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separate, 384 f.

what verdict jury may render, 385.
in actions to recover personal prop-
erty, 385 a.

part for plaintiff and part for de-
fendant, 386 e.

for damages exceeding amount
claimed, 386 f.
for interest, 386 g.

for compound interest, 387 b.
for double and treble damages,
387 c.

severance of damages on, 387 d.
contingent damages on, 388 d.
altering, 388 e, 389 a, 271 a.
sealed, 383 e.

polling jury, as to, 383 f.
amending, 271 a.

special, controls general, 388.
assessing defendant's damages,

[blocks in formation]

in ejectment, 671 j.
interest on, when allowed, 502.
county judge cannot order stay of
proceedings after, 628.

may be amended, 271 a, 386 e.
judge may entertain motion to set
aside, 389.

death of party after, 109.

cures defects in pleading, 201 a.
in justice's court, 64 h.
on writ of inquiry, 359 f.
report of referee is not, 629 b.
stay of proceedings after, 628.
Verification of pleadings, when neces-
sary, 238, 238 b.

how to be made, 239.

when it may be omitted, 239,
240 a.

Verification of pleadings-continued.
by the attorney or agent, 240 c.
by the party, 240 d.

copy of, must be served with
pleading, 240 f, 239 a.

out of State, 241 a.

form of, by party to action, 240 f.
attorney or agent, 241 c.

effect of omitting, or of defect in,
238 b.

by all the defendants, when re-
quired, 242 a.

when corporation is a party, 241 b.
as evidence, 240 e.

in justice's court, 61e.

Vessels, proceedings for collection of
demands against, not affected by
the code, 680.

sale of, on attachment, 339, 339 ƒ.
action for hire of, 103 i.
See Freight, Owner.

Void order, 632 a, 465 ƒ.
Voluntary appearance, 34 b, 143.

by one of several partners, 141 a.
See Appearance.

Wager, right of action on, not assign-
able, 92 f.
parties, 103 f.

See Stakeholder.

Wages of domestics, exemption law
does not apply to judgment for,
457 d.

Waiver of irregularity in service of
notice, 640 k, 143 b.

of irregularity in service of sum-
mons or other paper, 640 k.
or irregularity in appointment of
referee, 408 b.

of exemption law, 457 h.
of security on appeal, 540.
of motion, 713 a.

of tort, and suing on contract,
144 b.

of appeal, 557 c, 683.

of right to security for costs,

486 i.

of right to amend of course, 266 ƒ.
of defect in process, 143 b.
of defense, 210.

of defect in verification of a
pleading, 238 b.

as to time to appeal, 529 g.
of objection to a complaint, 203 a.
of objection to arrest, 301 d, e.
of objection that folios not num-
bered, 702.

of preliminary objection on mo-
tion, 632 g.

[blocks in formation]


attachment against for nonattend-

ance, 67 g.

change of place of trial for con-
venience of, 117, 121 a.

before referee, 411 a.

referee cannot be, in a reference
before him, 411 c.

parties to action may be, 608.
interest not to disqualify, 612.
service of summons on, 133 ƒ.
juror may be, 380 ƒ.
examined on commission may also
be examined on the trial,
621 d.

coplaintiff or codefendant may
be examined as, 612.
examination of on commission,

conditionally, 622.
by consent, 625.

on motion, 628, 630 ƒ.

in supplementary proceedings,

on trial, 706, 378 e.

attorney not to be as to certain
matters, 613 i.

physician cannot be, in certain
cases, 613 h.

clergy cannot be, as to confession,
613 g.

metropolitan police, when cannot
be subpoenaed as, 614 b.
husband and wife as, 613 a.
in divorce cases, 748.

privilege from arrest, 278 a,
295 c.

service of summons on, 133 ƒ.
contradicting witness, 610 g.
punishing for refusing to testify,

examination of justice as, 63 e.
See Attesting witness, Perpetuating
testimony, Account-books.
Work and services, complaint for,
196 b.

Workman, lien of, 15 d.

Wrecks, jurisdiction of county court
as to, 30.

Writ of ne exeat, when it may issue,
280 c.

of injunction, abolished, 312.
of nuisance, abolished, 665.

of assistance, 733 o.

of error, abolished, in actions, 522,

when proper, 523 a.
of inquiry of damages.
sessment of damages.

See As-

Writings. See Admission, Discovery | Wrong, court not to be made instru-

or Inspection of, 601.

Written admission.

See Admission.

Written instrument, pleadings in ac-
tion on, 58, 162 d.

costs in action for construction of,

ment of, 21.

death after verdict, in action for,

Wrongful act. See Death by.

parties to action for, 97 h.
Wrongful dismissal, action for, 197 d.
levy. action for, 450 f.

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