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Tax on foreign life-insurance companies doing

bu-iness in the Argentine Pepublic: Instruc-
tions to protest against levying exceptionally

large tax.
Same subject: Confirms the above telegram and

incloses, quoting from it, a letter clated De.
cember 22, 1890, from the Equitable Life Assur-

ance Society of New York.
Same subject: Incloses copies of the protests

from the legation.
Port charges on vessels putting into Buenos

Ayres in distress: Transmits the complaint
of the National Board of Marine Underwriters

and instructs to investigate and remedy.
Political condition: Incloses the proclamation
declaring the state of siege and an account of
the attempt on ex-President Roca's life. Re.
ports the suspension of two newspapers and
his visit of congratulations to Gen. Roca.
Tax on foreign life insurance companies: In.

closes reply of the foreign office, placing the
remedy in the federal supreme court, and an-
nounces that by decree, inclosed, the tax has
been in part removed, and that a proposition
has been made to the companies to place them,
under certain conditions, on the same footing

as domestic companies.
Same subject: Acknowledges, with approval,

Mr. Pitkin's No. 94.
Address of the President of the Confederation to

the Argentine Congress: Reports its salient

Port cbarges on vessels in distress: Transmits

verbal denial that they are levied and assur.
ance that they will be refunded if proved to

have been collected.
Tax on life insurance companies : Incloses copy

of the executive decree promulgating condi-
tions on which the Equitable Life Assurance
Society is assimilated to the domestic compa-
nies, and letter of thanks from the manager

of said society.
Port charges on vessels in distress : Transmits

letter of minister of Hacienda accompanying
report of customs official, denying that ihey
are collected except in cases of regular entry.


111 Mr. Blaine to Mr. Pitkin.... Mar. 30 124 Mr. Pitkin to Mr. Blaine..... May 13


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1890. 125 Mr. Grant to Mr. Blaine...... Dec. 21 Passport application of Mr. Rudolph Nejedly,

born in New York of a naturalized citizen who came back to live in Europe one year after obtaining naturalization. Explains that he has no intention of returning to the United States, and submits tbe course adopted by the legation in similar cases, viz, refusal of the passport.


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1891. 110 Mr. Blaine to Mr. Grant Fel). 26 Same subject: Discusses the case above pro

sented and declines to direct the issuance of

the passport.
155 Mr. Grant to Mr. Blaine May 25 Assisted immigration : Incloses copy of his note

to the foreign office in the case of the sending
to New York of Nikolaus Bader, a criminal,

by the authorities of Stauzach.
124 Mr. Wharton to Mr. Grant... June 16 Same subject: Approves his note above men-

168 Mr. Grant to Mr. Blaine......, July 15 Same subject: Transmits and comments upon

the reply of the foreign office, attempting to
show that Bader's case did not come within
the categories prohibited by the immigration

laws. 173 Same to same..

July 27 Citizenship of Mr. Mazel, born in Washington,

D. C., while his father was minister of the
Netherlands to the United States, his mother
being an American citizen: Will it be suff.
cient for him to return to the United States
and renounce his allegiance to the Queen of
the Netherlands to be admitted a citizen of the

United States ? 180 Same to samo

Aug. 1 | Free port of Trieste is to be by act of the Reichg.

rath, divested after July 1 of the franchise

conferrod in 1719 by Karl VI.
133 Mr. Wharton to Mr. Grant .. Aug. 6 Assisted immigration : Instructions to address

a note to the foreign oftice saying that Bader
having been returned, the incident is termi.

nated. 134 Same to same

Ang. 10 Citizenship of Mr.

Mazel: Expresses the opin. ion that he being the son of a foreign diplo. matic officer comes under the statute gov.

erning the naturalization of aliens.
183 Mr. Grant to Mr. Blaine..... Aug. 18 Military service of Alfred Janowitz, a natural.

ized citizen: Relates his interview with Mr.
Janowitz, to whom he promised protection if
molested by the military authorities, and re-
ports his subsequent successful intervention
in his behalf. Incloses correspondence with

Mr. Janowitz and the foreign office. 184 Same to samo

Aug. 20 Military service of Julius Kranz, a naturalized

citizen: Reports that after being deprived of
his passport and ordered to appear before the
board of enrollment he was, through the inter-
ference of the legation, relieved of all liability
to military duty and allowed to visit his par.

ents. Incloses correspondence iu the case. 188 Same to same.

Sept. 11

Assisted immigration : Incloses a copy of his

note to the foreign office in the case of Niko.

laus Bader and of the reply thereto. 149 Mr. Wharton to Mr. Grant...' Oct. 5 Same subject: Approves the pote vransmitted

in the above.
213 Mr. Grant to Mr. Blaine ..... Dec. 5 Hog products: Incloses a copy of the ordinance

permitting the importation of such products
as are accompanied with certificates of inspec-
tion, and of the accompanying note from the
foreign office; presents his congratulations.








1891. Mr. Wharton to Mr. Terrell.. May 11



225 Mr. Terrell to Mr. Blaine ....Sept. 10

Dressed beef imported into Belgium: Incloses,

with instructions to make appropriate repre-
sentations, a letter from the honorable Secre-
tary of Agriculture protesting against the
requirements of the Belgian Government that
carcasses should be imported with the lungo

Same subject: Reports that the foreign office

replies that the requirements complained of, being provided for by law, can not be modi. fied by the Government, but that as a token of good will, the quarantine against stock has been further reduced to three days; incloses correspondence, decree relating to quarantine, and copy of the law governing the importation of carcasses.


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Same subject: Incloses, with instructions to

present the matter to the Belgian Govern.
ment, a letter from the Secretary of Agricul.
cure, complaining that the requirements of the
law constitute a discrimination against the
products and a reflection on the inspection law

of the United States.
Same subject: Explains that the law is a sani:

tary measure and is indiscriminately applied
to importations from all countries; says that
he has suggested an amendment allowing the
Huspension of its provisions in regard to coun-
tries enforcing satisfactory inspection of their
meat exports. Incloses a copy of his note to
the foreign office.






31 Mr. Conger to Mr. Blaine ....Mar. 6 Political situation : Reports the adoption of the

constitution and the election of the President
and Vice-President; no invitation to the in-
auguration was issued to the diplomatic corps,

and he did not attend.
62 Mr. Wharton to Mr. Conger.. Juno 23 Tax levied by the state of Amazonas on mer.

chandise in transit to the United States: In-
closes a letter from Charles Ahrenfeldt & Son,
of New York, complaining that they have to
pay a tax of 5 per cent on rubber shipped to
them froni Peru; instructs the minister to
make proper representations against the prac-

tice if it is found to exist.
90 | Mr. Conger to Mr. Blaine.... July 18 Political situation : Briefly reports the organ.

ization of the several states of Brazil. 101 Same to samo

July 27 Tax levied by the state of Amazonas : Replies

to No. 62 and says he has no official knowl.
edge of the facts complained of, but has writ-
ten to the consnlar agent at Manaõs. The
minister from Peru has informed him that
similar complaints have been made by his
conntrymen and that the tax has been re-
funded; says that the levying of the tax is
not permissible under the constitution of

Same to same (telegram)..... Nov. 4 | Political situation: Announces that the presi:

dent has dissolved congress and declared

martial law.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Conger Nov. 9 Same subject: Instructions to present to the

Brazilian President the solicitude of the
United States and counsel in favor of wise

Mr. Conger to Mr. Blaino (tel. Nov. 23 Same subject: Announces the resignation of

President Deodora and the peaceful installa-
tion of Vice-President Peixoto.






Mr. Blaine to Senhor Men Nov. 3 Rociprocity: Calls attention to section 3 of the


tariff law and invites the presentation of an
agreement between the two Governmente,
the basis and terms of which are indicated to

remain in force so long as no intention is de

1891. clared to consider it at an end.
Senbor Mendonca to Mr. Jan. 31 Same subject: Transmits schedules of articles,

the products or manufactures of the United
States, to be admitted into Brazil free or with
a reduction of duty of 25 per cent, in due rec.
iprocity; declares that no increase in the
export tax shall be made on articles admitted
free of duty into the United States; notice of
termination of the agreement to be given at
least three months in advance, and such ter-
mination to take place on the first day of
January or of July.

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