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tual.--Finally, it may be said, that no neglect which all the friends of true liberforeign nation ought to interfere in this ty in Spain have experienced from the business, because no one has a riglit to Kings of Europe, attempt to establish a iuieriere in the internal concerns of ano democracy in their own country, which wer, and because the Coricz were il may throw all Europe into a convulsion, abiected towards the English Nation.-- more tatal than even the French RevoluAs to the first part, to say nothing about lion. Persecution has never failed to prothe morality of such a maxim, which sup- duce sectaries both in politics and religi. pozes that a man ought not to do good | on, and it would be singular if it should when he has it in his power, I say, that not in Spain.-Lastly, it remains to enfor the other governments of Europe to quire if England ought tranquilly to beLave acknowledged Ferdinand, contrary hold the patriots of Spain abandoned to 10 that u bich was resolved by the repre- the violence of a party in which power, sentatives of the Spanish Nation, was to vengeance, despotism and superstition are interfere in the internal concerns of Spain: united. Knowing that her own indepenand to have done so for a bad purpose, is dence as well as that of all Europe was directiy contrary to the doctrine they involved in it, bas not England espoused, wish to 10 what respects promoted and supported their cause as her the second part of the objection, I will own? and can she now be indifferent to maintain that such rumours are spread those very men who are buried in loathby persons interested in disguising their some prisons, or without a country and own conduct; tiiat the coinmand bestow- without subsistence, are fugitives and ed on Lord Itellington by the Cortez, exiles in foreign countries? Wbat a ternot only of the Spanish riany which as- rible example should she give to postesizled his operations, but also of the other rity if she abandoned their cause ? Should Spanish tivous, without bis ceasing to a new conqueror threaten the repose and be the General of a foreigti aroy, which liberty of Europe, who will darè to resist placed him in the situatici of not being liim, considering the fate of those Spanish subject to be called to account for any patriots now persecuted more cruelly breach of his trust, is a proof of an unli than even by the enemy whom they opJuiled contidence in the English Nation, posed ;-persecuted, I say, by that man almost without example. Ilumours, such whose throne they preserved and fixed as those I have aliuded to, unsupported on the surest basis, aud abandoned by by facts, are base and contempuble- all other nations and kings, to maintain 1s England politically interested in the whose independence they so powerfully freedom of Spain ! So much am I convinc- and generously contributed? Ought ed that she is, what I think I should msult Englishmen to be contented merely at the common

sense of my readers, if I their being liberated from their prisops thought there was one of them not con- and restored to their families ? Should vinced of it. Tyralids, rogues or fools can they obtain no more than that, they might alone doubt of the results from the bles-reply: This measure, without being sings of liberty. Spain enslaved muu be useful to ourselves, is an injury to the a province of France, the eternal riyal “ cause for which we have fallen the vicof Eugland from natural and local situa-" tims. We can neither be happy nor tion. It lies been the wise po icy of all “ safe without a constitution; without her kings to maintain the independence " it we can have no country. of these two Nations, and their conse- " can be sure of his personal safety withquent equilibrium : and how can these be “out a national representation, without preserved now that France, with a much “ the free exercise of the rights of man, nore numerous populations; enjoying a “much less in a country with such a. free constitution, will as rapidly advance" terrible tribunal as that of the Inquiin prosperity as Spain, under the iron “sition. We value not a life spent in inyoke of despotisin, must rapidly decline ? " famous servitude, and to shed our blood sind even should I be mistaken in this “ for our comtry may perhaps one day suppositiou, who can venture to say that,“ produce the fruit of liberty; for the considering the enlightened age in whicii "greater the niiseries which civilized we live, Spain will not experience a reac- "mations sutier, the more near is the petion, and should that happen, may not

riod of their remedy." its leading men, in resentment for the February 21, 1815.

No man


whole of the new arrangement would be

carried into effect and a surplus remain. Mr. COBBETT.-By the Times News- Will you believe it, Mr, c. that it is sepaper, I perceive that a Bill has been riously intended by the jobbers, to petibrought into Parliament, anri read a first tion Parliament that, as a remuneratius time, for the erection of a New Post Of- to the City for the 100,0001, which they fice. The estimates of this measure, as laid generously mean to advance from the before the House, exceed 900,0001; orphan's fund a new port duty of one 800,000!, of which is 10 be paid, it ap- shilling per chaktron may be imposed pears, by the public, and tie remaining upon all cvals diereafter eniering the pore 100,000i. to be advanced by the City out of London !!! Thus laxing all Westininof the orphan's fund. This is certainly sier and its environs, the whole Porough a very extraordinary moment for the of Southwark; in short the vidole popuguardians of the public purse to be called lation of the Dils of Moriality for a upon to vote so large a sum for any pur- purpose in wiich the City is alone pose not absolutely necessary : and that interested! Coals are already most griethis is not so, a variety of circumstances viously taxed. The Rich vond je bo`zlitend to absolutely prove.-Among others, nishes the people suficientive: let us at I wish to mention to you two plans both have a city job also to oppress us. of which are utterly unobjectionable.-- the proprietors of the houses in St. The first is the removal of the post of Martins-le-grand, and those jobber's, who fice to Somerset-house, which, from its for the last 4 months hare purchased so. locality and central situation, relatively largely there, are to be repaid byty-foil. to every part of the metropolis, holds out to the job for como serrices, ai cast let infinite advantages, and where the area not the poor people of the nuetropolis, of the Building would admit of the Mail suffer for this vile purpose, bx the Coacbes being drawn up to receive the imposition of a tax on an article of the mails, and from which they could drive first necessiiy, and of siliich, in bilier out in succession, with the utmost regu- winters, when the worst of it is most larity and convenience:--The second severely felt, they are hariy obke to plan is one 10 which even the city peo- obtaiu sutlicient to keen rip the circulia ple couisi make no objection, and litebs, lation of the blood in their starving and 1. am informed from wquestionable au- shiveriug carcases. thority, appeared su feasible, that it

Pi!IC-CIVIS. would have been deciled on, had not the fathers and founders of the St. Mar

LEGION OF Ilonour. tins-le-grand Jul, continued to find some picans of pruring 10 government MR. COLBET".--Yourcorrespondent, that their proposals were the best.- Pliilo Civis, has misconceived me: I certThe plan to which I zilude, as one by ,tainly did not astept to deny, that the which the present Cacise Once was to New Legion of Luncur woristivave leen have been removed to the spot where disgrzed, had the person alluded to been the Nex Custom House is now building, acimitted into the Ordes; but I stated, and which was to have been rendered lint no such intention crer erishill. I saliciently capacious and there is at have positive au bority for the assertion, ple room) to accommodate both depart- and you may place implicit redance on meats, by which most material advan-it. Philo Civís has gone into a long des tages would have been given to eacli, tail of the Temporary Bank Major Genewhile the Building now occupied as the ral's comforts at (porckor Barracks; of Excise tice possesses every requisite for his hay, straw, corn, coals, and caxies; à Post Othcę. There is abundant space and of bis receiving them in London, in for the internal business of the office, one of the waggons of his cerps. I do und the expense of altering ille present not donit ibis ; nor that his servants in building would be a mere trifle.--Indeed the pretiy pink liveries are madeners, the public wouid gain by the removal; and also paid liy the publie as smeli. for ly the calculation submitted to liet But I rery much loubt whether Parlia Minister's it is proved, that taking into ment have a right to interfere in such the account the sum which would arise matters. It has been the invariable cusfrom the sale of the present PostOflice the tom for the Commander iu Clief, iu



possess the prerogative of recommending COMMERCE AND NO CORN BILL. in the Government what corps are to be

Sir,- There are

many writers who reduced, and what retained in the ser would wish to make the projected Cora vice; and if Major General Hamilton Bill a National Benefit, in order to enand the Royal Waggon Train are consi- hance or keep up the high prices of every dered of sufficient use to justify their thing. That it may be so, it is not my nnt being reduced, the Commander in intention to dispute. The simple ques. Chief has the power to do so. Whatever

tion is, whether England be, or be not, faults the Duke of York inay possess, greatly depending on foreign markets as want of generosity is certainly not among a mercantile nation? We are led to be. them; and if his liberal and open mind lieve, from the tenor of Mr. Vansittart's has been imposed upon, it can only be

speech, that we are. When he was about said that it is much to be lamented.

raising money at the expence of the too However, as far as his Royal Highness is credulous mechanic, &c. &c. he said, that concerned, there is not one of the per- all countries were open and ready to sons recommended by him for the deco- receive our manufactures. If it be so, ration of the new order, but is certainly it requires no stronger argument than an honour anıl an ornament to it. If merely putting the same, or a similar quesMr. Whitbread brings the Royal Waggon tion, over again. If yod pay dear for Train before Parliament, certainly he bread (which appears to many an advanwill expose a job of the rankest sort; for tage, because it affords the mechanic, &c. from its first establishment to the pre- high wages,) can you supply your foreign sent time, it never deserved any other customers eheap? or will they buy dear? The pretty pink liveries are the

The argument

itself :--Dear least consideration. It is tlie enormous Bread, high prices ; Cheap Bread, low expense with which the public has been prices. -Allowing that we are not dependso long burthened by this job, that loud-ing on foreign nations for bread, we unly calls for investigation. No subject questionably are depending on them for exists, in the whole range of public money as the price of our manufactures; abuses, more deserving the attention of and if they will not lay out their money Parliament, aud it is to be hoped, Mr. with us, low can we get dear or cheap Whitbread, if he has it in view, will not bread, and supply Mr. Vansittart with lose sight of it.-_Whether the word taxes? If Corn Bills, and such like logic,

Temporary" means “ Permanent,” the are to prevail, away goes foreign trade, ensuing army estinates will shew ; for which is, in my humble opinion, our nano doubt can exist, but that the Tempo- tional sur : and which certainly must rary Rank Alojor General Waggon experience a lamentable decline, when Master General must speedily disappear. we consider the substitutes or improveIt is indeed a serious consideration, that ments that the different nations have he has been so long allowed to “ fatten” made in their own manufactures, Within on the public purse. That he has so the last twenty years they have verified done is evil enough; but I am again de the old adage : -Necessity being the mosirous, Sir, to impress on your mind, that ther of invention, they have improved and it never was intended to include him

manufactured many

articles which are among the new Knights of the Legion of

now superior to ours; therefore I contend, Honour, which Order, absurd, as it is, it that it would be politic to damp tbis spirit could never have been intended to render of improvement, by exporting cheap, and so perfectly ridiculous. Lord Cochrane securing a certain trade with less protit, is certainly fortunate in getting out of it. than an uncertain trade with great profit, His escuicheon would be but ill associ- which must ultimately involve our Manuated with those of many of its new mem- facturers in ruin and national misery,—The bers; and the Noble Lord may rest as- former being most likely to secure suured, that there is no honest man in the national pride, and commercial prospeUnited Kingdom who does not think bim rity, I do earnestly contend, if our rulers honoured by all the attempts at degra- would have England to flourish, we must dation which have been so unfeelingly have Commerce and no Corn Bill. and so unmercifully heaped upon him.

A CONSTANT READER, I am your sincere admirer, Horse Guards, Mar. 1, 1916. P. C. Feb. 28th, 1815.


A PLAIN PICTURE OF THE CORN not by them he reimbursed for their Laws.

proportion of the public expense. They

therefore, sent to the neighbouring comMr. COBBETT.-Suppose a commu

imwities their surplus articles, who, oa nity of 15 persons withi their families, account of their excellence, and being servants, and labourers, as follows :- cheaper than they could get them made

among themselves, were not only glad 1 bricklayer 1 shoemaker

to receive the!, but are such articles I clothier 1 taylor

in exchange as sold at a price, in their I smith 1 baker

on community, which enabled them to 1 cutler 1 weaver

pay their proportion to the public ex

penditure, and to add something con1 currier 1 surgeon

siderable to their own stock. 1 farmer 1 :ictualler

The managers, the lasi:--)taer auld 1 attorney

1 land-owner the attorney, got the community to 1 carpenter and cabinet maker builla wall around them. This Hallenst

300). which was paid Viz bricklayer after This community subsisted by each, borrowing that sem, at i per cent. in their line, furnishing to the wants of from the cabinet maker and cutler, bethe others, at a rate of prices regulated cause the society had an tangible money by the value of a quartern loaf, which of their os?). The annual interesi ofluis, was at out. The lanci-owner let land being 151. was proportioned as formerly in to the farmer, who agreed to give bim addition to the previous annual expense, such a rent as would leave liim a fair viz. two fifths of it, or Gl. epide la!?! profit, afer selling bis produce in the owner, and three iftlis, or 51. xa the vietnaller and baker at such a price as 14 members of the community. --' his would evalle tliem (with a reasonable new adultition to the pillie ersee, pratit' to themselves,) to sell the quar- every one eucarcured 10 reimburse line tern loaf al 6d.-- like menner, ali the selt fer, ly laying it on ile arisies lie other members of the community fur- manntaciarel; 250i, coll the same principe, Bished to one another their respective the landowner pompesedd to lay bos prese ticles as wanted, at prices which were portion on the lani. Na : aid the former, salivays: deternineid by the wisdits and I cannot give you ihis atale!t, supplies; and regulated by a reierende for, if I !!!, mist raise the price of m to 6:l, the volue of tlie guariera icaf. com, which will laye ile ettes !o drive

The rod-owncrand siloiney nanaged alt our reig!ıbeurs in the neighiouring the public concerns of the society, which communities for a supply; because they post' arually 51.-)! laying iliis sun ron't give me a light price iibcy coin .pon llie whole, tvo fifthis sof it was put get corn at ile f merits. To this the upon the land-owner, lecaile lor was lanciere replier-tlie attorney 2!!! wil rich, and lived upon his reals, wiiheit get a law panser! to shout the ait, so as Peing ergced in productive labeur. ljni ict in ania in äi a lower price The other three difuis was laid pe! theltiden vol can sell it at wiibi niy Oil. laist It remaining members of the coinMill; it. The farmer acousecil

, though nity, who each of them, in course, wat some sorup!cs, aut in this inter Pod as much upon the article which the maiter was cotiled.-The loop rose to lie produced to liis neighbours as reim- 9. hy whickrike imecris share of the bugsmooth him for the proportion which liional expense vois kissed omong he paid of the pullie burdens. This all ihe community willed the c!!!!? ; 51. being an addition 10 tie publie, he was this reieseri of it entirely, Cvet expense, was raised by adding some- as much of ila's attached to the propers , thing to the former price of every article; fion of corn web le bumself contunel. which was paid by linn nto liäe it. -- It is mos eviticut, that, lig ibis 330:1. fioni bis sterli, and by him who had 10 sledil, aon the management by which stock, by giving more labour, or work die mayment of the interest of it was tlair he did I tore: Biri the cutler distributed ariong the whole, every indiand cabinet-maker inade aluay's more viduel trasport 1an aciditional cypense. of their respective articles than their course be put it upon his wicies tiglabu's had oscazioni fer, and couli land he that could not lay it upit.

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was obliged to work it out by addition- f and bread fall to 61. the farmer would al labour, if perchance he could get set no sale for his produce. Tie land. employment ; in consequence of which oner reasoned thas: --- If foreign grain that labour, and every thing eise lied by should lię allowed to conie in so low, the individuals, cost the community ai my tenent noult!, cre long, be ruined, least 151. a year more than the diabetes and my share of the interest won the

The community was at lasi induced to 'priblic dehst, which to amounts to go towar with a neighbouring community. 9901. - will come mou me, and my They fought and destroyed one santher great enima rent, whicli was more than for a long time, till they were alunosi suiticieni to meet it, will be entirely unable to go (a figling, which led gone.'-lle ihon sars in the attory; them to agree to drop it. The managers thi, will neverido; e ist nke a kw of the community in question, boasted pirohibiting forma grain coming a 90.13 of their unrivalled glors, and he mighty 15 til our Olii is a: 893. a quarter, things they had rione; but ile piczno which will l.cep?the lo:falszys at 16. attention to this baieriai Cits erence to 184.ind this will :( efectually probetween lliein and their o?"pr'atuts lect yrirner, illhe can pay a very during the conflict-ibat the memyHig!: roní, zm, in this maner, my prewas throwing off' a great load of sleli, portion of the tunes will be distrivnica withi wlich they had been previously üinong the whole community, exceptilie incumbered, while 11:ey, on the other smali's portion which altaobe, to the hand, vere every duracing in der's, 1:11 Octome,' -'The attemey opwhich had already bien con la is sy, aniré prosti, anni siis, that there is bother had actually amolinieil to cool. --in at livancial reasonsor kooping ille price at dition to the former coll. äid ile dirt 843.35 Piially mentioopit -rik. annual expence of 51.

the ind is of corona muista tuh a low The grand question camello io le price, ivent! 1:"1"keine vaker overy 1:ow is the 301. The interesi sé ?!» 01. orice, auctas tie silny rej! to pay to be raised the 2 Tier 13s, in the ihe cabinei raker:100 tablier the interest

manner as forneily-idig flids, ( of'iler 9944. i generally rzi.cort by a per or 121. on the larici-owner, three | (ellege, if all our articles will ia price, fifths, or 18!. on the sumbers of the int per contre lililouarzo, community. Each again entica vrline adis viiil lor insuiticient to your to lay it on his articles, but found this standartus") 21:el evenee cj 51.--adultioral, rice drove away his !!!>80417- art the interest of t14 90l, of ers, alid diminished the usual renaisel. publie arbi. They there one gorce it is for Tlie land-owner, however, had lxkD110-seine advantage stilliripiene vi finance, fortunate; for, on öciunut otheca (1111- as well as the finisher, that stain, cuity there was in the way, demosthesionki be prohibited in coming into war, of any grain coniug in cola. Eriliun the (13002000s, their own prices ere with Wiat libich his fanser ponticel, 298.5. pier quarter, or Welcaíalıove lod. le 130 nearly rivulled his leis; and upon. This conceive be a plain alihough he tools ruines the priem:ad ovvious vies the chie, trocan, I loai to the viole ramunnallt in 1830. admit, not a (0:e one. But it is lie thereby received mich more than suficient to sucesi 10 every comiterale,

requisie 10 his prepos- und ! is 2.9UTY--Since it is admisieid tion of uie interest of the increased the galler risi ai in campot täiell wih cicbi. But, after the

peace, their acivante, aleas he is priecled against former chanies of the dieighbourido foreign ? (amint id maker 87. communiiy rere able to, and did really, quarier, 2017 ternes i that a British juin sened into them grain at such a low price mer, vilin is allowed to have more capias would bring the quasiera bat 10 od. tal, more inedisins', and more science then instead of it at which it had een kept foreiga dimeri, conut produce coral ever since the land-owner had raise ti hisapan equally cheap terms. It by has not redi.-The farmer inuediater told the the legislature make this inquiry? Unud land-owner, that le must be roiected. this is a certainer, no erectual cure can The lavd-owner consulted the a!lowey, be applied to the existing eri!, which is and bey saw at once, that if the neigh- so much complained of. kuuris gruix was allowed to come iu,

G. M.

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