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os of the other; it being the will of both parties that also in this peet their ships be treated on a footing of perfect equality. XI. The prescriptions of the present Convention do not apply to regimen of the coasting trade or to the fisheries in the jurisfional waters of the High Contracting Parties (or Powers). However, the vessels of either of the Contracting Parties which y enter any port of the other and may not wish to discharge reat more than a part of their cargo may, in accordance with the s and regulations of the respective country, retain on board the It of the cargo destined for another port of the same or any other untry and re-export it without necessity for paying other or gher dues than those levied on the national vessels in similar cases. is likewise understood that these same ships may begin loading in e port and continue doing so in another or other ports of the me country or complete their cargo therein without being obliged pay other port dues than those to which the national shipping is


XII. There will be a complete exemption from tonnage and earance dues in the ports of each of the High Contracting arties:

1. For ships entering and going out in ballast, whencesoever hey may come.

2. For ships arriving from one or various ports of the same country on their certifying their having already paid said dues.

3. For ships which enter laden into a port, whether voluntarily or from stress of weather, and leave it without transacting any commercial business.

In case of stress of weather, the unloading and reloading of the merchandize for repairing the vessel will not be considered as commercial operations, nor the transhipment to another vessel in case of unseaworthiness of the former, nor the expenditure necessary for the revietualling of the crew, nor the sale of the damaged merchandize, provided the custom-house authorities have given their authorization.

XIII. Should a casualty befall a Spanish ship on the coast of Denmark or a Danish ship on the coast of Spain, it will be immediately communicated to the Consul in whose district it may have occurred, in order that the captain may be supplied with the means of floating his ship under the supervision and with the assistance of the local authority.

If the ship be lost and wrecked or a derelict, the authorities will consult with the Consul on the measures to be adopted for guaranteeing all interests in the salvage of the ship and cargo till such time as the owners or their representatives or agents come


ABLE (A).--Danish Articles (or Products) to which the Provisions

of Article IV of this Convention are applicable on Importation

into Spain. Cement, tiles, and bricks, pottery, Leather, raw hides, horns. erra cotta, and porcelain.

Preserves and sweetmeats. Cryolite.

Sugar, sirup, molasses. Wood, rough and planed.

Fish, fresh or cured (including cod Wood pulp for the manufacture of , and stock-fish, spawn and fish-oil). paper, pasteboard.

Swimming bladders. Ships and small craft.

Spirits and alcohol. Peat and peat powder.

Liquors and cognac. Cereals in husk, flour of all kinds, Beer and hydromel. and starch.

Dyeing materials, colours. Potatoes, vegetables.

Crystal (glass) of all kinds. Butter, cheese, dairy produce.

TABLE (B).-Spanish Products to which the Provisions of Article V

of this Convention are applicable on their Importation into Denmark.

Lead, in pigs.
Other metals in a rough state.
Common salt.
Esparto grass.
Cork in the rough and wrought.
Corks (unornamented).
Washed feathers.
Olive oil, in barrels.
Olive oil, in bottles.

Fruits and vegetables of all kinds, fresh and dried, undenominated.

Oranges. Leinons. Fresh grapes. Raisins.

Laurel leaves.

Wine in barrels, without limit of alcoholic degrees.

Wine in bottles, without limit of alcoholio degrees.

FINAL PROTOCOL. The Undersigned met to-day for the signature of the Convention of Commerce and Navigation entered into between them, have agreed on the following declarations which will form an integral part of the same Convention :

1. To the text of the Convention. It is understood that Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the Danish West India possessions are also comprised, whenever reference is made to Denmark, to Danish ports and Danish merchandize.

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