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Forbes, John, esq.
Fraser, William, esq. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Gerrard, John, esq.
Gibson, John, esq.
Gordon, major-general, sir James Willoughby, K.C.B.

John, esq.
Grant, major-general sir Charles, K.C.B.

Alexander, esq. Jamaica.
Gray, the reverend Benjamin G. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 3 copies.
Green, John, esq.
Griffith, George Edward, esq.

Hamilton, J. esq.
Hammond, James, esq.
Hanchett, J. M. esq. captain R.N, and C.B.
Hardy, esq.
Harrison, Richard, esq.
Heath, J. esq.
Hill, James, esq.
Hooper, lieutenant-colonel Henry.
Hotham, rcar-admiral sir Henry, K.C.B.
Hunter, vice-admiral.
Hurd, Thomas, esq. captain R.N.
Hutchinson, general lord, G.C.B. and K.C.

Jackson, John, esq.
James, major Charles.

Thomas, esq. M.D.
Jennings, Mr. Robert,
Johnson, John, esq.
Jones, William, esq.


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12 copies. King, the reverend J. rector of Witnesham, Suffolk

Kemp, William, esq.
Kendall, Edward Augustus, esq. F.A.S.

2 copies. Kenyon, the right honorable lord, F.S.A. and L.LD.

John,, esq. Knowles, John, esq.


Lambert, major-general sir Joho, K.C.B.
Larkins, captain, H. E. I. C. ship Warren Hastings.

J. P. esq. Calcutta.
Layman, William, esq. captain R. N.
Lemon, Charles, esq.
Lewis, John, esq.
Liverpool, the right honorable the earl of, K.G.
Lockwood, Anthony, esq. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Maberly, John, esq. M. P.
Macdonnell, lieutenant-colonel George.
Malcolm, rear-admiral sir Pultney, K.C.B.
Maples, John F. esq. captain R. N. and C.B.
Martin, H. esq.

Medley, William, esq.
Melville. the right honorable viscount.
Metcalfe, A. esq.
Middleton, sir William, baronet.
Miller, John, esq.
Morris, John, esq.
Mulgrave, general, the right honorable the card of, F.S.A.
Mure, John, esq. Lower Canada.
Murray, licutenant-general sir Gcorge, G.C.B.

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Nichol, Robert, esq. Upper Canada.
Nicolls, major Edward, R. M.
Niel, J. P. esq.

0. Owen, John, esq.


Pack, major-general sir Denis, K.C.B.

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Patterson, James, esq.
Parry, William, esq.
Pearson, J. esq.
Phillips, J. esq.
Plenderleath, lieutenant-colonel, C.B.
Powell, John, esq.
Pratt, William, esq.
Price, James, esq.
Pudner, captain.

Reynolds, Mr. William, St. John's, New Brunswick,

5 copies. lieutenant-general. Richardson, John, esq. Lower Canada. M., esq.

50 copies. William, esq. Robertson, William, esq. Robinson, J. esq. Rogers, Robert, esq. Ross, William, esq.


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-, esq. captain R. N. Thurston, Thomas, csq. Times newspaper, proprietor of the. Torrens, major-general sir Henry, K.C.B. Torrington, rear-admiral the right hon. viscount, D.C.L.F.R.S.


Usborne, Henry, esq.

Vincent, major-general.
Vivian, major-general, sir Hussey, K.C.B.


, esq.

Walker, James, esq.
Warner, Edward, esq.
Warren, Frederick, esq. captain R.N.
Wellington, field-marshal his grace the duke of, K.G. and

Welsh, James, esq.

Thomas, esq.
Wright, lieutenant-colonel, royal engineers.


Yeo, sir James Lucas, captain R.N. and K.C.B.
York, field-marshal his royal highness the duke of, K.G. and


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THE length of time that has elapsed since the appearance of the work to which this bears so close a relation, has arisen out of the delays and difficulties experienced by the author in collecting materials; few of which were in his possession, when he promised the public to extend his labors, beyond the navai, to the military, occurrences of the

late American war.

Immediately on the publication of his former volume, he transmitted copies to some of the principal reviewers in the United States; hoping to have it in his power, through the medium of the present work, to correct any mistatements that he may have made, upon a topic so interesting to the two nations. Beyond one or two newspaper paragraphs, first misnaming, and then calumniating, the

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