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la Rue to show that these French trouveurs were in fact almost all of them natives of or residents in England, and wrote not for a French, but for an English public, as well as to institute the first comprehensive investigation into their productions and merits. Since he thus led the way, a crowd of his countrymen have given themselves with abundance of zeal, and more or less of ability and accomplishment, to the same line of inquiry. Most of their labours will be found to be noticed in the following compendium. Then, again, there are our numerous old monkish chronicles written in Latinthe great sources of our national history, and also of much of our legendary literature; they have of late years, after a period of neglect, come to attract much attention; and we have endeavoured to indicate everything of importance that has been done, by improved editions of some, and by the printing of others for the first time, either to restore and elucidate them, or to make them better known and more accessible.

It only remains to be added that some portions of what is now before the reader have already appeared in the Pictorial History of England;' but in the main the present is a new work.


G. L. C.

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