Nouveau recueil général de traités et autres actes relatifs aux rapports de droit international: continuation du grand recueil de G. Fr. de Martens. Deuxième série, Volume 13

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Page 534 - Revoit, or conspiracy to revolt , by two or more persons on board a ship on the high seas against the authority of the master.
Page 500 - Jurisdictions, that persons charged with or convicted of the crimes hereinafter enumerated, and being fugitives from justice, should, under certain circumstances, be reciprocally delivered up...
Page 526 - XVI.—Any ship of war or merchant vessel of either of the high contracting parties which may be compelled by stress of weather or by accident to take shelter in a port of the other, shall be at liberty to refit therein, to procure all necessary stores, and to put to sea again, without paying any dues other than such as would be payable in a similar case by a national vessel.
Page 501 - State, that the requisition for his surrender has in fact been made with a view to try or punish him for an offence of a political character...
Page 503 - All articles seized which were in the possession of the person to be surrendered, at the time of his apprehension, shall, if the competent authority of the State applied to for the extradition has ordered the delivery thereof, be given up when the extradition takes place, and...
Page 691 - Ne seront pas considérés, en cas de relâche forcée, comme opérations de commerce , le débarquement et le rechargement des marchandises pour la réparation du navire ou pour sa purification quand il est mis en quarantaine, le transbordement sur un autre navire en cas d'innavigabilité du premier, les dépenses nécessaires au ravitaillement des équipages et la vente des marchandises avariées, lorsque l'administration des douanes en aura accordé l'autorisation.
Page 709 - Le présent traité restera en vigueur pendant dix années, à partir du jour de l'échange des ratifications. Dans le cas où aucune des deux Hautes Parties contractantes n'aurait notifié, douze mois avant la fin de ladite période, son intention d'en faire cesser les effets, il demeurera obligatoire jusqu'à l'expiration d'une année, à partir du jour où l'une ou l'autre des Hautes Parties contractantes l'aura dénoncé.
Page 527 - Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Treaty, the High Contracting Parties agree that, in all that concerns commerce and navigation, any privilege, favor or immunity which either Contracting Party has actually granted, or may hereafter grant, to the subjects or citizens of any other State shall be extended to the subjects or citizens of the other Contracting Party gratuitously, if the concession in favor of that other State shall have been gratuitous, and on the same or equivalent conditions,...
Page 487 - Le présent protocole de clôture, qui sera ratifié en même temps que la Convention conclue à la date de ce jour, sera considéré comme faisant partie intégrante de cette convention, et aura même force, valeur et durée. En foi de quoi, les Plénipotentiaires soussignés ont dressé le présent protocole.
Page 521 - Notwithstanding the foregoing, if neither party notifies to the other its intention of reforming any of, or all, the articles of this treaty twelve months before the expiration of the twenty years stipulated above, the said treaty shall continue binding on both parties beyond the said twenty years', until twelve months from the time that one of the parties notifies its intention of proceeding to a reform.

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