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SCIENCE ATTENDANCES. Rules for claiming Attendance Grants and for payments on results.

The claims for attendance grants and for payments on results must each be signed by the Secretary or Chairman and at least two other Managers at a meeting held specially to examine and certify the same. In the case of an organisation recognised under $ VII. the signature of the Secretary alone may be accepted. All certificates and claims should be sent to the Board before the 31st October, and, if they are not received before the following 31st March, the right to payment may be treated as having lapsed.

The attendance registers must be sent to the Board in support of each claim.

The record of the Students joining the school ( XV.) need only be sent when asked for

The form of claim on account of attendances at instruction in Subjects of Science which was in use in the Session 1900–1901 is subjoined. It will be revised for the Session 1901-1902.


THAN 31st OCTOBER, 1901.
Any omission or inaccuracy will involve delay in payment

of the Grant.

Form 51.

Attendance Grant.



Session 1900-01.
(Liable to revision.)

School Number.

Name of School or Institution.


Name of town or village.

(In Day Classes only....... Number of Individual Students In Evening Classes only.

of the above School under in- In Day and Evening Classes...
struction in Science during the
session 1900–1901.


(At Day Examinations only Number of Individual Students At Evening Examinations only

of the above School examined At Day and Evening Examin-
in Science in April, May, or aticns
June 1901.



On behalf of the Managers of this School we certify that :

(i.) The following Teacher(s), viz.

IInsert names of Teachers.

(a.) Have been recognised by the Board of Education as qualified in

the subjects they have taught.

(6.) Have given to the class during the past session at least 28 registered

lessons in each subject or stage of a subject for which payment
is claimed.



(ii.) Each of the attendances certified herein-(a) represents at least one hour's instruction, or (if special sanction has been obtained under the Directory § XIV6.) at least 40 minutes' instruction, or, in Practical

Except such subjects, at least one and a half hour's instruction, () has been made attendances as during the session 1 at a class or classes supervised by the Managers, and are brought (c) has been duly registered.

wlth & XVI. of (iii.) Each student named in this certificate has made at least 14 the Directory, attendances in each subject in which his attendances are certified.

(iv.) (a) No student included herein for day attendances is on the register for day attendance under the Board of Education, Whitehall () no student included herein for a grant in any subject has received instruction in the same subject during the session in an Evening Continuation School ; (c) no student included herein is on the register of a School of Science for the same session ; (d) no student included herein is a scholar in a Higher Elemolentary Scho; (e)no male students who are, or have been, Pupil Teachers or Assistant Teachers in a Public Elementary School under the Board of Education, or who have been trained as Teachers at the public expense, i.e., in a State-aided Training College, have been registered as students of a class in Stage 1 of Mathematics; and (1) no student who is recognised by the Board of Education, South Kensington, as qualified to teach a subject has been included herein for a grant for attendance at instruction in that subject.

v. (a) No student whose attendances in the Elementary Stage of a subject are certified herein has been already paid upon for more than one year in that stage, or has previously obtained a first class in the Elenientary Stage or obtained a success in the Advanced Stage or Honours of the same subject; (6) no student certified for attendances in Section 1 of the Elementary Staye of Subject XXIII. has previously been paid upon in that section, or has during the session been registered for attendance grants in Subjects VI.a, VI.b, VIII., IX., X., or XXIII., or has previously obtained a success in any one of those subjects ; and (c) no student certified for attendances in Section 1 of the Elementary Stage of Subject XV. has previously been paid upon in that section, or has during the session been registered for attendance grants in Subjects XIV., XV., XVI., or XVII., or has previously obtained a success in any one of those subjects.

(vi.) Each student whose attendances in the Advanced Stage of a subject are certified herein has made 20 attendances in a previous year, in the Elementary Stage of the same subject, or has obtained a success at the Board's examination in the Elementary Stage of that subject (or has passed an examination which has been recognised by the Board as its equivalent, or has been specially exempted by the Inspector), or has passed through the Elementary course in a School of Science, and no such student ha.. been already paid upon for more than one year in the Advanced Stage, or has previously obtained either a first class in the Advanced Stage or a success in Honours in the subject or subjects in which his attendances are certified herein.

(vii.) (a) No student certified herein for attendance in Science Subject I. is also certified on Form 405 for attendances in Subject I.a, Geometrical Drawing (Art), and b) no attendance certified herein in Subjects I., II., III., and IV., was made at a lesson any part of which was occupied in the preparation of “Works” for payment under $$ XXXIII. and XLV. of the Directory.

(viii.) Each student, for whose attendance payments at the special rate for practical work in any subject are claimed herein, has received theoretical instruction in the same or a higher stage of that subject.

(ix.). The claim is, in all other respects, strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Science and Art Directory.

Examined and Certified at a meeting of the Managers held for that purpose on the

day of

1901. Autograph Signatures

of three Managers of the School present at the Meeting.

Autograph Signature of Secretary

to Clause VII. Organisation.

|| To be left blank if the Managers are not acting in unison with an Organisation recognised under Clause VII. of the Directory.



If any claim is made for payments in subjects No. XVIII. (Principles of Mining), XX. (Navigation), XXI. (Nautical Astronomy), or XXIV. (Principles of Agriculture), it will be necessary, in accordance with the requirements of the Directory, to fill up the certificate hereto appended.

In the absence of such certificate the claim in respect of any of these subjects cannot be considered. We, on behalf of the Managers of School No.

hereby certify that the students claimed on in Subject XVIII., XX., XXI., or XXIV., are, or are going to be, employed in a trade or industry to which the subject applies, or are going to be teachers of the subject.

[Erase numbe of subjects which do not apply.

Autograph Signatures

of three approved Managers.

The entries for Day and Evening classes must be kept separate.
The names of the students must be arranged alphabetically.

A separate line should be used for each student, and the attendances made by him in each subject must be entered opposite his name in the column allocated to that subject.

In an Evening class, not more than 60 attendances in any one subject of Science may be counted during one session on behalf of a student, nor more than 120 attendances altogether. In a Day class these numbers are 120 and 240 respectively. The total of the attendances claimed on for each student should be entered opposite his name in the last column.

Grants for attendance may not be claimed on account of the same student in any one year in more than two subjects, other than Subject I. (Practical Plane and Solid Geometry), and Subject V. (Mathematics)-See Š XLIIIe. of the Directory.

In Science Schools where only Day classes are held, the Certificate on page 1 of this Form should be duly filled up, and the entries of attendances claimed upon should be made on the fly sheets headed “ Day classes only."

The total attendances in each subject on each page should be carried forward to a summary of totals at the end of the claim.

N.B.- Before sending in this form a record should be kept of any particulars which are likely to be required by the Managers, as, after the Grant has beer paid, the claim is treated as a voucher and cannot be returned.

[blocks in formation]

State Subjects* in which attendances have been registered for grants in

accordance with the conditions of the Directory, and number of attendances registered in the Ely, or Advd. stage of each. A separate column must be allocated to each Subject for which a grant is sought. (* The number of the Subject-1., II., III., &c.—as shown in Directory will


[blocks in formation]



Sub. V.


Sub. Sub. Practical Subjects To al No Mathematics.

of attendSub. Sub.

St. Stages All other
I. 11.& IV. Stages.
Ely. Adv Ely Adv Ely Adv Ely Adv Ely Adv

Ely Adv


[blocks in formation]

Carried forward

The form of claim which is used in the case of a School of Science is
No, 516.

The form of claim which is used for payments on results of Examina-
tions in Honours is No. 51c.
The form for certificates of attendances (Art) is No. 405.

The form of claim for payments, on account of works, on results of Art
Examinations, &c., is No. 550.

When the oard is satisfied that, by reason of a notice of the Sanitary
Authority of the district in which a School or Class is situated, or any two
members thereof acting on the advice of the Medical Officer of Health,
requiring the Managers for a specified time, with the view to preventing the
spread of disease, or any danger to health likely to arise from the condition
of the school, either to close the school or to exclude any students from
attendance, or by reason of any provision of an Act of Parliament, or by
reason of the exclusion under medical advice of children from infected
houses, the attendance has been seriously diminished, and that conse-
quently a loss of grant would but for this paragraph be incurred, the
Board has power to make a special grant to the Managers in respect of
students excluded from attendance by the closing of the school or other-
wise as above, such grant not to exceed that which would be payable on
the average registered attendance of the school. The provisions of this
paragraph are applicable to a School of Science.

KING'S PRIZES. Applications for King's prizes awarded for success at the Fcience Examinations must be made on Form 161, and a certificate given y the Managers on behalf of the School that of the students for whom prizes are claimed : 1. Each is a registered student in the School under their supervision,

and has earned an attendance Grant for the session in each

subject on account of success in which a prize is claimed ; 2. None has previously obtained a prize, or a similar or a higher

success, in the same subject as that in which a claim is now made.

N.B.-No student can receive a prize for any subject except in mathematics,

unless he or she has previously passed in the Elementary Stage of the same subject. 3. None is a teacher who is earning or has earned payments on account

of instruction under the Board of Education, South Kensington ; 4. None is or has been a student of the Queen's Colleges in Ireland,

of the Royal College of Science, London or Dublin, of the Royal Dockyard Schools, or of any other institution receiving State aid for instruction in those subjects which are taught as a portion of

the regular course in such institution ; and The Managers must also undertake to make arrangements for obtaining the books or instruments to be awarded as King's Prizes to the students of the above-named School, and to procure books or instruments for the students to the value of at least £2 for each prize.


(a.) The gold medals awarded under Ş XLVIII. are usually given in the following subjects : (1.) One for a drawing from the nude living model, without a background.

The drawing must not be less than 24 inches high, on an imperial

sheet of paper. (Subject 8c.) (2.) One for a similar drawing from a single antique statue. (Subject 86%) (3.) One for a figure modelled and cast in plaster, to be about 30 inches

high, from a full size single antique statue. (Subject 1969) (4.) One for a figure modelled and cast in plaster, to be about 30 inches

high, from the nude living model. (Subject 19e.) (3.) One for a drawn or painted study, about 30 inches high, of drapery

arranged on a living model, statue, or lay figure. (6.) One for a painting of head or nude figure from nature, which must

fairly fill a sheet, canvas, or panel 30 inches by 24 inches. (Subject 176

and 17c.) (7.) One for a painting, about 30 inches high, from a single antique

statue. (Subject 16a.); and (8.) One gold medal for each separate kind of design i.e., designs for

Weaving, for Embroidery, for Tiles, for Mosaics, for Iron Work, for Goldsmiths' Work, for Wall Papers, for Printed Textiles, for Architectural Work, for Decorative Work, Ornamental Studies, and for

Modelled Designs of various kinds, &c. (6.) No student will be eligible to receive a gold medal unless he has previously obtained at the personal examinations held in May or obtains in the current or next year a 1st Class in the Advanced Stage of the same or analogous subject as that of his work entered for National Competition. Corresponding success

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