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C.---Schedule of claims presented to the commission by claimants against the respective governments, fc.-Continued.

212 John C. Ferris, ad School furniture, books, fences, house, 1862 and 1863 Athens, Ala.

minist'r of John &c., taken, used, and destroyed, and
Donohue Smith. loss of business, by Uuiterl States

213 Levi Phillips. Stock of goods, furniture, &c., taken, Feb. 17, 1863, Memphis, Tenn.

used, and destroyed, and damage to and 1864.
business and goods, by U:ited States

214 Eagen's Harvey et al. Molasses on schooner Pacifique, cap. Mar. 27, 1863 Off Florida coast.

tured by United States steamer
Stars and Stripes. No appeal to

Supreme Court.
215 Nazairo Lemieux Schooner Pacitique,captured by United Mar. 27, 1863 Off coast of Florida..

States Steaner Stars and Stripes.

No appeal to Supreme Court. 216 Benj. Whitworth et al Ship Boyne, waruel off the whole May 11, 1861 Off Savaunah, Ga.

southern coast by United States

steamship Niagara. 217 Samuel Simpson .... Illegal imprisonment by United States. Dec. 1, 1864 New Orleans, La $35, 873 97

Cotton burned by United States Army. Mar. 15, 1864 Alexandria, La. 44,304 77
218 Wilhelmina Birdsell. Mules, sugar, and furniture used and July 8, 1803 Jackson, Miss. 5, 000 00

destroyed by United States Army.
Boots, shoes, dry-goods, &c., used and Apr. - 1865 Selma, Ala

15, 000 00
destroyed by United States Ariny.
Damage for loss of business, health,&c.

11, 500 00
219 Joseph Leo... Cotton seized and destroyed by United Aug. - 1862 Cherokee, Ala

States Army.
220 William Cleary. Hay, corn, oats, mules, cows, hogs, Dec. 21, 1864 Savannah, Ga. 15, 038 50

poultry, furniture, &c., taken and

118ed by United States Army.
Injury to person by a United States , 1865

5, 000 00
221 Rosanna Hogan..... Two horses, 1 mule, 1 cow, 3 hogs, poul. Apr. 8, 1865 Macon, Ga

try, &c., taken and used by United

States Army. 222 Bridget Reardon... Rice, tlour, tobacco, sugar, United Dec. 22, 1864 Savannah, Ga.

States currency, &c., taken and used

by United States Army.
223 John D. Noble Lead mins and fixtures, store house, 1861, 1862, & Newton County, Mo.

sioek of goods, &c.; illegal impris. 1863.
onment, loss of business, &c., caused

by United States Army. 224 John Carew. Tobacco seizeil and used by United Apr. 3, 1865 Fredericksburgh, Va. 42, 150 50

States Army. megal imprisonment by United States Apr. 3, 1865 Fredericksburgh, Va. 20, 000 00

[blocks in formation]

James B. McElhoso Cotton scized and sold by Unitel | Apr. 17, 1865 | Charleston, S.C.

Statea, and interest on 311,050.70 to
cate of detree of Court of Claims;
nit proceeils received through Court

of Claims.
226 Josrpl W. Scott.. Saw-illan lumber takea by United Feb. 13, 1864 Jacksonville, Fla... 334, 850 00

State's Army,
Two llouses burned by United States Feb. 13, 1864

1, 500 00
Ilgalimprisonment by United States Nov. 19, 1864

200, 000 00
297 Charles Wright Hilul imprisonment by United States Dec. 7, 1863 Obion County, Tenn
Georre Symwers. Tobacco, cloth, coil, sugar, blankets, Feb. 17, 1865 Columbia, S. C.

dannel, whisky, wines, liquors, dry.

goovis, &e., burner by U.S. Army.

IIenry E. and Alfred Saw and grist millind tixtures, well Feb. 16, 1861 ('olumbus, Miss.

in anil 0111-boxes destroyed by
United States Army; bacon, sngar,
Coinneal dic., taken and used by

United States Army.
230 Jares B. Smith. Iloiset, munos, cattle, lioze, bacon, Sept. 11, 1861 Baldwin County, Ala 33, 575 00

moliser, Thirniture &c, taken, used,

and destroyal by U.S. Ariny.
Mules, cows, furniture, &c., taken, Mar. - 1865

8,078 00
usedanerestroyed by U. S. Army:
231 James Bain

For mortgage lieu on property burned Sept. -, 1862 Bolivar County, Miss

liv United States Army.
Charles Coleman; C'estern captured in the Sally Mageo June 27, 1861

At sea
claimant lied, and bi United States steamer Quaker
case was revived

in the name of L.
L L. Coleman, ad.

233 Henry F. Whito Illegal imprisonment by United States Jan. 1, 1862 Taylor County, Ky.. 5, 000 00
One borse and 25.000 pounds tobacco

3, 200 00
taken ud used by U.S. Army.
John Simpson. One hors, sachille and bridle, boots, -, 1961 Prince William Co.,
slues, cattle, hogs, anil corn, taken

al used by United States Ariny;
house and furniture burned by

l'uited States Army.
233 James T. Monroe.. Illegalimprisonment by United States; Aug. - 1864 New Orleans, La..

money, clothing, and goods taken
froin him by U. S. officers and steam.

aine and saw.mill, &c, lost.
236 David Jacobs Diamonds gold and silver watching, Feb. 17, 1865 Columbia and Cam.
United States currency, bank-bills.

den, S.C.
coiton, tobacco, liquers, general
Berchandise, Jonse and lotel furni
furt, &c., barneal and used by United

States Army.
237 Rich'd II. Thomp80u (oftontoh in and destroycel by United Mar. 1963 Issaquena County,
Si..s Army.


700 00 And $784 in. Disallowed Nov. 18, 1872.

30, 580 00 And interest. Disallowed Apr. 14, 1873.


[blocks in formation]

C.-Schedule of claims presented to the commission by claimants against the respective governments, &c.—Continued.


Name of claimant.

Character of claim.

How disposed of.

[blocks in formation]

Disallowed April 24, 1873.

238 Frederick A. Rolplı Illegal inprisonment by United States. Nov. 27, 1862 Jackson, Tenn
239 Anderson, Saxon & Coal taken by United States steamer Oct. -, 1863 Penguin Island.

240 Thomas Gabriel & Timber cut adrift, lost, or destroyed Betw. Apr. 9, Altohama River, Ga
by United States Army.

1863, & Apr.

9, 1865.
James Long

Tobacco seized snd burned by United Feb. -, 1865 Bristol, Tenn

States Army:
242 Alice Barton, execu Fish taken and used by United States Aug. 31, 1862 Alexandria, Va

trix, and Wm. Co Army.
gan, executor, of

Richard C. Barton.
213 Edwin Gerard, as Sir William Peel, captured by United Sept. –, 1863 At sea

signee of T. A. States steamer Seminole.
Corry, J. Laycock, For cargo
and A. aud S.

Henry & Co.
2011 : Edwin Gerard, as. Part of cargo of Dashing Wave, cap.
signee of certain tured by United States steamers

1863 Rio Grande River.
underwriters at Owitsco and Virginia.

2.15 Edwin Gerard, as. Briz Volant's cargo,captured by United Nov. - 1863 At sea

signee for the Uni. States steamer Virginia.
versal Marine In.
surance Company,
of London ; also of
the liquidators of
the English and
Scottish Marine
Insurance Com
pany, of London ;
also of certain
underwriters at
Lloyds; also attor.
ney in fact for the
British and For-
eign Marine In.
rance Company, of

246 William H. Slater... Wood, timber, frait-trees, cows, horse, Juno, 1862, to Jackson Tenn.

hogs, mules, &c., &c., taken, liscil, April, 1863. and destroyed by United States Army, and damage to store.

[blocks in formation]


2, 300 00

Award for $856 April 14, 1873.


43, 310 00

$21, 647 65 Award for $6, 480 June 13,



2, 132 00 And interest. Disallowed Sept. 16, 1873. 4, 500 00 And interest. Disallowed April 22, 1873.

[blocks in formation]

John Gale

Illegal imprisonment by United States. April 22, 1863 De Soto County, Miss $1,000 00 Two horses, taken and used by United

1, 300 00 States Army: Robert H. Watt, ad- Cattle, mules, horses, hogs, corn, mo 1862 and 1863 Warren County, Miss ministrator

of lasses, sugar, bacon, sheer, and cot. Hugh Watt.

ton taken and used by United States

Sarah Watts.......

Farnitiire, &c., burned by Unitod Feb. 17, 1865 Columbia and Cam.
States Army.

den, S. C.
Alau K. McMillan.. Dwelling and workshop, stock and Feb. 15, 1864 Enterprise, Miss..

material, burned by United States

Elizab'h Armstrong, Horses, cattle, four, furniture, mer 1861, 1862, and Creek Agency, Creek
administratrix of chandise, &c., taken, used, and de-


Robert Armstrong. stroyed, and store-honse and ware-

house burned by United States

James Leslie. Stock of goods (queensware and gen- May -, 1863 Jackson, Miss.. 10, 000 00

eral grocery) taken and used by

United States Army.
Stock of goods (dry goods, groceries, Feb. 7, 1864 Brandon, Miss 10, 000 00
&c.) and dwelling-house, birued by

United States Army.
Colin J. Nicolson Illegal imprisonment by United States. Sept. 15, 1864 New Orleans, La.... 500,000 00
Losy on vouchers

3, 128 81

57, 022 45

Award for 1, 660 Aug. 12,



[ocr errors][merged small][merged small]


[blocks in formation]

- 1864

500, 000 00

Disallowed Jan. 20, 1873.

254 William Gimson. Dwelling-house, corn, fodder, one Feb. 19, 1863 Crittenden County, horse, furniture, flour, groceries, &c.,

Ark, taken, used, and destroyed byUnited

States Army.
255 Susan B. Jackson, Illegal imprisonment and banishment Sept. –, 1863 Knoxville, Tenn

widow of John of her husband and self, &c., by

United States.
236 Archibald Montgom. Cotton taken and sold by United

Buffalo Bayou, La.

States. Claim was on docket of

Court of Claims.
257 William B. Poynton. Match factory and fixtures and stock

Atlanta, Ga.
burned by United States Army.
Match factory, fixtures, and stock

Decatur, Ga.
burned, and horses, &c., taken by

United States Army.
258 Geo. M. Bretherick. Saw and grist mill, and machinery, Nov. 9, 1863 Lauderdale County,
cotton, horses, mules, corn, bacon,

sleep, cattle, &c., iaken, used, and

destroyed by United States Army.
259 Samuel Miller Cottou burned by United States Army. Dec. 10, 1862 Colbert County, Ala

One mulo, pork, beer, corn, and wheat, Nov. 17, 1864

taken and used by Cuited States Arnıy.

[blocks in formation]

C.--Schedul: of claims presented to the commission by claimants against the respective gorernments, 8c.--Continued.

No. Name of claimant.

260 James A. Macauley . Cotton burned on board steamship June - 1862 At sea

Blanche by United States steamship

261 Benjamin J. Breth- Corn, wheat, and pork taken and Dec. 30, 1864 Lauderdale County,
11sed by United States Army.

262 Arthur C. and Fran. Illegal imprisonment of self and wife Apr. — 1863 Prince William $4,000 00
ces Evans.
by United States.

County, Va.
Horses, merchandise, clothing, &c.,

1,558 50
taken and used by United States

263 Joseph B. Heycock, Loss by capture and detention of Sept. 13, 1961 Ofr Hatteras Inlet

administrator of schooner Argonaut by United States
John Spinney. steamer Snsquehanna. No appeal

to Supreme Court.
264 Frederick W. Rug. Damage to cargo of schooner Argo Sept. 13, 1861 Of Hatteras Inlet.

nant captured by United States
steamer Susquehanna. No appeal

to Supreme Court. 265 Henry A. Moody, ad. Cotton, flour, hogs, goats, poultry, fod. 1863, 1864, Mississippi and Ala

ministrator of der, &c., taken, used, and destroyed and 1865. bama.

Henry Moody. by United States Army.
266 John A. Thurber. Use of and damage to dwelling, two Sept. — 1862 Algiers, La..

cows, vegetables, lumber, &c., taken

and used by United States Army.
267 Thomas Hebdon .... Briek-machine destroyed by United 1861 and 1862 Warrensburgh, Mo.

States Army; one mule, hay, corn,
and hogs, taken and used by United

States Army.
268 Charles Sabourin, Cotton burned by United States Army. Apr. — 1864 Natchitoches, La.. 76,144 45
Claimant died, and Horses, surgical instruments, medi-

2,000 00
case was revived cines, and drugs, taken and used by
in the name of United States Army.
Jane Sabourin, ad-

269 George Wigg Schooner Isabel and cargo of cotton Sept. —, 1862 At sea

seized by United States steamer J.

L. Davis and sold by United States.
270 Sband, Higson & Steamship Pearl, seized by United Jan. –, 1863 At sea

States steamer Tioga and sold by

United States. 271 Geo. Wigg & Sam. Steamer Virgin, seized by the confed. After April Mobile, Ala. uel Isaac.

erate authorities, and afterward 9, 1865. captured by the United States.

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