circulur (Portugal). Substitution of Portuguese

Wines for Spirits in
intercourse with Native
duthorities. Mozam-
bique and Angola.

Lisbon, 13th April, 1893. 709
Decree (Portugal). Manufacture and Trade.

Spirits. Mozambique.

Lisbon, 29th December, 1892. 704
(Do.) Manufacture of Spirits.

Mozambique Company's


Lisbon, 5th September, 1893. 711
Note (France). Slave Trade. Importation,


and Spirits. Senegal,
French Guinea, &c.

Paris, 13th April, 1892. 675
(United States). Importation. Spirits, &c.


25th November, 1893. 669
Notices (Imperial British East Africa Company).

Traffic in Spirits.

Mombasa, 1st November, 1893. 686
Ordinance (Fiji). Supply of Liquors to Natives.


29th November, 1892. 262
(Germany). Sale of Spirits. Zan-


Zanzibar, 11th July, 1892. 653
(German East Africa). Tax on Manu-

facture of

Dar-es-Salaam, 16th January, 1893. 654
(German South-West Africa). Impor.

tation and Trade.

Windhock, 13th March, 1893. 655
(Spain). Customs Duties. Spirits, &c.

Fernando Po.
Madrid, 2nd August, 1893. 667


SPIRITUOUS LIQUORS. Protocol. Great Britain, Belgium, &c. Liquor

Traffic, North Sea.

The Hague, 14th February, 1893.*
Regulation (Royal Niger Company). Importa-

tion. Spirits.

London, 26th January, 1893. 679
Regulations (British Central Africa Protec-

torate). Traffic in Spirits.

Zomba, August 1893. 683
(British East Africa Protectorate).

Trade in Liquors.

13th October, 1893. 686
(Zanzibar). Trade in Liquors.

Zanzibar, 27th September, 1893. 688
STATUTORY RULES. Act of Parliament (British). Publication.

21st December, 1893. 1270
STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. Order in Council (British). Load Lines, Steam-

Windsor, 15th March, 1893. 1253
(Do.) Application.

Colonial Probates

Act, 1892.

Windsor, 16th May, 1893. 1248
SWAZIELAND. Convention. Great Britain and South African Republic.

Cape Town, Ist

November, 1893. 680

Pretoria, sth
SWEDEN AND NORWAY. Decree nominating M. Cedercrantz to be Chief

Justice of Samoa.

Stockholm, 3rd October, 1890. $35
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN Powers, viz. :-

Great Britain. Agreement. Insur.

ance Postal Par.

Stenkholm, 17th November

London, 10th December
Great Britain, &c. Procès. L'erbal.

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Ratification. Venice Sanitary
Convention, 1892.

Rome, 18th November, 1893. 19
Greece. Declaration. Commercial

18th February

1893, 185
Spain. Notes. drbitration.

Interpretation of
Commercial Conren-

tion, 1892.

Madrid, 9th August, 1893. 451
United States. Treaty.


Washington, 14th January, 1893. 164
See also NORWAY.

2nd March

See Vol. LXXIX, page 89 1.


Constitution of Swiss Confederation, 1874.

Modified to 1893. 495
Law. Customs..

..Berne, 28th June, 1893. 500
Notification. Modification of Article XI'I (a). Inter.

national Postal Union Convention, 1891.

Berne, 31st October, 1893. 1279
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN Powers, viz:-with
Austria-Hungary, &c. Convention. Sani.

Dresden, 15th April, 1893.


Declaration. Rail-

way Goods Traffic.

Berne, 20th September, 1893. 750
Belgium, &c. Agreement. Monetary.

Paris, 15th November, 1893. 389
France. Convention. Telephonic.

Paris, 31st July, 1892. 721
Germany. Convention and Protocol. Pr.

tents and Trade Marks,

Berlin, 13th April, 1892. 363, 366
Do. Protocol. Patents and Trade.


Berlin, 16th June, 1893. 367


Tarifes. Canada and France. Agreement. Commercial Relations.

Paris, 6th February, 1893. 28
Portugal and Spain.........

Madrid, 27th March, 1893. 421
United States. Proclamation. Commercial Arrangement

with Austria-Hungary.

Washington, 26th May, 1892. 93
Proclamation. Commercial

with Germany.
Washington, 1st February, 1892.

Witu. Table of Export Duties.....

August 1893. 1190
TASMANIA. Act. Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks.

29th September, 1893. 202
TELEGRAPHS. Convention. Belgium and Netherlands.

The Hague, 27th October, 1893. 715
Russia and China. Junction of Land Lines.

Tien-tsin, 25th August, 1892. 86
Notification (British). Accession. Indo-European Tele.

graph Company. Convention
of 1875.

Berlin, 21st April, 1890. 777
(France) Accession. South America Cable

Company. Convention of 1875.
Cable from Senegal to Per.

London, 2nd January, 1893. 1282
Lisbon, 10th June, 1893. 394
Declaration Portugal and Netherlands. Convention of June 10,


TELEPHONES. Convention. France and Switzerland.

Paris, 31st July, 1892. 724
Tibet. Regulations. Great Britain and China. Trade, Communica.

tions, &c. Sikkim and Tibet.

Darjeeling, 5th December, 1893. 1235
Timor. Convention. Portugal and Netherlands. Possessions in T'imor, &e.

1893. Timor, &c.

Lisbon, 1st July, 1893. 396
Tobacco. Correspondence. Great Britain and Persia. Tobacco Cod.


1890-1892. 607
TOGOLAND. Ordinance. Liberation of Slares.

Sehbe, 15th January, 1893. 657
TONNAGE DIES AND MEASUREMENT. Law (Hayti). Tonnage Dues on


9th Norember, 1893. 184
Order in Council (British). Ton-

nage Measurement. Italia


Windsor, 23rd Norember, 1893. 12:36
TONQUIN. Conrention, France and China. Frontier,

Peking, 26th June, 1887. 748
TRADE-MARKS. Act (Leeward Islands). Trade Marks.

16th December, 1887. 101
(Do.) Merchandize Marks.

17th December, 1887. 111

dmendment. Merchandise
Marks Act.

10th February, 1890. 119
(Do.) Amendment. Trade Marks


11th February, 1890. 120
(New Zealand). Patents, Designs, and Trade-


2nd September, 1889. 271
(Tasmania). Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks.

29th September, 1893. 202
Arrêté (Belgium). International Registration. Trade-


Laeken, 23rd May, 1893. 796
Convention. Austria-Hungary and Roumania Trade-

Marks, &c.

Bucharest, 28th January, 1893. 752
Convention and Protocol. Germany and Switzerland.

Trade-Marks, &c.

Berlin, 13th April, 1892. 363, 366
Decree (France). Registration of Trade Marks abroad.

Paris, 25th April, 1893. 805
(Do.) Trade-Marks, &c. Indo-China,

Paris, 24th June, 1893. 795

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