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Mr. Blaine to Senhor Men- Jan. 31 Same subject: Acknowledges the above com-

munication and conveys the formal accepta

won of its terms.
Feb. 5 Same subject: Proclamation of the President

proinulgating the reciprocity agreement with

the l'nited States of Brazil.
Mr. Blaine to the President . Feb. 7 Same subject: Submits tables showing the

share of the United States in the importation
of, and rates of duty levied on, articles in.
cluded in the two categories established by

the agreement with Brazil.
Senhor Mendonça to Mr. Mar. 10 Message of friendship of the Brazilian Con-

gress to the Congress of the United States

Mr. Blaine to Senhor Men. Mar. 17 Same subject: Acknowledges the receipt of

the above, and returns expressions of friend.

Senhor Chermont to Senhor Nov. 15 Political situation : Instructs the Brazilian

minister at Washington to transmit to the
President the grateful feelings with which
his interest in the institutions of Brazil and
his advice for their preservation have been



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Mr. Kimberly to Mr. Blaine . Jan. 24 Seizure of arms on the Colima by the Govern.

ment of Guatemala: Reports his interview
with the minister of foreign affairs, who con.
tended that the late U.S. minister, Mr. Miz.
ner, neglected to carry out the arrangements
agreed upon for reparation; says that he
fixed upon the 20th instant for the date of
their execution. Incloses his letter to Capt.
Johnston informing the said captain of the

Same to same

Jan. 26 Telegraphic communications: Recommends that

steps be taken to maintain and facilitate the
same between the l'nited States and Central

Same to same

Jan. 31 Seizure of arms on the Colima: Incloses the re

port, by Capt. Johnston, of the reparation
made at San José on the 29th of January by

the commandant of the port.
Same to same

Feb. 4 Same subject: Reports his refusalof the request

made by the acting Minister of Foreign Aftairs
that he change the word "expiation " to "ex.
planation" in his letter of insí, uctions to

Capt. Johnston.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Pacheco... Feb. 13 Rumors of war in Central America: instruets

him to request a definite assurance that the
reported attack by Guatemala and Honduras
on Salvador is not contemplated, and depre.
cates war among the Central American Re-

Same to same..

Feb. 20 Telegraphic communications: Instructs him to

carry out the suggestion made in No. 239
(supra) for the preservation of the same be-
tween the United States and Central America

in time of war.
Mr. Kimberly to Mr. Blaine. Feb. 23 Same subject: Incloses a copy of a letter from

the United States consul at Tegucigalpa,
Honduras, reporting various instances of
delay of transmission and requesting the

legation's intervention.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Pacheco... Feb. 28 Seizure of arms on the Colima: Reviews Mr.

Kimberly's action in the matter of reparation,
and, referring to previous instructions, points
to the grave omission of reparation due to the
United States for the seizure, and instructs
him to loring the subject to the attention of

the Government of Guatemala.
Same to samo..

Mar. 2 Same sulyject: Refers to Mr. Kimberly's No.

240 and to the instructions above, and the word "expiation" not being adapteel to the requirements of the case; says that the letter of instructions to Capt. Joluuston should be expunged or at least amended.

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10 Mr. Pacheco to Mr. Blaine... Mar. 11 Rumors of war in Central America. They are

denied by the minister of foreign affairs and
by the President of Guatemala: incloses ex-
tract of the President's message bearing upon
this point and the Barrundia incident; and

an editorial of the Guatemalteco.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Pacheco... Mar. 16 Telegraphic communications between Central

America and the United States. Incloses
further complaint about their bail condition
from the United States consil at Tegucigalpa,
aud expresses the hope that a remedy will

soon be applied.
28 Mr. Pacheco to Mr. Blaine... June 9 Same subjekt: Reports that he has written a

letter to the minister of foreign affairs of
Salvador in accordance with instructions Nos.

32 and 44. 42 Same to same

July 22 | Seizure of arms on the Colima: Incloses notes

exchanged with the minister of foreign af.
fairs. who insists that the reparation made by
Col. Toriello was accepted by the United States

chargé d'affaires as complete.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Pacheco Aug. 10 Right of asylum: Confiscation of the steamship

City of Panama. Advises Mr. Pacheco of the
intelligence received from the minister of for.
eign affairs of Salvador of the refusal of the
captain of the stramer to surrender a passen.
ger and of the subsequent sentence of confis.
cation of the vessel and instructs him to pro.

test against any arbitrary action.
Mr. Pacheco to Mr. Blaine Aug. 10 Same subject: Reports the facts stated in the

above telegram and announces that the City
of Panama was declared confiscated on ar-

rival at Libertad.
Mr. Whartou to Mr. Pacheco Aug. 13 Same subject: Confirms preceding telegraphic

instruction and calls for a full report. 13 Same to sanie

Aug. 13

Same subject: Incloses telegram of United

States consul at San Salvador and a letter
from the Pacific Mail Steamship Company re-

ferring to the case.
Mr. Pacheco to Mr. Blaine (tel. Aug. 14 Same subject: Reports the safe arrival of the

City of Panaina at Sall Jose de Guatemala,
where the authorities will deliver clearance
papers : protest will be telegraphed at once

to Salvador. 53 Sanie to same...

Aug. 18 Same subject: Incloses a copy of his protest

telegraphed to minister of foreign attairs of

Salvador. 54 Same to same...

Aug. 19 | Same subject: Incloses detailed report of Capt.

White of the City of Panama to the com-
pany's general agent at Panama, with its in.
closures; explains that telegrapliic commun.
ications with Salvador being interrupted, he

has not yet received any answer to his protest.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Pacheco. Aug. 22 Seizure of arms on the Colima: Reviews the

action taken by the chargé d'affaires and by
himself, and expresses regret that it should
have led to the misconception on the part of
the Guatemalan Government of the true pur-
port of reparation expected; instructs hiin to
advise that Government that the question of

indemnity is reserved for future consideration. 55 M. Pacheco to Mr. Blaine ...

Aug. 26

Right of asylum: Contiscation of steamship

City of Panama: incloses copies of two notes
from the minister of foreign affairs of Guate-
mala relating to the confiscation, and his re-
ply, inaintaining the right of Capt. White to

refuse the surrender of a political offender. Mr. Wharton to Mr. Pacheco Aug. 28 Same subject: Instructs him to secure assur(telegram).

ance that the City of Panama will not be de.

on her return trip to Salvador, and to
enter strong protest against any contemplated

seizure of the ship. 58 Mr. Pacheco to Mr. Blaine... Aug. 31 Same subject: Incloses copy of his telegrain to

tbe foreign office of Guatemala in compliance

with the above instructions. Same to same (telegram).

Sept. 3

Same subject: The City of Panama will not be

detained longer than permitted under the contract, and indemnity will be paid if un. lawful detention be ordered; the contiscation proceedings will be continued.









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1891. Mr. Wharton to Mr. Pacheco Sept. 4



Mr. Pacheco to Mr. Blaine.... Sept. 9



Mr. Wharton to Mr. Pacheco Sept. 11


Same subject: What is the length of time ad.

verted to in contract, and what is the meaning
of indemnity if no longer detention is to take

Same subject: The offer of the Salvador Gor.

ernient was evidently intended to apply to
any case of unjust and exceptional detention.
Right of asylum: Confiscation of steamship

City of Panama; asks what is the penalty on
a vessel leaving port of Salvador without

clearanco papers.
Sanje subject: Repeats the above instruction
Same subject: Reply to the above .
Same subject: No answer yet received as to

time during which the steamer can be de

tained under the contract.
Seizure of arms on Colima: Instructions No.

21 have been complied with.
War rumors in Central America: In view of,

instructs him to use his good offices for the
maintenance of peace and the observance of
arbitration principles'

Same to rame (telegram) Sept. 14
Mr. l'acheco to Mr. Blaine

Sept. 15
Same to same (telegram).... Sept. 17



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1891. Señor Guirola to Mr. Blaine..' Feb. 3


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War rumors in Central America: Adverts to

preparations of Guatemala, said to be con-
ducted in New York, and beseeches the
friendly offices of the United States; news.

paper extracts inclosed.
Same subject: In reply to the above, remarks

that allegations should be first supported by

Same subject: Affirms that Guatemala is pre-

paring for war, and repeats his request of
February 3.
Same subject: The United States will do all in

its power to avert a conflict.
Same subject: The collector of customs at New

York has received instructions to prevent the

violation of neutrality laws.
Same subject: l'pon investigation, no prepara-

tions to disturb the peace in Central America

have been found to be carried on.iv New York.
Right'of asylum: Denounces as an infringe.
ment of international law the refusal on the
part of the steam ship City of Panama w sur.

render a passenger.
Same subject: The steamship City of Panama

declared confiscated.
Same subject: Acknowledges the above tele-

grams and announces protest against any ar-
bitrary action.

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1890. Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine ......

Political situation : Reports differences be.

twern the executive and legislative branches
of the Chilean Government, and announces
the appointment of a new cabinet, by which

harmony has been restored. Same to samo

Oct 17 Same subject: The cabinet formed in August

resigned and a new one selected among mem.
bers of the minority favorable to the Presi.
dent, who summarily closed the session of


1891. Same to same4telegram)..... J.:1. 12 'Revolution: Reports the revolt of six war vessels;

the army seems to remain loyal and public i order is maiutained by the Government.


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Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine Jan. 12 Same subject: Reports the succession of cir.

cumstances which led to the struggle. its ac.
tual status, and the preparations and opera-

tions carried on by both sides.
Same to same (telegram)..... Jan. 17 Same subject: Blockade of Chilean ports by re-

yolted fleet reported; United States consuls

have been advised by him to protest. 122 Same to same

Jan. 17 Same subject: Confirms the above; the repre

sentatives of Germany, England, and France
have also agreed to have protests made by

the respective consuls. 123 Same to same....

Jan. 19 Same subject: Proclamation of President Bal.

maceda inclosed; the Congressional forces lave
landed in Coquimbo, which they hold; the army

is still loyal and rapidly increasing: 129 Same to same....

Feb. 13 Saine subject: Recapture of Coquimbo by the

Government forces reported; the army is
rapidly increasing, and, with the exception
of repulsed attempts to land on the part of
the Congressionalists, the peace has not been

disturbed. 135 Same to same....

Feb. 23 Same subject: Arrival at Talcahuano of U.S.

S. Pensacola with Admiral McCann. 136 Same to same...

Mar. 4 Same subject: Capture of Iquique by the Con

gressionalists reported; the United States
consulate building and property destroyed in

the fight.
Same to same (telegram) Mar. 8 Neutrality of the United States : Use of a war

vessel of the United States requested by the
Chilean Government for the transportation
to Montevideo of bar silver destined to pay.

ment of interest on the national debt. 138 Same to same...

Mar. 9 Political situation: The Liberal or Govern

ment party nominated for President Señor

Vicuña, whose election is expected. 143 Same to samo...

Mar. 17 Revolution: Battle near Iquique gained by the

revolutionists, who have control of the prov.
ince of Tarapaca; the sympathies of Eng.
lish residents on the side of the revolution.

ists, to whom they gave pecuniary assistance.
Same to same.

Mar. 17 Political: Changes in the cabinet reported 86 Mr. Blaine to Mr. Egan Mar. 23 Revolution: War vessels of the United States

which have been or will be sent to Chilean

waters. 147 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine

Mar. 31 Same subject: Antofagasta abandoned by the

Government troops; elections took place
without disturbance in all the provinces, ex.

cept that of Tarapaca. 148 Same to same...

Apr. 1 | Neutrality of the United States: A reply to

his telegram of the 8th of March (supra) re

Same to same (telegram)..... Apr. 6 Revolution: Closing to commerce of certain

ports by the Chilean Government announced. 151 Same to samo...

Apr. 6

Same subject: Confirms the preceding telegram

and incloses copy of the blockade decree. 90 Mr. Blaine to Mr. Egan ...

Apr. 14

Same subject: The right of considering cases

arising under the blockade decree is reserved. 152 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine. Apr. 14 Same subject: German and British legations

hare strongly protested against the closing of
Congressionalist ports, and a German fleet is
on its way to oppose its enforcement. Ho
has not joined them, but received assurances

that American vessels will not be molested..
Same to saine (telegram)..... Apr. 21 Neutrality of the United States: Purchase of

United States war vessel is carnestly desired
by the Chilean Government; previous advice

confirmed. 153 Same to samo...

Apr. 21

Revolution: One English and one Gernian

steamer detained at Coronel; threats of Brit

ish minister to release his vessel by force. 154 Samne to same..

Apr. 23

Same subject: A German fleet will be sent by

the Imperial Government to Chilean waters
from China; this measure is not looked upon

favorably by Chileans.
Same to same (telegram)...

Apr. 24

Mediation: Asks whether he can act with Bra

zilian and French representatives towarı

restoration of peace.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Egan (tele. Apr. 25 Same subject: Grants the permission requested

in the preceding telegram.
H. Ex 1, pt. Iiv

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Apr. 28

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May 16



1891. 157 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine

Apr. 27

Same subject: Reports that his efforts as medı.

ator will be well received, and that he has had

preliminary conferences with both parties. 96 Mr. Blaine to Mr. Egan

Same subject : Confirms telegram of April 25. 159 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine May 2 Speech of President Balmaceda at the opening

of the new Congress. Same to same (telegram). May 4 Mediation: The good offices of the United States,

Brazil, and France accepted by both parties;

those of Germany and Great Britain declined. 160 Same to samo.

May 4

Same subject: A committee of seven duly au

thorized by the revolutionists meet at the

United States legation.
98 Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan... May 6 Cable of the Central and South American Tele-

graph Co. Instructions to request special
facilities for its repair. Letter of the presi.

dent of the company inclosed. 99 Same to same....

May 7 Mediation : Confirms the telegram of May 4. Mr. McCreery to Mr. Blaine May 8.. Steamer Itata, the property of the South Amer. (telegram).

ican Steamship Company taken by force and
impressed in the service of the revolutionary

161 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine...... May 8 Mediation and neutrality: Failure of negotia.

tions for peace and presence of the Itata in a
port of California with munitions of war for

the revolutionary squadron reported. 162 Same to same........

May 13 War vessels of the United States: Movements

reported. Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan May 14 Mediation: Instructions to protect envoys of (telegram).

the revolutionary party who may come with.

in President Balmaceda's jurisdiction under

offer of mediation. Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine (tele

Same subject: Explains and denies report of gram).

threats to the envoye; they have been given

every facility to leave the country. 164 Same to samo.....

May 18

Same subject: Reports the initiation and prog-
regs of negotiations for peace, and their
abrupt termination in consequence of ån at-
tempt on the lives of members of the cabinet,
and tbe mediators' intervention in behalf of
the envoys' safety which that event had

placed in jeopardy.
Inclosures : Safe conduct for the envoy8;

acceptance of good offices by the same; bases
of negotiations submitted by the same; letter
of the minister of foreign affairs to the me.
diators; reply of Mr. Egan; betterof the me.
diators to the envoys, and to the minister of
foreign affairs in regard to termination of no.

gotiations and of safe conduct.
166 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine...... May 23 Political situation : Reports achange of cabinet,

brought about by person differences among

members of the former cabinet,
106 Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan ... May 28 Neutrality: Requests explanations regarding

a rumor that Mr. Egan bas advised the Chil.
ean Government to issue letters of marque;
incloses a letter from Peru reporting the

Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan June 1 Mediation : Instructions to ascertain how the

tender of good offices by the United States

would be received. Same to same (telegram).... June 1 Revolution: A condensed statement by wire

and full report by mail of the situation re.

quested. Same to same (telegram)..... June 1 Neutrality: The Itata and her cargo of arms

are expected to be shortly returned to the

custody of the courts of the United States. Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaiuo (tel. June 3 Revolution: Superiority in forces and resources egtam).

of the Government. 170 Same to same...

June 3 Neutrality: The telegram of June 1 acknowl.

edged. 171 Same to samo.

June 3 Revolution : Resources, forces, and territory

under the control of each of the parties stated
at length; incidents of warfare related; ru.

more of cruelty on either side denied.
Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine (tele- June 9 Mediation: Peace propositions would be enter.

tained by the Government, but the revolu

tionists are averse to making any. 172 Same to samo...

June 9 Same subject: Incloses correspondence between

the legation and Admiral McCann, U. S. Navy, relating to restoration of peace.











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