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King's prizes.


in the Advanced Stage or in
Honours of three of the com-
petitive subjects of one of the
Groups (A., B., C., D., E.) in
which subjects are arranged
for the National Scholarship
Competition (see p. 36). The
whole course of instruction
must, except in special cases,
be taken in one recognised

XLVII. A small number of King's prizes of books,
instruments, &c., are given to those who do best at the
examinations in the Advanced Stage of each Science
subject, or in the second or any higher stage of Mathe-
matics, and to those who do best in the personal
examinations in Art, provided that they have made the
qualifying number of registered attendances in that
subject during the session in a school under the Board
(see also pp. 106, 107 and 108).


Bronze Medals are given Medals and books are
to all candidates who obtain awarded for the best of the
a first class in Part II. of works selected for the National
Honours, or a pass in Honours Competition see $ XXXIII.,p. 21.
in those subjects in which About 12 gold, 60 silver, and
there is no subdivision into 200 bronze medals are awarded

in the National Competition. A candidate in Part II. of Honours

For details as to the award of
in Chemistry or Metallurgy medals, see Appendix p. 106.
must obtain a class in both
theory and practice before he
is eligible to receive a certificate
and a first class before he is

eligible to receive a medal.
A candidate who obtains first class

Honours in Part II. in Chemistry
and who has qnalified for ex-
amination by a pass in Honours
Part I., X. and Xp., or XI.,
and XIP., receives one medal.
Should he have qualified by a
pass in Honours Part I., X. and
Xp., and also XI. and XIp.,
he receives two medals.


EXHIBITIONS, SCHOLARSHIPS, ETC. XLIX. The following Royal Exhibitions, National Exhibitions,

Scholarships &c. Scholarships, Local Scholarships, and Free Studentships are open only to British subjects, and the Board may refuse to award them to persons whose financial circumstances do not warrant such aid. As a rule the foregoing exhibitions and scholarships cannot be held by the same person concurrently with scholarships granted by County Councils. The Board may withhold any of these awards should the standard of the candidates' attainments be unsatisfactory, or transfer them to other groups in the current competition.

Where the conditions of Exhibitions or Scholarships have been modified the interests of existing Exhibitioners and Scholarship holders will not be adversely affected. SCIENCE

ART. a. Twenty-one Royal Exhibi- a. Twenty Royal Exhibitions tions—seven open each year- -ten open each year,—Twelve and Sixty-six National Scholar- National Scholarships six ships—twenty-two open each open each yearand Fortyyear--tenable at the option of five Free Studentships-fifteen the holder at either the Royal open each yearall tenable at College of Science, London, or the Royal College of Art. the Royal College of Science, Sixty Local ScholarshipsDublin.

twenty open each year---tenable Eighteen Free Studentships-- at Schools of Art under the six open each year--to the Royal Board. College of Science, London.

b. The award of all the Exhibitions, Scholarships, and Studentships is made on the results of the Evening Examinations of the current year and previous successes are not counted. The Exhibiticns, Scholarships and Studentships are held on the condition that the holder attends the prescribed course of instruction regularly, complies with all the rules, and passes the prescribed examinations.

c. Competitors for Royal Ex- c. Competitors for Royal hibitions, National Scholar- Exhibitions, National Scholarships, or Free Studentships ships, or Free Studentships must arrange before March for

must arrange before March for their examinations (see their examinations (see $ XXVII.) and must send in XXVII.) and must send in Form 330a before the 15th Form 1181 before the 15th April

, and Form 400 before April, and Form 1202 before the 10th June.

the 10th June. Local

Exhibitioners, Science Local Exhibitioners, Art,see $LIII., Teachers in training, and

and Art Teachers in Training students who have been for are not eligible for Royal Echo more than one session in the

bitions, National Scholarships Royal College of Science, Lon

or Free Studentships. don, or Dublin, are not eligible for Royal Exhibitions, National Scholarships, or Free Studentships.



A candidate who has held a Royal Exhibition, a National

Scholarship or a Free Studentship, is ineligible to compete for
it again or for either of the other two, and no candidate can
hold concurrently a Royal Exhibition and a National Scholar-


d. A Royal Exhibition entitles the holder to an aliow

titles the holder to an allowance ance of 501. a year and free

of 258. a week for the session of admission to lectures and labo

about forty weeks each year for ratories and instruction during two years, and free admission the three years necessary for completing the Associateship ing the course for the


to lectures and instruction durcourse in the Royal College of

ship in the Royal College of Art. Science, London, or the Royal As a student of the Royal College College of Science, Dublin.

of Art a Royal Exhibitioner e. A NATIONAL SCHOLAR- may become eligible for the SHIP entitles the holder to an

award of a Royal College of Art allowance of 258. a week for the

Scholarship, in respect of the session of about forty weeks

course for the Full Associateeach year, and free ad:nission ship or that for the Schools to lectures and laboratories

laboratories Associateship.
and instruction during the
three years necessary for com-

e. A National Scholarship

entitles the holder to an allowpleting the Associateship course at either the Royal College of

ance of 258. a week for the SesScience, London, or the Royal Sion of about forty' weeks euch College of Science, Dublin, at

year for two years, free ad

mission to lectures and one or the option of the holder.

more of the technical classes, Should a Royal Exhibitioner and instruction in one of the or National Scholar be re- four schools of the College :quired to assist in teaching in the Royal College of

(i.) Designand Ornament. Science, he will receive a weekly

(ii.) Architecture. payment of 58.

(iii.) Modelling t. A FREE STUDENTSHIP en

(iv.) Drawing and Painttitles the holder to free admis

ing. sion to the lectures and labo

The competitor for the Nieratories and to instruction tional Scholarship must be a during the three years neces- registered Art student engaged sary for completing the As

in a trade which depends upon sociateship course in the Royal

Decorative Art; and us College of Science, London. student in the College may

become eligible for the award of a Royal College of Art Scholarship in respect of the course for the Schools Associateship.

Free Studentship


f. A Free Studentship en.
titles the holder to free admis.
sion for two years to the
lectures and instruction in
one of the four schools of the
(i.) Design and Orna.

(ii.) Architecture.
(iii.) Modelling.
(iv.) Druwing and Paint-

It may be renewed exception-
ally for a third, and even for
a fourth and fifth year; pro-
vided that the number of such
Free Studentships in any one

year does not exceed 45.
g. Third class railway fare is allowed by the Board for one
journey to and fro each Session, between the home of the Royal
Echibitioner or National Scholar and London or Dublin, as the
case may be. Third class railway fare is allowed by the Board
for one journey to London to holders of Free Studentships upon
their taking up their Free Studentship.

h. In these competitions the h. A Local Scholarship is Local Scholarawards are determined in ac- tenable for three years with ai ships (Art). cordance with the following allowance of £20 a year, at scale of marks :

any School of Art under the

Board, which is open at least The maximum number of marks obtainable in each subject, ex

three days and five nights a cept Mathematics, is

week, and which will remit the
Advanced stage

fees for instruction of the
Honours, Part I. - 300 holder. The scholar must at-
Honours, Part II. 400 tend a School of Art during
Honours where not di-

at least 40 weeks in the year
vided into parts

400 with half the above maximum for: 30 hours each week, of

which 18 hours at least must marks for practical Chemistry or practical Metallurgy or the be in the day. The Scholarship practical Honours Examina- commences on the date at which tions specified in $ XXI. b (p. the school where the Scholarship 16), in addition to those for the

is tenable reopens after the Theoretical division of the same subject.

summer vacation in each year. Marks will be counted for the The allowance is paid quarter

Advanced Stage only or ly, on the receipt of a certificate part in Honours of any subject from the Master and Secretary in any one competition.

of the School of Art that the In the case of subjects the Honours Examinations in which are

scholar has attended regularly





5th stage


amalgamated, as in Xp., XIp., and pursued his studies satis-
the marks awarded will be

double those awarded where
the subjects are not so amal-

A candidate who has held u gamated

Local Scholarship is ineligible

to compete for it again. In Mathematics the numbers

i. The competitor for a Royal 2nd stage - 200 Eachibition must be under 25 3rd

Advanced years of age, the competitor for Division 1. Practical a National Scholarship must

Mathema- be under 30 years of age, the tics

- 300 4th stage

competitor for a Free Student- 300

ship must be under 25 years Honours, Part I., 400 Part II., 500

of age, and the competitor for

a Local Scholarship must be

300 Division II. 6th

under 22 years of age on the

- 300 7th

400 1st May of the year of the Honours, Part I., 500 competition

Part II., 600
In Mathematics, competitors may

k. For Royal Exhibitions take on each of the evenings of and Local Scholarships candiexamination one Stage or one dates may sit for examination part of Honours, but no candi

in any or all of the following date can count marks both in the Advanced Stage of Practical subjects except when two examiMathematics and in Mathema

nations are held on the same tics, Stage 2, 3, or 4.

evening, and when there is an

Advanced Stage and Honours In determining a candidates' in a subject, in which latter position his marks are dimi- case one or other only may be nished in the Advanced Stage taken. by 40 per cent., and in Honours

The maximum number of by 30 per cent. of the maxima

marks obtainable in each allotted in each case.

subject towards these ExhibiNo candidate will be awarded

tions and Scholarships are:a Royal Exhibition who has

100 each. not obtained in Mathematics a success in Advanced Prac- Freehand Drawing of Ornaticul Mathematics or in the

ment in outline. second or soine higher stage

Model Drawing a pass in Honours. This Drawing in Light and success may have been obtained Shade from a Cast. in a previous year, but no

Perspective. marks are counted except for

Anatomy. successes obtained in the

150 each. current year.

Principles of Ornament. i. For the National Scholar- Architecture ships and Free Studentships Painting Ornament. the subjects for competition are Painting Still Life.


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