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Charles Herbert Mackintosh, John Alexander Gemmili
1878 - Canada

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Page 345 - Magdalen Islands, and Labrador, so long as the same shall remain unsettled; but so soon as the same or either of them shall be settled, it shall not be lawful for the said fishermen to dry or cure fish at such settlement, without a previous agreement for that purpose with the inhabitants, proprietors, or possessors of the ground.
Page 347 - American fishermen shall be admitted to 'enter such bays or harbours for the purpose of shelter and of repairing damages therein, of purchasing wood, and of obtaining water, and for no other purpose whatever. But they shall be under such restrictions as may be necessary to prevent their taking, drying or curing fish therein, or in any other manner whatever abusing the privileges hereby reserved to them.
Page 348 - The commissioners so named shall meet at Washington at the earliest convenient period after they have been respectively named ; and shall, before proceeding to any business, make and subscribe a solemn declaration that they will impartially and carefully examine and decide, to the best of their judgment, and according to justice and equity, all such claims as shall be laid before them on the part of the Governments of the United States and of her Britannic Majesty, respectively ; and such declaration...
Page 345 - ... on such part of the coast of Newfoundland as British fishermen shall use, (but not to dry or cure the same on that island) and also on the coasts, bays, and creeks of all other of his Britannic Majesty's dominions in America; and that the American fishermen shall have liberty to dry and cure fish in any of the unsettled bays, harbors, and creeks of Nova Scotia, Magdalen Islands, and Labrador, so long as the same shall remain unsettled...
Page 351 - Commissioners shall be appointed to determine, having regard to the privileges accorded by the United States to the subjects of Her Britannic Majesty, as stated in Articles XIX and XXI of this treaty, the amount of any compensation which, in their opinion, ought to be paid by the Government of the United States to the Government of Her Britannic Majesty...
Page 346 - And the United States hereby renounce forever any liberty heretofore enjoyed or claimed by the inhabitants thereof, to take, dry, or cure fish, on or within three marine miles of any of the coasts, bays, creeks or harbors of his Britannic Majesty's dominions in America, not included "within the abovementioned limits...
Page 348 - In case of the death, absence, or incapacity of any commissioner, or in the event of any commissioner omitting or ceasing to act, the vacancy shall be filled in the manner hereinbefore provided for making the original appointment, the period of three months in case of such substitution being calculated from the date of the happening of the vacancy.
Page 37 - Committee be received; 4th, or that the bill be re-committed; 5th, that it be read a third time; 6th, that it do pass; 7th, the title of the bill. These are quite exclusive of any division in Committee, or any amendments, or of any clauses added to or -expunged from the measure in or out of the •Committee. Alterations are not usually proĢ posed in a bill until after its principle has been disposed of on the second reading.
Page 42 - If Parliament at the time of the Sovereign's death be separated by adjournment or prorogation it must assemble immediately. If no Parliament be then in existence, the members of the last must again meet and may serve as a Parliament for six months, unless sooner prorogued; and so much...
Page 36 - THAT every such Petition not containing matter in breach of the Privileges of this House, and which, according to the Rules or usual Practice of this House, can be received, be brought to the Table by the direction of The Speaker, who shall not allow any Debate, or any Member to speak upon, or in relation to, such Petition ; but it may be read by the Clerk at the Table, if required.

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