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8. Articles liable to deterioration or corruption, and these only, may, however, be sold immediately, without previous notice or legal formality, for the benefit of the right party. An account of the sale shall be drawn up.

The sum realized by the sale shall be used, in the first place, to defray the charges upon the parcel. Any balance which there may be shall be remitted to the office of origin to be paid to the sender.

If for any reason a sale is impossible the spoilt or worthless articles are destroyed or taken possession of by the Customs.

9. Parcels which have to be returned to the country of origin shall be entered on the parcel-bill with the addition of the word “Rebut" (undeliverable) in the column for observation. They shall be dealt with and charged as redirected parcels are.

10. Any parcel, the addressee of which has left for a country not participating in the parcel post between the United Kingdom and Norway, shall be dealt with as undeliverable, unless the office of the first destination be in a position to forward it to the addressee.

11. Subject to the provisions in Article IX of the Convention, the customs duties, properly so-called, on parcels which bave to be bent back to the country of origin or redirected to a third country, shall be cancelled both in the United Kingdom and in Norway.

X.-1. Each Administration shall cause each of its exchanging offices to prepare monthly for all the mails received from the exchanging offices of the other Administration, a statement, in conformity with specimen (F) appended to the present Regulations, of the sums entered in each parcel-bill, whether to its credit or to its debit.

2. The statements (F) shall be afterwards recapitulated by the same Administration in an account conforming to specimen (G), also appended to the present Regulations.

3. This account, accompanied by the monthly statements, the parcel-bills, and, if any, the verification certificates relating thereto, shall be submitted to the examination of the other Administration in the course of the month which follows that to which it relates.

4. Tue monthly accounts, after having been verified and accepted on both sides, shall be included in a general quarterly account by the Administration to which the balance is due.

5. The payment resulting from the balance of these accounts between the two Administrations shall be effected through the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union.

6. The drawing up, transmission, and payment of the accounts must be effected as early as possible, at the latest, before the expiration of the following quarter. After the expiration of this term, the sums due from oue Administration to the other shall bear interest at

the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, to be reckoned from the date of expiration of the said term.

XI. The present detailed Regulations shall come into force on the day of the execution of the Agreement, and shall have the same duration as the Agreement. The Administrations interested have, however, the power, by common consent, to modify the details from time to time.

Done in duplicate, at Christiania the 8th day of September, 1900; and at London the 18th day of September, 1900.


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