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LUTHER E. HEWITT, of the Philadelphia Bar. Judgments,

CHARLES A. ROBBINS, of the Lincoln (Neb.)

Bar. Judicial Notice,

E. W. METCALFE, of the Lincoln (Web ) Bar. Judicial Sales, .

W. F. Elliott, of the Indianapolis (Ind.) Bar. Jurisdiction,

CHARLES K. Zug, of the Philadelphia Bar.

PHILIP H. GOEPP Fury and Jury Trial,


of the Philadelphia Bar.

ALEX. R. DE WITT, Justice of the Peace,

D. B. VAN SYCKLE, of the Girard (Kar..) Bar. Laches,

J. C. THOMPSOx, Editor Am. & Eng. R. R.

Cases and Corp. Cases. Landlord and Tenant,

JOHN W. Smith, of the Chicago Bar. Larceny,

FRANK H. Bowlby, of the Rochester (N. Y.)

Bar. Lateral Railroads,

W. M. MCKINNEY, Associate Editor Am. &

Eng. R. R. Cases and Corp. Cases.
Lateral and Subjacent Support, ELMER G. SAMMIS, of the New York City

Law of the Road,

D. M. MICKEY, of the Editorial Staff Am. &

Eng. Encyc. of Law. Lease,

WILLIS SMITH, of the Chicago Bar.









JOURNEYS ACCOUNTS.—A new writ which the plaintiff was permitted to sue out within a reasonable time after the abatement, without his fault, of the first writ.1

J. P.—Abbreviation for Justice of the Peace.2
JUBILEE.—See note 3.

1. Spencer's Case, 6 Co. 10; Kinsey ters are understood to be an abbreviav. Heyward, 1 Ld. Raym. 432; Davies v. tion of the term justice of the peace, Lowndes, 7 M. & G. 762; Richards v. one in common use and clearly indiMaryland Ins. Co., 8 Cr. (U. S.) 84; cating that that office is intended. It Bouv. L. Dict.

sufficiently appears that the bond was It is a continuance of the former entered into before and approved by writ, and must be in the same court, two justices.” Shattuck z'. People, 5 Ill. between the same parties, or where one 477. of the plaintiffs has died, or one of the 3. Jubilee cannot be registered as a defendants. Spencer's Case, 6 Co. 10. trade mark under the English statutes “The word dieta signifies a day's on the subject. “It is not, obviously, journey, and the best account of the meaningless or not descriptive with word is given by Selden, that the reference to note paper, because it may chancery being a movable court and be note paper which is produced in the following the king's court, the party jubilee year. I have said the jubilee who purchased the second writ ought year.

Mr. Ashton argued at some to have applied to the king's court as little length that the word jubilee' was hastily as the distance of the place not a good English word; but it is plain would allow, accounting twenty miles that it is a common English word, and for every day's journey.” Kinsey ?'.

used without reference to the term year. Heyward, 1 Ld. Raym. 432.

The term “jubilee' is used by several 2. “Two justices then were author writers of authority, not of the present ized to take bail in the present case. day, but of times past, such as Dryden The persons approving of the recog- and Sir Walter Scott, and I could give nizance respectively affixed to their sig- many others.” Towgood v. Pirie, 56 natures the letters, J. P. These charac- L. T., N. S. 305; s. C., 35 W. R. 729. 12 C. of L.-I


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