Sessional Papers, Volume 23; Volume 26

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Page 115 - No religious catechism or religious formulary which is distinctive of any particular denomination shall be taught in the school.
Page 115 - ... (1.) It shall not be required, as a condition of any child being admitted into or continuing in the school, that he shall attend or abstain from attending any Sunday school, or any place of religious worship, or that he shall attend any religious observance or any instruction in religious subjects in the school or elsewhere...
Page 8 - Board may order the patentee to grant licenses on such terms as to the amount of royalties, security for payment, or otherwise, as the Board, having regard to the nature of the invention and the circumstances of the case, may deem just, and any such order may be enforced by mandamus.
Page 117 - technical instruction" shall mean instruction in the principles of science and art applicable to industries, and in the application of special branches of science and art to specific industries or employments.
Page 120 - ... provided by Order in Council : Provided that the register so formed shall contain the names of the registered teachers arranged in alphabetical order, with an entry in. respect...
Page 119 - The Board of Education may by their officers, or, after taking the advice of the Consultative Committee hereinafter mentioned, by any University or other organisation, inspect any school supplying secondary education and desiring to be so inspected, for the purpose of ascertaining the character of the teaching in the school and the nature of the provisions made for the teaching and health of the scholars, and may so inspect the school on such terms as may be fixed by the Board of Education with Ihe...
Page 119 - Agriculture in matters appearing to Her Majesty to relate to education, and the Order may make such provision as appears necessary for applying to the exercise of those powers by the Board of Education the enactments relating to the Charity Commissioners or to the Board of Agriculture.
Page 23 - Comptroller, and may make an order determining whether, and subject to what conditions (if any), the application shall be accepted. (4) The Comptroller shall, when an application has been accepted, give notice thereof to the applicant. (5) If, after an application...
Page 100 - All things required or authorised under this Act to be done by, to, or before the Board of Trade, may be done by, to, or before the President or a secretary or an assistant secretary of the Board.
Page 116 - The amount of the rate to be raised in any one year by a local authority for the purposes of this Act shall not exceed the sum of one penny in the pound.

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