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Dean Alford-Paul Bedford-Rev. Henry Caswall-Col. Sir Proby Thomas

Cautley, K.C.B.—Sir William Denison—Sir Henry Durand - The Duchess

de. Frias-Sir George Hayter-Dr. Mayo-Alexander Munro-Lord

Frederick Paulet-John Abel Smith-Sir William Verner, Bart.-M. A.

Applegarth-General Robert Douglas, C.B.—Mrs. Nathaniel Hawthorne-

Canon Melvill—T. W. Robertson-Dr. Symonds—The Queen of Sweden-

Robert and David Chambers—Professor De Morgan-Sir Charles Shaw-

Sir Anthony Sterling-Mr. J. B. Chatterton—The Judge Advocate General

-Captain Ogilvy-Omar Pasha-Schamyl—Sir Justin Sheil, K.C.B.-Auber

- Major-General Douglas-Sir John Herschel-Mr. Secondary Potter-

Marquis of Westmeath-Lieut.-General Williams-Hon. Frederick Byng-

General Ellicombe-George Grote-Mr. N. E. Hartog-Lieut.-General

Higgins-Lieut.-Colonel Milles– Mr. Pollard-Urquhart-Sir J. Rolt-Sir

Joseph Rudsdell – Mr. Vincent Scully—Dr. James Watson-Sir Thomas

Acland-Dr. Keith Johnstone-Colonel Mann-Dean Mansell— Charles

Buxton-Admiral Kingcomb-Richard Bentley, William Blenkiron-Sir T.

Deane-Right Hon. George Hamilton-Canon Jelf—Dr. Mortimer—Mr.

Chief Justice Norman-Bishop Patteson-Sir James Pennethorne-Cipriani

Potter-Dr. Solly-Charles Babbage-Matthew Bell—Sir John Burgoyne-

James Dark—Lord Dunraven-Sir Henry Harington-Sir Francis Moon-

Sir Roderick Murchison-Dr. Seeman-Ichabod Wright-Dr. Rock-Mr.

Tinney - Lord Chesterfield — Lord Ellenborough -- Mr. Gaspey—Justice

George-Mr. Greathead—George Hudson-Lord Kenmare-Mr. Marriott

-Sir Edward Morris-Admiral Ramsay-Mrs. Ryves—Sir James Scarlett

- The Bishop of Victoria

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