A Digest of All the Reports Published in Lower Canada, to 1863

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Page 399 - By the general law applicable to running streams, every riparian proprietor has a right to what may be called the ordinary use of the water flowing past his land ; for instance, to the reasonable use of the water for his domestic purposes and for his cattle, and this without regard to the effect which such use may have, in case of a deficiency, upon proprietors lower down the stream.
Page 372 - Her crew were hired, as appears from the articles signed by them, for a voyage from Liverpool to Palermo, and thence, if required, to a port or ports in the Mediterranean Sea or the West Indies, and back to a final port of discharge in the United Kingdom, the, term not to exceed six months.
Page 412 - Province, to the contrary hereof in any-wise notwithstanding; such will being executed either according to the Laws of Canada, or according to the Forms prescribed by the Laws of England.
Page 374 - Majesty's dominions, unless the owner of the ship is adjudged bankrupt or declared insolvent, or unless the ship is under arrest or is sold by the authority of any such Court as aforesaid, or unless any justices acting under the authority of this Act refer the case to be adjudged by such Court, or unless neither the owner nor master is or resides (11) within twenty miles of the place where the seaman or apprentice is discharged or put ashore.
Page 345 - ... or for necessaries supplied to any foreign ship or sea-going vessel, and to enforce the payment thereof, whether such ship or vessel may have been within the body of a county, or upon the high seas, at the time when the services were rendered or damage received, or necessaries furnished, in respect of which such claim is made.
Page 370 - Extraordinary events may occur, in which their connexion with the ship may be dissolved de facto, or by operation of law ; or they may exceed their proper duty, in which cases they may be permitted to claim as salvors.
Page 448 - Lesdits actes de célébration seront inscrits sur !es registres de l'église paroissiale du lieu où le mariage sera célébré ; et en cas que pour des causes justes et légitimes, il ait été permis de le célébrer dans une autre église ou chapelle, les registres de la paroisse, dans l'étendue de laquelle...
Page 374 - No suit or proceeding for the recovery of wages under the sum of fifty pounds shall be instituted by or on behalf of any seaman or apprentice in any Court of Admiralty or Vice-admiralty, or in the Court of Session in Scotland, or in any superior Court of Record in her Majesty's dominions, unless the owner of the ship is adjudged bankrupt or declared insolvent, or unless...
Page 15 - Legislature : — Held, that an Act having been passed by the colonial Legislature, limiting the right of appeal to causes where the sum in dispute was not less than £500 sterling, a petition for leave to appeal, in a cause where the sum was of less amount, could not be reviewed by the King in Council, although there was a special saving in the colonial Act of the rights and prerogatives of the Crown.
Page 344 - Kingdom, he shall not be entitled to sue in any court abroad for wages, unless he is discharged with such sanction as is required by...

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