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Page 83, line last, erase "And they themselves."

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1 to "record" line 10, are not in the MS. "13, from "from" to Majesty," 6 lines not in the MS.

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28, from "And a" to the foot of the page, 11 lines not in the MS.

1 to "Law," 4 lines not in the MS.

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24, from "And for to the foot of the page, 15

lines not in the MS.

" 1, to " late," 8 lines not in the MS.


"24, to the foot of the page, 12 lines not in the MS. In the margin of this page, 23d, of the MS., after the words "quickly waste," is the following note, to which allusion has already been made : Heere inserte certaine propositions to the general court, &c. after the marke." There is no reference to what these propositions are, nor to the place where they might be found. They are however contained in the printed copy and constitute the last 12 lines of p. 86, and the whole of the 6 pages following, and 7 lines of p. 93, ending with the word "jubent" no part of which is of course in

the MS.

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Page 93, the names "Peck" and "Brown are spelled with the final e; and instead of "Knolls" is "Knolles." "line 6 from the bottom one master Knight " is not to be found in the MS. In the margin of this page are a few lines of short hand, with the following: "2 Cor. 8, 23, and Philipp. 2, 25, for Apostles or Messengers of the churches and probably ; ending with 2 lines also of short hand.

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"94, the marginal note marked * ends in the MS. with the word " England" in its 9th line; and notes for the residue, on p. 94 and 95, are, I believe, contained in the short hand, since a reference to "1 Cor. 6," is contained in both the MS. and the printed copy.

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95. The marginal note marked by an asterisk, beginning "Eccles. 12" is not in the MS.

96, line 16, after "children" insert "and being a man of estate when he came [to] the country is undone."

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21, after "Blackwood" insert "Mr. Thomas." 23, after "we did," is erased in the MS. "and I know not what stayed him, he is very aged and white."

26, for "Elder" read "Pastor," and insert the following from the MS. (p. 27)


is Mr. Lenthall a minister out of office and

imployment, and lives poorly.* Mr. Doughty also is come to this Island. The place where the church is, is called New porte."

* "He stood upon his ministrie and against the church covenant in the Bay and diverse joyning to choose him their minister at Weymouth, by subscribing to a paper for that end. He was censured in the Generall Court at Boston, and so were they that joyned in that election and one of them named Brittaine for words saying that some of the ministers in the Bay were Brownists, and that they would not till it came to the sword's point, was whipt and had eleven stripes." t

Page 96, line 28, after "Newport " 3 lines, to "dissention," are not in the MS.

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from the bottom," pretended civill not in the MS.

97, at the top of the MS. p. 27, is "Mr. Lenthall his controversie Brittaine whept," and an half line-in short hand, doubtless referring to the note on p. 96. line 18, for " Blakeston read Blackstone."






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19, &c., for "Simonds" read "Symonds."

66 34 and last, for "H. K." read "Hansard


66 4, 6, and 15, for "K


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read " Knowles."

a and insert after " Captaine" the name "Underhill."

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10, for "Gorges" read "Gorgs, as afterwards. "31, after "divers" insert "well accomplisht and discreete," and erase from " and it is to

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marginal note marked * beginning

"Wheat," is not in the MS.

t Is not this the James Britton, who was hanged for adultery in 1643, and of whom Gov. Winthrop gives some account, as a bad man, on pages 157, 158, and 159, in the second volume of Mr. Savage's edition? Britton "was whipt" about March, 1639. 1 Winth. 288, 289, where Mr. Savage, in a note, calls this "extraordinary tyranny," to which severe charge I am sorry to express my doubts. In addition to the remarks before made, I cannot forbear to add another on the subject of Mr. Lenthall. The doctrine contended for by him, that of admission to the church by baptism, was, it is believed, the distinctive doctrine of the Church of England, and it is believed to be almost strictly so now, other denominations requiring evidence of good character by propounding or by examination of the clergyman before admission. The question in this case brought up the whole matter of introducing foreign jurisdiction, &c.

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13, 17,


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Aprill" read "March."

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from " 'The to "New England," 12 lines are

not in the MS.

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"last, for "coorse read " coarse."
"7, for "chirugions" read "surgions."
21, for "fadome " read "fathome."

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Page 105, line 27. The text of the MS. ends at the word " family, the," on its p. 36; but in the margin, apparently intended as a note, it continues on to p. 106, line 3, and ends with the word "perfitted "instead of "perfected."


66 106,

1, before "He will" the MS. says "Mris. Glover did worthily and wisely to marry him."

J. B.


The thanks of the Massachusetts Historical Society are presented for the following donations.

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Box of Specimens of the Mineralogy and Geology of Lynn, Saugus, and Nahant.


Lewis's Poems.


Exploits of William Wallace, by Thomas the Rhymer.

John F. Watson, Esq.

Charles Thompson's Annotations in MS. on Wakefield's work.




Almanac for 1666.
Five newspapers.
Box of the walnut tree before the Hall of Independence in
Philadelphia, of the former forest there; the cover, com-
posed of mahogany of Columbus's house, St. Domingo,1496;
Elm, of Penn's Treaty tree; Oak, of a bridge, once over Dock

Creek, Philadelphia,; Gum, last forest tree alive at Phil

adelphia, 1832.

Concord Directory.

John F. Watson. Esq.
John Farmer, Esq.

A Layman's Address to the Clergy of New England.


Governors' Messages to the Legislature of New Hampshire.


Woodward and Saffrey's MS. Plan of Massachusetts.

Hon. James Savage.

Judge Thacher's Charge to the Grand Jury of Suffolk.

MS. Instructions for viewing fortifications.
Annals of Salem, 8vo.

do. do.

Rev. Joseph B. Felt.

MS. Notes on Philosophy, by Ezekiel Cheever. do.
White's View of Courts of Probate.

Hon. D. A. White.

White's Address to Essex County Lyceum. do. Correspondence of First and Tabernacle Churches, Salem.

Lithographic Plan of Plymouth.


Isaac P. Davis, Esq.

Sermon on the Death of Hon. George Partridge. do.

130 Pamphlets.

Rev. Henry Channing.

Midnight Cry, by the Rev. John Rogers. do.

19 Pamphlets.

6 Sermons.

9 Pamphlets.

Hon. John Pickering. Rev. Dr. Charles Lowell.

Massachusets Spy, 14 vols. 1817 to 1830.
History of the County of Berkshire.
Spirit of the Pilgrims, Vol. 1.

Dr. Jacob Porter. Isaiah Thomas, Esq. The Publishers. The Editors.

Two Discourses by the Rev. Mr. Young.
Resolves of the Legislature of Massachusetts.
Portrait of Fernando Cortez.
Map of Virginia.

Index to the Library of the N. Y. Lyceum.

The Author.
The Legislature.
Mrs. Dr. Foster.

A Committee.
The Society.

Mr. Everett's Second Centennial Address. Lt. Gov. Winthrop.
History of Saco and Biddeford.
Mr. Thomas Folsom.

Rev. Dr. Wisner's History of the Old South Church, Boston.

The Author.

Mr. Willard's Address to the Bar of Worcester County.

MS. Sermons of Rev. S. Torrey, of Weymouth.

Smith's History of New York, 2 vols.

The Author.

Ž. G. Whitman, Esq.
N. Y. Hist. Society.

Printed Documents of Massachusetts Legislature.

The Legislature.

Report of the Progress of Mutual Instruction in Denmark.

Professor Rafn.
The Author.

Rev. Dr. Pierce's Second Century Discourse.
Rev. Mr. Palfrey's Sermon on the Death of Chief Justice

Transactions of Am. Philos. Society, 3 Nos.
Addresses of Gov. Cass and Mr. Schoolcraft.

The Author. The Society.

Michigan Hist. Society.

Rev. Mr. Francis's Historical Sketch of Watertown.

The Author. Lincoln's History of Hingham, and Notes on Hull. The Author. MS. Copy of Cromwell's Letter to Rev. John Cotton, 1651.

Hon. J. C. Smith.

Catalogue of the Library of Harvard University, 3 vols. 8vo.

The Corporation.

Dr. Wisner's Sermon at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1830.

Sermon on the Revolution in France, 1830.

Boston Recorder for 1830, 1831,

The Author.

Rev. Mr. Parkman.

Mr. N. Willis.

National Gazette, 22 vols. from 1823 to 1830. (bound.)

Home, A Poem, by C. Knight.
Knight's Year in Canada.

James Bowdoin, Esq.
Dr. Anderson, Edin.

Rev. Dr. Lowell.
Congress of U. S.
Rev. Mr. Benton.
Am. Ed. Society.
The Author.

Congressional Documents, 11 vols. 8vo.
Centennial Discourses in Concord, N. H.
American Quarterly Register, 19 Nos.
Rev. Dr. Harris's Discourses, July 4, 1830.
Three Newspapers, containing Indian Deeds.
Scottow's Narrative of the Planting of Massachusetts.

Corres. Sec.

Erastus Smith, Esq.
Hon. J. Phillips.

Portrait of the Rev. Thomas Prince.
21st Report of the Commissioners for Foreign Missions.

The Board.

MS. Sermon of the Rev. Hugh Adams. Mr. Joshua Coffin. Griffith's Sketches of the History of Maryland. The Author. Smith's History of Canada, 2 vols. 8vo. Chief Justice Sewall. Adams's Eulogy on the Death of James Monroe. The Author. Adains's Oration, July 4, 1831.

President Quincy's Centennial Address.

Hon. Judge Davis.
The Author.

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