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W. Blackwood and sons, 1879 - 208 pages

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Page 43 - ... it produceth nine, as we manifestly perceive that three times three are nine. Thus, three being of itself the efficient of nine, and the Great Efficient of Miracles being of Himself Three Persons (to wit : the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), which, being Three, are also One : — this lady was accompanied by the number nine to the end that men might clearly perceive her to be a nine, that is, a miracle, whose only root is the Holy Trinity.
Page 48 - Though passing through the mournful town mid-way ; Like unto men that understand to-day Nothing at all of her great misery ? Yet if ye will but stay, whom I accost, And listen to my words a little space, At going ye shall mourn with a loud voice. It is her Beatrice that she hath lost ; Of whom the least word spoken holds such grace That men weep hearing it, and have no choice.
Page 45 - On that day which fulfilled the year since my lady had been made of the citizens of eternal life, remembering me of her as I sat alone, I betook myself to draw the resemblance of an angel upon certain tablets. And while I did thus, chancing to turn my head, I perceived that some were standing beside me to whom I should have given courteous welcome, and that they were observing what I did : also I learned afterwards that they had been there a while before I perceived them. Perceiving...
Page 53 - Tant' e amara che poco e piu morte; ma per trattar del ben ch'i' vi trovai, diro de l'altre cose ch'i' v'ho scorte. [Midway in the journey of our life I found myself in a dark wood, for the straight way was lost.
Page 106 - There he died; and e'en Plainly as thou seest me, saw I the three Fall one by one 'twixt the fifth day and...
Page 106 - There he died; and even as thou seest me, saw I the three fall one by one, between the fifth day and the sixth: whence I betook me, already blind, to groping over each, and for three days called them, after they were dead; then fasting had more power than...
Page 43 - Christian verity), the revolving heavens are nine; and according to the common opinion among astrologers, these nine heavens together have influence over the earth. Wherefore it would appear that this number was thus allied unto her for the purpose of signifying that, at her birth, all these nine heavens were at perfect unity with each other as to their influence. This is one reason that may be brought: but more narrowly considering, and according to the infallible truth, this number was her own...
Page 42 - I say, that, according to the mode of reckoning in Italy, her most noble soul departed in the first hour of the ninth day of the month ; and according to the...

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