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Jan. 4. Entertainment. Recitations by Miss May Cragin. Singing by Miss Eloise Fuller.

Jan. 11. Social gathering. Reading by Mr. Edgar Davis. Singing by Miss Nellie Teer.

Jan. 18. Entertainment. An essay on "Old Scotch Ballads" by Miss C. A. Urann.

Mrs. Julia Houston West,


Jan. 23.

Singing of Scotch ballads by accompanied by Miss Annie

Entertainment. Teutonic recitations by Mr. C. F. Adams ("Yawcob Strauss "). Singing by Miss Annie Westervelt.

Feb. 1. Entertainment. Paper by Mrs. J. R. Anagnos on "Surprises." Piano music by Miss Heine.

Feb. 8. Dramatic entertainment. "Cool as a Cucumber " and "Done on both Sides," given by the Ebus Dramatic Club.

Feb. 15. Entertainment. its Spots" by Miss Hayes. music by Miss Reiley.

Α paper on "The Sun and Singing by Miss Teer. Piano

Feb. 22. Social Gathering. Exhibition of photographs

and stereopticon views.

March 1. Concert by the Hutchinson family.

March 8.

Dramatic Entertainment at Dinsmore Hall by members of the "Delsarte Club." Singing by Mrs. Lund. Reading by Mrs. Gibbs and Miss Ames.

March 15. Entertainment. A Longfellow evening. Essay on the Life of the Poet by Miss Hayes. Recitations from his poems by Miss Cragin and friend. Songs by Misses

Teer and Van Buren.

March 22. Entertainment. Shadow pictures from Cinderella and shadow gymnastics by Miss May Cragin and ladies from the School of Oratory. Dancing and singing by "Little Gertie."

March 29. Concert. Zither music by Misses Butter and Nold. Singing by Mrs. Dr. Stackpole. Piano music by Miss Stackpole and friend.

April 5. Exhibition of Magic Lantern Views by Master Mendel. Music by Miss Faxon.

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April 19. Shakspeare recitals from "Macbeth," "Henry VIII.," "Coriolanus," and "Katherine and Petruchio" Miss Emma Clifford.

by April 26. Concert. Singing by Mrs. Clara Doria Rogers. Violin music by Mr. Langerfeldt.

Four of these have been paying entertainments, bringing to the treasury $78.75.

These Wednesday Socials seem to have given much pleasure, and there has been a constantly increasing attendance. To all the artists and friends of the Union, who have so freely contributed of their talents to make these evenings agreeable, we would express our warmest thanks.

Before closing the report, we would also return thanks to Mrs. J. W. James for the rent of the piano for four months, to Mr. J. P. Marshall for the free printing of many placards, to Mr. F. A. Walker for a step-ladder, to Mrs. E. G. Gay for two table-covers, to Mr. Philip Butler for the free painting of the Union sign, and to the florists who so freely contributed flowers to decorate the hall on the afternoon of the Annual Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,



Report of Committee on Moral and Spiritual


THE principal work this Committee has to report is that of the " Sunday Meetings for Women," held at the Union Rooms, 157 Tremont Street.

This work has come to us as an invitation from women for help, as the invitation came to Peter, after he had received the lesson in the vision, where he " saw heaven opened, and a certain vessel descending unto him, as it had been a great sheet, knit at the four corners, and let down to the earth, wherein were all manner of four-footed beasts," that "what God hath cleansed" was not 66 common." He "is no respecter of persons, and he that worketh righteousness is accepted with him."

This principle lies as the basis of our "Sunday Meetings," and of our Union also. On the one hand, all have been invited to come and help us without regard to sect or denomination, women from the evangelical churches, the Roman Catholic Church, the New Church, and from the liberal churches; and it has been very gratifying that all have responded to the call. On the other hand, all have been invited to come and receive according to their needs.

The service of our meetings is much the same as the Sunday service in our churches. They are opened with singing, Bible-reading, and prayer, the prayer usually offered by the speaker. Sometimes, silent prayer was offered, or the Lord's

Prayer, in which all were invited to engage. A sermon or essay was given on some moral or religious subject, closing with singing and the benediction. One interesting and we feel helpful feature of our meeting is the conversation following the sermon, in which all are invited to join. The earnestness and breadth of thought expressed by those who speak show how interested women are in all vital and practical subjects, and would not fail, I think, to interest any audience; for words spoken out of the deep experiences of life touch responsive chords in the hearts and lives of others. No controversy has been brought into the conversations. All alike feel free to express their thought, the Protestant, the Jew, and the Roman Catholic.

The following is a list of the speakers, with their respective subjects:

Oct. 23.


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The Rev. Mrs. E. M. Bruce. Text, Galatians

vi., 2, Bear ye one another's burdens."

Oct. 30.

Miss Sibylla Bailey. "Music."

Nov. 6. Mrs. E. Orr Williams. "A Review of Ancient and Modern Religions."

Nov. 13. Rev. Mrs. Ada C. Bowles. "Some Reasons for a Woman's Ministry." I. Corinthians xi., 10. "For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head, because of the angels."

Nov. 20.

Miss Anna F. Dowse.

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"Conscious and Uncon

"The Ideal Hebrew

"Which shall it be, Gen

Dec. 11. Miss J. M. Mundy. "The Adaptation of Relig

ious Systems to Personal Needs."

Dec. 18. Mrs. J. H. Clement. "The Cross."

Dec. 25.

"Christmas Sunday." A united service was

held, and addresses were made by Dr. Harriet Clisby, Mrs. K. G. Wells, Mrs. A. M. Diaz, and others.

Jan. 1. Mrs. I. N. Bashford. "The New Year's Lessons." Mrs. Henry Whitman. "Waste."

Jan. 8.

Jan. 15.

"A Missionary Tale on the Indian and Freedmen Question."

Jan. 22.

Mrs. Henry Whitman. Text, Hebrews vii., 16, "Who is made, not after the law of a carnal commandment, but after the power of an endless life."

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Feb. 26. Miss F. M. Morris. "Zulu Women."


March 5. Mrs. Julia Ward Howe was announced to speak on The True Renewal of the Divine Life within us"; but, owing to an accident that occurred on Saturday, she was not able to be present, and Mrs. A. M. Diaz kindly consented to give her paper on "Women's Work for the Millennium." Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells.

March 12.


March 19.


"Loyalty and

Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells. "Elements of

March 26. Maria H. Bray, by request, repeated her paper on "Wayside Opportunities for Self-culture."

April 2. Mrs. Julia R. Anagnos. April 9. Mrs. Mary A. Livermore. cate our Sons?"

April 16.

April 23.

of God."

"Kindness of God."

Miss Charlotte W. Hawse.
Mrs. Mary Ware.

"How shall we edu


"Prayer, or the Providence

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