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ARRÊTÉ fixing the l'axes upon Arms, Ammunition, &c., in

French Congo.

Libreville, 11th February, 1893.. 670

respecting the Importation of and Trade in Arms, &c.,

in Nossi Be.

Hell-Ville, 6th December, 1893.. 671

respecting the Importation of and Trade in Arms, &c.,

in Diego Suarez.

Antsirane, 7th December, 1893..


CORRESPONDENCE with the United States. Liberia (Indepen-

dence, Boundary, &c.) 1891-1893.. 632

with the United States. Insult to French

Flag at Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

1892.. 643

DECREE respecting Registration of Trade Marks abroad.

Paris, 25th April, 1893.. 805

relative to Trade-Marks, Patents, &c., in Indo-China.

Paris, 24th June, 1893.. 798

relative to Mineral Oils from the United States.

Paris, 7th July, 1893.. 492

relative to Foreign Medical Diplomas.

Marly-le-Roi, 25th July, 1893. 800

relative to Midwives.

Marly-le-Roi, 25th July, 1893.. 801

relative to the Grant of Diplomas as Surgeon-Dentist.

Marly-le-Roi, 25th July, 1893.. 803

relative to Merchant Shipping.

Marly-le-Roi, 25th July, 1893..


relative to the Loading of Merchant Vessels.

Paris, 1st December, 1893 822

LAW relative to the Merchant Marine.

Paris, 30th January, 1893 . 839

respecting Commercial Relations with Servia.

Paris, 22nd July, 1893. . 715

.. relative to Declarations respecting French Nationalitij.

Marly-le-Roi, 22nd July, 1893.. 1280

respecting the Sojourn of Foreigners in France, and the

Protection of National Labour.

Fontainebleau, 8th August, 1893.. 838

Note addressed to the Governors of Senegal, French Guinea,

&c., respecting the Slave Trade and the Importation

of Arms and Spirits Paris, 13th April, 1892 . 675

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