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Aliette (Octave Feuillet), 99.-Alton Locke (Kingsley), 438.-American Commonwealths:
Royce's California, 216, 222, 329.—American Diplomacy (Eugene Schuyler), 213.—American
Four-in-Hand in Great Britain, An, (Carnegie), 560.—Anna Karénina (Tolstoï), 104.-
Arnold's (Edwin) India Revisited, 335.—Atalanta in the South (Mand Howe), 107.—Ausge-
wählte Briefe (Schiller), 559.

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Goriot, 99.—Baring-Gould's and Gilman's The Story of Germany, 444.-Barlow, Joel, Life
and Letters of, (Charles Burr Todd), 334.-Beckonings for Every Day, 668.-Bietigheim, 448.-
Blair's Unwise Laws, 336.-Blue and Gold, The, 224.-Boyesen's The Story of Norway, 444.
Boys' Book of Famous Rulers, The, 671.-Boys' Book of Sports, The, 670.-Burglars in Para-
dise (Elizabeth Stuart Phelps), 107.-Burnett's (Frances Hodgson) Little Lord Fauntleroy,
670.-Burrough's (John) Signs and Seasons, 220.
California (Josiah Royce, American Commonwealths), 216, 222, 329-California Greeting.
A, (Art Students' League), 669. California, History of (Theodore H. Hittell), 447.-Canoe-
ing in Kanuckia (Norton and Habberton), --Carthage, The Story of, (Church and Gil-
man), 672.-César Birotteau (Balzac), 435.-Childhood-Boyhood-Youth (Tolstoï), 436.
Children's Books, 670.--Chivalric Days (E. S. Brooks), 671.—Chosön (Percival Lowell),
111.-Christmas Country, and Other Tales, The, 671-Colfax, Schuyler, Life of, 674-Con-
stance of Acadia, 328.--Constitutional Law of the United States, Introduction to, (John
Norton Pomeroy), 674.--Crack of Doom, The (William Minto), 325.---Cruise of the Alabama,
The, 558.-Cut (Cervus), 326.

Dante, A Study of (Susan E. Blow), 148.-Death of Hewfik Pasha, The, 325.-Demos, 106.—
Den of Thieves, A, 325. De Witt's (Dr. John) A New Rendering of the Psalms, 111.-
Dolly Madison, Memoirs and Letters of, 557.- -Don Miff, The Story of, (Virginius Dabney),
326.-Down the West Branch, 224.

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99, 325, 435.-Fight for Missouri, The, (Thos. L. Snead), 112.-Flaubert's Salammbo, 102.—
Flights Inside and Outside Paradise, 223.-Foreordained, 325.-France Under Mazarin (James
Breck Perkins), 446.-Fulton, Robert, Life of, 556.

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Jackson, "H. H"), 211.-Gogol's St. John's Eve, 438; Taras Bulba, 437.-Great Masters of
Russian Literature, The, 560.

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332.-Handbook of English History (Guest and Underwood), 445.-Hardy's (Arthur) The
Wind of Destiny, 108.-Her Own Doing, 325.--Hetty's Strange Story (Helen Jackson,
“H. H.”), 109.---Histories, Young People's: England, Germany, Norway, Spain, 443; Carth-
age, Hungary.-History of California (Theodore H. Hittell), 447.-History of Democracy,
The, 559.-Holiday Books, 668.-Household Remedies, 336.-Hunting Trips of a Ranchman
(Theodore Roosevelt), 223.-Hungary, The Story of (Vambéry), 672.-Hutchings's (J. W.)
In the Heart of the Sierras, 560.

If Love be Love, 106.—India Revisited (Edwin Arnold), 335. ---In the Heart of the Sierras, (J.
W. Hutchings), 560.-In the Old Palazzo, 325.-Introduction to the Constitutional Law of
the United States, (John Norton Pomeroy), 674.

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Philbrick's Choice, 109.-Jewett's (Sarah Orne) A White Heron, 440.-Jewish Altar, The,
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Our Children, 670.-Life and Letters of Joel Barlow, 334.-Life of Robert Fulton, 556.-Life
of Schuyler Colfax, 674.--Like Lucifer, 325.-Little Lord Fauntleroy (Frances Hodgson
Burnett), 670.-Little Master, The, (J.T. Trowbridge), 670.-Lives of Girls who Became
Famous (Sarah K. Bolton), 672.-Longfellow's Prose Works, 672.-Loughead's (Flora
Haines) The Man Who was Guilty, 107.






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