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ACCESSION of Abyssinia to the General Act of the Brussels

Slave Trade Conference.* - September 16, 1890.

The Belgian Minister at London to Her Majesty's Secretary of State

for Foreign Affairs.

Légation de Belgique, Londres, M. LE MARQUIS,

le 16 Septembre, 1890. Aux termes de l’Article XCVIII de l'Acte Général de la Conference de Bruxelles du 2 Juillet, 1890, et en vertu d'un mandat de Sa Majesté Ménélek, Négus Neghesti d'Ethiopie, conféré au Gouvernement du Roi d'Italie, le Baron de Renzis, Ministre d'Italie à Bruxelles, a notifié à mon Gouvernement que le Négus adhère au dit Acte Général et en accepte toutes les obligations.

Conformément à la stipulation finale de l'Article XCVIII susmentionné, le Gouvernement du Roi me charge de porter cette notification à la con baissance du Gouvernement de la Reine.

Je saisis, &c., Le Marquis de Salisbury.


ORDINANCE of the Governor of Hong Kong, to amend Ordi

nance No. 3 of 1862f relative to Prohibited Exports. [No. 3.]

[March 26, 1884.] (L.S.) G. F. BOWEN. Be it enacted by the Governor of Hong Kong, with the advice of the Legislative Council thereof, as follows:

Ordinance 3 of 1862+ is hereby amended, as follows:

In section 1, by adding at the end of the section, the words following:

“The Governor may, in his discretion, at any time whilst any Proclamation made under this Ordinance is in force, pernit to be exported or to be carried coastwise, or to be water-borne to be so exported or carried, any particular articles or class of articles the export of which is prohibited by such Proclamation, to such persons and on such terms and subject to such conditions and regulations, if any, as to the Goveruor may seem tit, and may in his discretion at any time revoke or vary the terms of any such permission. Whilst any such permission is in force, it shall be lawful to export the articles so permitted to be exported * Vol. LXXXII, page 55.

+ Vol. LVIII, page 659.


bject and according to the terms, conditions, and regulations of ch permission. Passed the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, this 26th day March, 1884.


Acting Clerk of Councils. Assented to by his Excellency the Governor, the 29th day of arch, 1884.

W. H. MARSH, Colonial Secretary.

ICT of the Legislature of Bermuda, relating to Suits against

Public Companies abroad having Agencies in those Islands. No. 27.]

[November 10, 1885.] WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for rendering trading Companies established in places out of these islands, but transacting business in these islands by means of local branches or agencies, amenable in certain cases to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court in these islands :

We therefore, &c., be it enacted, &c.

1. Companies and corporate bodies incorporated out of these islands, for banking, insurance, or other trading purposes, and doing business in these islands by agents or branches, may be sued, at law or in equity, in the Court of General Assize of these islands, for any cause of action, legal or equitable, arising in whole or in part in these islands, by the name whereby they are, or purport to be, associated or incorporated, or under which they carry on business in these islands; and service of any process, pleading, rule, or notice on the agent, or any one of the agents or manager of the Company or Association in these islands shall be deemed good and sufficient service on the Company; and all such suits may be prosecuted and carried on to Judgment or Decree in like manner as if the defendant Company were formed, or incorporated, or established in these islands, or had its principal place of business therein ; provided that in all such suits and proceedings it shall be competent to the Court to make such orders with respect to pleading and practice as the Court shall deem necessary for securing the defendant Company against surprise, or undue haste in prosecuting the suit or other proceeding.

2. The Court or a Judge at Chambers may, on sufficient cause shown, allow reasonable time for the agent or manager to communicate with the defendant Company, and may make such order


with respect thereto, and on such terms or conditions, as justic may require.

3. If Judgment shall pass, or any Decree or Order shall 5 made, in any such suit or proceeding, in favour of the plaintu or person suing, or against the defendant Company, such Judgmeri or Decree shall be or create a charge on any real estate of t'i Company iu these islands, and execution or other process for eu forcing such Judgment or Decree may be sued out in like mandel and form against the defendant Company as if such Company were established or bad its principal place of business in thes islands, or as near thereto as circumstances will permit, or in such form as the Court, or a Judge at Chambers, shall sanction, and may be served on the agent or manager, and shall bind the assets of the Company in these islands or which then are in, or after wards shall come to, the hands or under the control of such agent or manager, subject always to the agent's or manager: lawful charges or commissions thereon.

4. After any Judgment or Decree given, or any order mada in any suit against the defendant Company, it shall be lawful for the Court, or a Judge at Chambers, to cause the agents or managers of the Company to be examined from time to time on oath before the Court or a Judge concerning the assets or property of the Company in these islands; and it shall be lawful for the Court or Judge to make such order therein as to jastice may pertain, and such order may, if the Court or Judge shall so order, be enforced against any agent or manager personally.

5. From every order of any Judge at Chambers made under this Act there shall always lie an appeal to the Court; and the Court shall have power, by any special or general order, to direct how such appeal shall be conducted, and also shall have power on any such appeal to vary or rescind the order appealed against, or to make such other order in the matter as the Court shall see fit.

6. In any suit or proceeding under this Act the Court shall have power to allow such costs to either party, whether as between client and solicitor, or as between party and party, as to the Court shall seem fit.

7. Nothing in this Act contained shall prevent any person proceeding against any Company or Association of persons out of these islands, or the assets, property, or effects of any Compaus or Association of persons out of these islands, in like manner as if this Act had not been passed.


OCLAMATION by the Officer administering the Government of the Colony of Hong Kong and its Dependencies, prohibiting the Exportation of Arms and Ammunition, fc.-Hong Kong, October 1, 1891.


Officer administering the Government.

WHEREAS by Ordinance No. 3 of 1862,* intituled “An Ordinance authorize his Excellency the Governor by Proclamation to proit the exportation of military stores and other articles," as ended by Ordinance No. 3 of 1881,+ intituled “ An Ordinance to end Ordinance No. 3 of 1862,” it is enacted that it should be rful for his Excellency the Governor, by and with the advice of · Executive Council, by Proclamation to be published in the Hong Kong Government Gazette,” or in any “Extraordinary szette," to prohibit, for such period as should be mentioned in Ich Proclamation, either to be exported from the Colony of Hong ong or to be carried coastwise within the said Colony (amongst her things), arms, ammunition, gunpowder, and military and naval cores, subject to any permission that may be obtained under the 1st-mentioned Ordinauce ;

And whereas, in consequence of certain representations that ave been made to me by the Government of the Empire of China, nd for other reasons, I have determined, with the advice of the Brecutive Council of this Colony, to prohibit such exportation for ne period hereinafter mentioned:

Now, therefore, I, Major-General George Digby Barker, by and with the advice of the Executive Council of this Colony, do, by this Proclamation, for a period of six months from the date thereof, prohibit either to be exported from the Colony of Hong Kong, or to be carried coastwise within the said Colony, arms, ammunition, gunpowder, and naval and military stores, unless this Proclamation shall be in the meantime revoked, or unless permission shall have been obtained under Ordinance No. 3 of 1884. By command,

W. M. GOODMAN, Acting Colonial Secretary.

God save the Queen! Given at Government House, Hong Kong, this 1st day of October, 1891.

Vol. LVIII, page 652.

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