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ART. divided into five groups as

200 each. given below:

Historic Ornament.

Drawing the Antique from GROUP A.-Mechanics. Memory Mathematics, Stages 2, 3 or 4,

Drawing froin the Antique. Advanced Practical

Modelling from the Antique. Mathematics, and 5, 6 or 7.

250 each. Theoretical Mechanics (Solids).

Drawing from Life. Theoretical Mechanics (Fluids).

Modelling from Life. Applied Mechanics.

Design (Advanced Stage). Steam.

Modelling Design (Advanced Machine Construction

Stage). or

300 each. Building Construction

Architectural Design. Naval Architecture.

Design (Honours).

Modelling Design (Honours). There is but one examina

1. For National Scholarships tion for each part of Honours

and Free Studentships the subin both branches of Theoretical Mechanics, but the marks jects forcompetition are divided

into four Groups, as follows:awarded will be double of those given to a single subject.

Group A.-Design and Ornament.
GROUP B Physics.
Mathematics, Stages 2, 3 or 4,

Advanced Practical Plant Drawing from
Mathematics, and 5, 6 or 7. Memory -

100 Sound.

Principles of Ornament 150 Light.

Painting Ornament 150 Heat.

Historic Ornament

200 Magnetism and Electricity. Design (Advanced Stage) 250 Inorganic Chemistry, Theore

or tical and Practical.

Design (Honours)

300 Candidates cannot sit for

both the Advanced Stage and GROUP C.-Chemistry.

Mathematics, Stages 2 or 3
Advanced Practical

Group B.-Architecture.
Mathematics, and 6 or 7.


marks Heat

obtainable. Either of Geometry

100 Magnetism these. Perspective

100 and Electricity

Freehand Drawing of Inorganic Chemistry, Theo- Ornament in Outline 100 retical and Practical.

I.rawing in Light and Organic Chemistry, Theoretical Shade from a Cast 100 and Practical.




marks obtainable.





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may be taken.

GROUP D.-Drawing and

Maximum A candidate may not com


obtainable. pete in more than one of the five

Plunt Drawing from groups and must state before


100 hand the group in which he Model Drawing

100 elects to compete. He may take

Drawing in Light and all the competitive subjects in Shade from a Cast 100 the respective lists, excepting Geometry

100 that, when one or more alterna


100 tive subjects are imposed, only Anatomy

100 one of such alternative subjects Painting from Still Life

150 Painting Ornament

150 No candidate will be per

Drawing from

the mitted to take up his Scholar


200 ship or Studentship until he

Drawing from Life has satisfied the Council of the

A candulate may not comRoyal College of Science by

pete in more than one Group examination or otherwise that he possesses such literary

and must state beforehand the qualifications and knowledge

Group in which he clects to of Mathematics, Mechanics, com pete. He may take all the Chemistry, and Physics as to

subjects in the Group. render it possible for him to m. In all the Competitions follow the College course with the position of each candidate advantage (see Prospectus of is determined by the number


the College). A first-class in of marks gained by him in
the first stage of Mathematics each subject he attempts, dimi-
and a first-class in the Elemen- nished by the number required
tury Stage of Mechanics, Chem- to pass in that subject.
istry, and Physics, obtained at
the Board's Ecuminations, will

n. Of the six National be accepted as sufficient quali- Scholarships which are offered cation in Science. Third class each year for competition, one railway fare for one journey to

at least will be allotted in each and fro between the home of of the four Groups A. to D. the candidate and London will Three Free Studentships are be allowed in the case of re

allotted each year for competijected candidates.

tion in each of Groups A., B., The competitive subjects and C., and six for competimust be taken in their Ad

tion in Group D. vanced stages or in Honours, and the calculation of results

0. A limited number of Stuwill be in accordance with

dentships in Training at the the method laid down for

Royal College of Art are open Royal Exhibitions as far as it

to competition among registered

Art students who hold the Art applies.

Master's Certificate, Group I., Five National Scholarships

to enable them to enter the will be allotted for competition

course for the Full Associatein each of Groups A., B., and

ship. C., four in D., and three in E. Two Free Studentships will be

An applicant for a Studentship allotted for competition in

in Training must be recommenil

ed by the Managers of his or her Grants for Group A., and one in each of

School of Art. The application travelling to the other Groups.

must be made on l'orm 488, Teachers and

which must be sent to the Board, Students k. The National Scholar or

with the works (see Note) in (Science).

support of the application, beFree Student will as a rule be fore the 15th January or the 1st required to take for his second and third year's course in the

Students of Schools of Art (whether

men or women) who have taken Royal College of Science, Lon

the Art Master's Certificate, don, the Division correspond- Group I., and are preparing to ing to the Group in which he become Teachers, are eligible to obtained his Scholarship or compete for admission for two

years to the Royal College of Studentship, but he will be

Art, with a maintenance allowallowed to elect to take the

ance at 258. a week for the session course in Mining and Metal- of about 40 weeks each year, and lurgy.

3rd class railway fare for one
journey to and fro, each Session,

between the home of the student 1. A limited number of

and the Royal College of Art. Teachers, and of Students in They must attend the course of Science Classes who intend to instruction prescribed by the become Science Teachers, are

Council of Art for the Full

Associateship. They may be admitted free for a term or

required to perform certain



SCIENCE. session to the sessional courses of instruction in the Royal College of Science. They may be called upon to pass an entrance examination at the College in order to show that they possess such literary knowledge as to render it possible for them to follow the courses with advantage. Whilst under examination or instruction they will receive an allowance at the rate of 258. per week, and third class railway fare for one journey to and fro between the home of the teacher or student and the Royal College of Science. Should a Science Teacher in training be required to assist in teaching in the Royal College of Science, he will receive a weekly payment of 58. (see Conditions on p. 111). Candidates for these Studentships

in Training must send in Form 400 before the 10th June, and Form 1019 before the 1st July. The condensed prospectus of the Royal College of Science will be found at p. 113. (See also No. 302, p. 131.)

duties as Teachers, and must engage to accept the situations to which they may be recommended. They are not at liberty to accept situations without first obtaining the consent of the

Head Master. Allowances to Students in Training

are renewable from term to term, but are only renewable provided that the attendance and progress of the Student are entirely satisfactory. In no case will they be paid for more than five years. Applications for renewals must be supported by the recommendation of the Head Master on Form

488A. NOTE.--The works to be submitted

by a candidate must be carefully selected by him to show his proficiency in the more advanced branches of Art, in subjects beyond those required for the Art Master's Certificate, Group I. They should consist of Drawings, Paintings, and Models from the Antique and the Life, Designs and Working Drawings for Ornament, Decoration and Architecture and Ornamental and Architectural Measured Studies, including full-sized mouldings : not more than three works in each of these divisions may be submitted.

p. “PRINCESS OF WALES'” SCHOLARSHIPS.-Two scholarships, of about the value of 251. and ill. respectively, are open to competition each year and are awarded to the two female students of Schools of Art who take the highest prizes (not Honorary Awards) of the year in the National Competition. These Scholarships, which are intended to enable Students to continue their regular course of instruction in a School of Art, date from the 1st October in each year, and are tenable for one year in the School of Art only where they have been

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gained. The Scholarships are
not awarded to the same per-
sons for more than three years
in succession. Students in
Training, National Scholars,
and Free Students of the
Royal College of Art, past or
present, are not eligible for
these Scholarships.
Each “Princess of Wales' Scholar”

is required to present half-yearly
reports of the course of study
she has pursued at her School
of Art during her tenure of the
scholarship and of her attend-
ances. These reports must be
sent through the Secretary of
the School of Art in which the
Scholar is studying, on the 31st
of March and 30th of Septem-
ber. A moiety of the sum
awarded will be paid on the
receipt of each report if it be




STUDENTSHIP Free Studenttenable at a School of Art ships in

School of Art. under the Board is granted to any student of such school who, being a draughtsman, designer, modeller, or handicraftsman, (1) has gained a first class in the immediately preceding personal Art Examinations in the Advanced Stage or a first class in subjects not divided into stages, and whose works are passed as satisfactory at the preceding annual examination, (2) has attended the School of Art for two consecutive years, (3) is prepared to attend regularly for the year following the date of his appointment, and (4) is

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