The Law Times, Volume 58

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Office of The Law times, 1875 - Law

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Page 153 - Chancellor, or other person intrusted by virtue of the Queen's Sign Manual with the care and commitment of the custody of the persons and estates of lunatics...
Page 46 - England of the place where the defendant is residing; and it shall be lawful for the court or judge, upon being satisfied by affidavit that there is a cause of action, which arose within the jurisdiction, or in respect of the breach of a contract made within the jurisdiction...
Page 102 - If the plaintiff, being bound to deliver a statement of claim, does not deliver the same within the time allowed for that purpose, the defendant may, at the expiration of that time, apply to the Court or a judge to dismiss the action with costs, for want of prosecution; and on the hearing of such application the Court or judge may, if no statement of claim have been delivered, order the action to be dismissed accordingly, or may make such other order on such terms as to the Court or judge shall seem...
Page 119 - The Carriages in which Passengers shall be conveyed by such Train shall be provided with Seats, and shall be protected from the Weather, in a Manner satisfactory to the Lords of the said Committee: The Fare or Charge for each Third Class Passenger by such Train shall not exceed One Penny for each Mile travelled...
Page 152 - Kingdom, with this qualification, that he shall not, when within the limits of the foreign State of which he was a subject previously to obtaining his certificate of naturalization, be deemed to be a British subject unless he has ceased to be a subject of that State in pursuance of the laws thereof, or in pursuance of a treaty to that effect.
Page 139 - Due care" however undoubtedly means, having reference to the nature of the contract to carry, a high degree of care, and casts on carriers the duty of exercising all vigilance to see that whatever is required for the safe conveyance of their passengers is in fit and proper order.
Page 159 - And the doctrine is founded on good sense. For when one person, in managing his own affairs, causes, however innocently, damage to another, it is obviously only just that he should be the party to suffer.
Page 113 - ... poison his affections, pervert his sense of right, or prevent the exercise of his natural faculties — that no insane delusion shall influence his will in disposing of his property and bring about a disposal of it, which, if the mind had been sound, would not have been made.
Page 38 - ... voted at such election, there shall, on a scrutiny, be struck off from the number of votes appearing to have been given to such candidate one vote for every person who voted 1 at such election and is proved to have been so bribed, treated, or unduly influenced, or so retained or employed for reward as aforesaid.
Page 39 - All such property as may belong to or be vested in the bankrupt at the commencement of the bankruptcy, or may be acquired by or devolve on him before his discharge...

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