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pounded fine, and of alum, each two drachms, With this liniment anoint the body, carefully avoiding those places which are ulcerated or excoriated, or even too near an approach to them ; because the medicine would raise a violent inflammation. Let the liniment lie on the parts for the space of an hour ; then wash it off with a decoction in water of emblic myrobalans, white tamarisk-berries, myrtle-leaves, and pomegranate peels.

If the pustules are dried by these means, it is well'; if not, take the whitest fort of bole (not the red bole), add to it of Andarene falt, and of dry bread crumbled fine, each a tenth part. Make a liniment, with which rub the skin ; let it lie on for an hour or two, and then wash it off.

Now we are to treat of taking off the dried scales, and crusts, or eschars.

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Of taking away the dry scabs and eschars.

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Hen the small-pox is withered, and the dry

scales and eschars still remain on the skin, es amine them well; and to those that are small, and thoroughly dried up, apply warm fefamine-oil every now and then, till they are foftened, and fall off : but those of the face are to be managed with oil of pistaches. For the larger fort, which resemble eschars, if you find any moisture remaining in them, cut them off carefully, without any application of oil. And if the places from whence you have removed the eschars, contain but little moisture, it is to be dried up with


soft cotton, as I have already said: but if they con, tain much, they are to be dried gradually ; besprinkling them with the red aromatic powder, composed of aloe, frankincense, sarcocol, and dragon's blood, especially if they begin to lessen, and sink in ; and with alum and Andarene falt, if they are even with the rest of the surface of the body, and do not sink in : then wait till a new efchar or fcab is formed on them. If there be any return of moisture, repeat the same drei fings. And in fine, when the moisture is entirely exhausted, then anoint the parts with oil, until the crusts are foftened, and all fallen off.

Next follows a discourse on destroying the marks of the small-pox.

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Of destroying the marks of the small-fox.


HE marks of the small-pox are of two forts : for

they are either in the eye, or on the rest of the body. Now, with respect to the eye, the part on which the small-pox broke out, has an opaque whiteness in it, as we have already observed.

If this happens in the eyes of children, or young persons of a moist constitution of body, and tender skin, it will be the more eafily deterged.

Now, the medicines which deterge the eye, and take off the whiteness, are thefe : borax, or nitre made into cakes, Andarene falt, fal-ammoniac, glafs, the scoriæ of glass, coral, tutty, lapis hæmatites, verdigreafe ; baftard sponge, the sea-crab, the dangs or excrements of sparrows, swallows, starlings, mice,


bats, and of the Arabian or Lybian lizard ; musk, the fediment of urine; the acorus, ebony, cornel-water, Arabian sugar, dregs of vinegar burnt, myrrh, fandaracha or juniper gum, commonly called varnish, gums of the olive and bitter almond trees, and the milky juice of wild lettuce. It will be best to use these, when the patient is just come out of the bath, or after holding his head over the steam of hot water: But mild medicines alone, nay the mildest of these, are to be employed, especially in soft and moist bodies.

The description of a mild medicine, which removes the white specks from the eye.

Let the eye be sprinkled with sarcocol, and white sugar-candy:

Another more efficacious.

Let the eye be sprinkled with bastard sponge, farcocol, and sugar.

Another still more powerful.

Take of verdigrease ten drachms; myrrh, fagapenum, fal-ammoniac, farcocol, of each two drachms and a half; bastard sponge, scoriæ of glass, and borax, or pitre in cakes, of each three drachms. Then take of sweet cane ter drachms, and the same quantity of cornel-water. Boil these in ten times the weight of water, till the decoction becomes thick : then dissolve the gums in it, and mix all well together into an ophthalmic collyrium. Afterwards, as occasion shall require, to this mixture add ebony in an oil-bottle. Cleanse the part affected gently and often with a needle or style ; taking care to apply the collyrium frequently, both before and after the operation. And lastly, sprinkle it with the powder of VOL. II. Bb


the milder fort of the medicines. But be sure to look carefully into the eye every day. For if it be painted, or look angry, omit this treatment for fome days, and then repeat it ; for this method of cure is very powerful and efficacious.

As to the medicines, which take off the marks of the small pox from the face and the rest of the body, they are thefe : white litharge, dried reed-roots, rotten bones powdered, bastard sponge, coral, farcocol, almonds, birthwort, the ben-nut, radith-feed, pumpion-feed, rocket-feed, the flower of beans, rice, lupins, and kidney-beans. On these



aqua a. murcæ, and barley-water. : The description of a liniment, which effaces the marks of the small-pox.

Take of the flower of chiches and beans, each three drachms ; of pumpion-feed five drachms; of white litharge two drachms ; of dried reed-roots three drachms. Pound all together in barley-water : then apply it to the parts several times successively, after the patient has received the steam of hot water, or after coming out of the bath. Then again wash him in a bath, made of pumpion-rinds, dried violets, bran, and pounded chiches, boiled in water : rub him well, and apply the liniment a second time.

The description of another liniment of greater efficacy.

Take of bean-meal five drachms ; bitter-almonds, sweet costus, rocket-feed, and radith-feed, of each two drachms and a half : apply it, as we have already directed,

Another liniment more efficacious still.
Take of bitter almonds peeled five drachms ; ra-

dish-feed, rocket-seed, roots of costus, and long birthwort, of each two drachms and a half; of borax, or nitre made into cakes, three drachms ; of pepper one drachm and a half : use them as we have already directed.

Afterwards, wash the parts with radish-water, or with those things which we have ordered. And those are the medicines which efface the marks and scars of the small-pox,

But in order to efface the pock-holes, and render them even with the rest of the surface of the body, do thu3 : Let the body be anointed with butter, and well tinged with the herb cyperis, or with its powder ; let the patient use the bath frequently, and be rubbed down after it.

Now we are to direct what ought to be given to a patient in the small-pox by way of aliment, and to treat of the medicines which have relation to it.

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Of the diet of patients in the small-pox.

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O a patient in the small-pox it is necessary to give

barley-water, prepared in the fame manner, and with the same art, as that which is usually given to persons in acute and hot diseases. If the fever be moderate, and the body somewhat costive, it must be sweetened with white sugar-candy; but if the heat of the fever be intense, and the body loose, pour to it half a measure of the juice of acid pomegranates, pounded with their feeds : but the pulps and inward thin tunicles are to be avoided; for they are laxative. If the patient be restless, and cannot sleep, add to B b 2


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