Canal Operation Under 1977 Treaty: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on the Panama Canal of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session, Part 2

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Page 889 - For purposes of this section, the term "agency" as defined in section 551(1) of this title includes any executive department, military department, Government corporation, Government controlled corporation, or other establishment in the executive branch of the Government (including the Executive Office of the President), or any independent regulatory agency.
Page 958 - The canal shall be free and open to the vessels of commerce and of war of all nations observing these rules, on terms of entire equality, so that there shall be no discrimination against any such nation or its citizens or subjects, in respect of the conditions or charges of traffic or otherwise. Such conditions and charges of traffic shall be just and equitable.
Page 1305 - Washington, in duplicate, in the English and Spanish languages, both texts being equally authentic, this 31st day of May, 1949.
Page 1335 - It would be manifestly contrary to the objections of those who created the Constitution, as well as those who were responsible for the Bill of Rights — let alone alien to our entire constitutional history and tradition — to construe Article VI as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement without observing constitutional prohibitions.32 In effect, such construction would permit amendment of that document in a manner not sanctioned by Article V.
Page 1593 - Tolls on merchant vessels, army and navy transports, colliers, hospital ships, supply ships, and yachts shall be based on net vesseltons of one hundred cubic feet each of actual earning capacity determined in accordance with the Rules for the Measurement of Vessels for the Panama Canal...
Page 1306 - Coordination described in the Agreement in Implementation of Article IV of the Panama Canal Treaty.
Page 1360 - Bank, shall receive a salary at the rate of $20,000 ' per annum. Before entering upon his duties, each of the directors shall take an oath faithfully to discharge the duties of his office.
Page 1392 - Upon termination of this Treaty, the Republic of Panama shall assume total responsibility for the management, operation, and maintenance of the Panama Canal, which shall be turned over in operating condition and free of liens and debts, except as the two Parties may otherwise agree.
Page 1304 - Panama in certain of the areas and installations made available for the use of the United States of America pursuant to this Treaty, in accordance with the following provisions: a.
Page 1259 - Convention on Nature Protection and Wildlife Preservation in the Western Hemisphere...

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