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(See § 16 on p. 3 of Rules.) IT IS FURTHER CERTIFIED that the bag containing the worked papers, together with this certificate and the envelope or envelopes which contained the examination questions, is now at ("") -p.m. about to be (D) State exact closed in the presence of the undersigned Superintendents. To be signed by all the Superintendents present at the close of the Examination.



upon the BLACKBOARD, 1902.

Form 278.
I. Examinations in Drawing with Chalk upon the Blackboard are held
during the months of January, February and March by an officer of the
Board of Education.

II. These examinations will be held in Schools of Art and in Art Classes provided that (1) the instruction in Blackboard Drawing has been recognised by the Board for the current session ; (2) THAT TEN OR MORE CANDIDATES WILL BE PRESENTED FOR EXAMINATION in the subject ;* and (3) that the requisite number of Blackboards, etc., will be in readiness for the Examination on the appointed date.


This application must be sent in to the Board on or before 15TII DECEMBER, 1901, after which date no further applications will be admitted.

Special care is requested that the correct age, and all the names in full of each Candidate, are given.

1. School No.
2. Name of School or Class
3. Name of Teacher

Am Number of Candidates to be presented for} examination

N.B.- The Board will fix the date of examination for this School, will be on one day in the month of January, February or March, 1902.


* Managers of Schools of Art and Art Classes, at which less than ten students are to be presented for examination in Drawing with Chalk upon the Blackbourd, may arrange amongst themselves to apply on Ferm No. 290 on or before 15th December, 1901, for the combined examination oi their students at one convenient centre.


Christian Names

(in full).


in strictly alphabetical



Class and

date of previous success (if







Boards of Managers wishing to nominate a Special Local Secretary for the own or district in which they are situated should apply to the Board of Education before the 23rd January.

When Boards of Managers are asked to nominate a Special Loca Secretary, a Special Committee of the several Chairmen, or an equal number of delegates from each Board of Managers, should be formed for the purpose. The meeting, of which at least one week's notice should be given, will

, as a rule, be convened by the Local Authority under the Technical Instruction Act (or by its Committee) when it supervises classes under the Board, or failing this by the Chairman of the School which has been longest in connection with the Board; but the meeting will elect its own Chairman. The nomination or recommendation must be sent to the Board by the Chairman of the Special Committee not later than 8th February. If the Special Committee fail to come to an agreement, or if it nominate a person of whom the Board cannot approve, the Board will appoint the Special Local Secretary: The appointment of the Special Local Secretary and Assistants rests with the Board, and is for one year only.

In the deliberations and voting of the Special Committee weight should be given to the opinions of the representatives of different Boards in proportion to the number of classes and the number of students superintended by each Board. The details for giving effect to this principle are left to the locality to decide.

When a Special Local Secretary has been appointed the Board corresponds with him alone on all subjects connected with the examinations. He must arrange for holding the examinations at convenient centres, subject to the approval of the Board, the number of these centres being as few as possible. The Special Local Secretary may act in the place of an assistant for any period on which there is an examination at but one centre. Otherwise, as he is charged with the general supervision of the examinations, he is not to act in the place of an assistant except in the case of an emergency.

The Special Local Secretary, after noting the application made to him under S XXVIII. on Form 119, must forward the forms and fees to the Board not later than the 10th March and 5th May respectively. If desired the lists of names of candidates for the Advanced and Ilonours Examinations may be retained by him until after the examinations; they must, however, be forwarded to the Board not later than the 30th June. The lists of names of candidates for the Elementary Examinations must accompany the Form 119. The Special Local Secretary, may, therefore, find it desirable to arrange with the managers to furnish their lists of such candidates in duplicate.

Whilst the Board make the appointment of a Special Local Secretary to manage

the whole business of the examinations, the financial arrangements involved are, subject to the provisions of the Directory, entirely under the control of the Special Committee by which the Special Local Secretary is nominated, and to which Special Committee he is required to submit his account. The Special Local Secretary shall account for the fees paid by the candidates for examination to the Special Committee, who will use theil

in helping to provide the moiety required from the locality for examination I erpenses to meet the grant given by the Board.

The Special Local Secretary is allowed a fee* of half a guinea for each period of three or four hours during which an examination in Science or Art, or in both, is to be held. When, however, he acts in place of an assistant he will receive no additional fee. He is also allowed a fee* of half a guinea for every 75 papers worked at the examination.

For attendance throughout an examination in a subject or subjects of Science or Art (or both) which extends over a period of 3 or 4 hours, each assistant who attends for that period is allowed a fee of half a yvineu. Where that period is materially exceeded, the Board may allow a double fee.

* These fees will not be paid by the Board in respect of Elementary Stage Examinations. When an examination in the Elementary Stage is held concurrently with an examination in the Advanced Stage the same Superintendents may supervise both examinotions provided the total number of candidates to which their supervision is restricted by the regulations is not exceeded. The cost of additional Superintendents necessitated by the regulations must be defrayed wholly from local sources.


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564 Forms

(Schools of Art and Art Classes) and (Science Classes),

Art containing Instructions as to Transmission of Works for the Annual Examination in London, are under revision, but attention is called to the following revised regulations as to the character and amount of Students' work to be selected and submitted by managers for examination in respect of payments and prizes.

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1.- ART STUDENTS' WORK. Only such works as those in the Subjects given below, and no more than the stipulated number of works in euch Subject, may be submitted from the same Student. None but really competent work should be sent up for examination.

DRAWING AND PAINTING. In each of the Subjects la, lc, id, one Imperial sheet may be submitted, which must be similar in character and importance to such as are required for the Art Class Teacher's and Art Master's Certificates.

In each of the Subjects 35, 50, 5b, one work may be submitted, which must be similar in character and importance to such as are required for the Art Class Teacher's Certificate.

In Subject 86', two sheets of careful studies of details of the figure from the cast and one well executed study of a head from the round may be submitted.

In Subject 81%, two drawings only of the figure from the Antique such as are required for the Art Master's Certificate may be submitted.

In Subject 8c", two sheets of carefully and well-drawn studies of hands and feet, and one similar study of a head, from life, may be submitted. (Rapid time studies are not admissible.)

In Subject 8c2, two careful drawings of a figure from the life, each on an Imperial sheet of drawing paper, may be submitted.

In Subject 8d, one study of drapery on an Antique figure, on an Imperial sheet of drawing paper, and one Imperial sheet of two or three studies of drapery on the living model, may be submitted.

In Subject de, two Imperial sheets containing studies on a small scale erecuted in a short time, of varied shortly sustained poses of the human figure, or portions of the figure, may be submitted. Drawings similar in character and size to those made at the personal examinations may not be submitted.

In Subject 9, one carefully studied and well drawn work only, on an Imperial sheet, or one modelled work either in the round or in relief in the division 9a may be submitted.

In Subject 10, two sheets of careful and well drawn studies of flowers, foliage, and objects of natural history may be submitted.

In Subject 11, one careful painting only may be submitted.

In Subject 12, one careful painting from an important piece of ornament may be submitted.

In Subjects 14a and 14b, one careful study of a single plant or one sheet of well drawn and carefully executed studies of various plants, Subject 140,

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