Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Page 240 - An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof...
Page 13 - When committed upon the high seas, or on any other waters within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States and out of the jurisdiction of any particular State...
Page 58 - ... liable as a stockholder accordingly ; and the estates and funds in the hands of such executor, administrator, guardian, or trustee shall be liable in like manner, and to the same extent, as the testator, or intestate, or the ward, or person interested in such trust fund would have been, if he had been living and competent to act, and held the same stock in his own name.
Page 46 - ... used and practised, the parties have a right to a trial by jury ; and this method of procedure shall be held sacred, unless, in causes arising on the high seas, and such as relate to mariners' wages, the legislature shall hereafter find it necessary to alter it.
Page 391 - It has been long established that, when an Act of Parliament is repealed, it must be considered (except as to transactions past • and closed) as if it had never existed.
Page 241 - ... may make contracts, sue and be sued, complain and defend, in any court of law and equity as fully as natural persons...
Page 459 - It appears to us that the proper question for the jury in this case, and indeed in all others of the like kind, is, whether the damage was occasioned entirely by the negligence or improper conduct of the defendant, or whether the plaintiff himself so far contributed to the misfortune by his own negligence or want of ordinary and common care and caution, that, but for such negligence or want of ordinary care and caution on his part, the misfortune would not have happened.
Page 112 - Is that it must be sufficiently significant in character, and sufficiently near In point of time, to have a tendency 'to lead the guarded discretion of a reasonable and Just man' to a belief in the existence of this important element in the fact to be proved.
Page 582 - State within which the association is located; but the Legislature of each State may determine and direct the manner and place of taxing all the shares of national banking associations located within the State, subject only to the two restrictions that the taxation shall not be at a greater rate than is assessed upon other moneyed capital in the hands of individual citizens of such State...
Page 321 - The personal property of literary, benevolent, charitable and scientific institutions and of temperance societies incorporated within this commonwealth, the real estate owned and occupied by them or their officers for the purposes for which they are incorporated...

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