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Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan Juno 17 Telegraph line on land : Instructions to assist

the Central and South American Telegraph
Co. in securing fair consideration of their ap-
plication for a line to the Argentine frontier,
in view of negotiations by English companies

to purchase the only line now existing. 111 Same to samo.

June 18 Samo subject: Incloses a copy of a letter writ

ten to the Dopartmont by the president of

the Central and South American Telegraph Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine (tele- June 25 Samé subject: The company refusing to open gram).

direct communication with Valparaiso,can not

expect favors of the Chilean Government. 174 Same to same....

June 25 Same subject: Gives the additional reason that

the application is believed to be a move for

the depreciation of the land-line stock.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan | June 26 Mediation: Information from the daval officers

confirms the impression that the insurgents,
contrary to Mr. Egan's report, would accept
the good offices of the United States, and he
is instructed to ascertain whether the Gov.

ernment would likewise accept the same.
175 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine .... June 27 Same subject: Incloses correspondence toward

restoration of peace passed between the Junta
and Rear-Admiral McCann, of the U.S. Navy,
accompanying it with a denial that it was car-
ried at his request, and a statement that me.

diation present can not be considered.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan June 30 Cable of the Central and South American Tele-

graph Co.: The company are prevented from
operating it between Iquique and Valparaiso,
and would open direct connection between the
latter place and Peru but fear the otticials at

Iquique would then cut it.
Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaide (tel. July 2 Sanie subject: Recommends that the company

accept the offer of Chilean Government to pay
expenses and guarantee against damages to
the cable, in the opening of direct communi.

cation with Valparaiso.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Blaine July 3 Neutrality: War vessel desired by Chilean Gov.

ernment. The Navy Department has done for

115 | Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan.... July 9 Revolution : Closing of certain ports to com-

merce. In view of the assurance that Ameri.
can vessels will not be molested, no instruc-

tion in that respect seems necessary. 179 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine.....

July 10

Mediation: Insists upon the correctness of

his views regarding difficulties in the way of
restoration of peace as presented in Nos.

172 and 175.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan July 14 Cable of the Central and South American Tele-

graph Co. will be connected in the open sea

on the 20th of July. 180 Mr. Egan to Mr. Wharton.... July 16 | Same subject: Acknowledges the receipt of the

above telegram. 181 Same to same .........

July 16

Revolution: Cruelties alleged against both

sides are grossly exaggerated; instances

Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan....July 21 Neutrality: Explains for what reasons the ep.

voys of the Junta now in Washington could
not be recognized by the Government of the

United States.
Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine (tel. | July 25 Clearance to vessels will be granted by Chilean

Government only under condition that re-
spectivo ministers will sign agreement to
have their vessels released by force if com.
pelled to enter insurgent ports; asks if he
can give the required assurance, as the repre-
sentatives of Great Britain, Germany, and

France have done.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan July 25 Same subject: Declines permission requested

in the above telegram, and says the United
States will always take proper steps to pro-

tect vessels flying its flag. 182 | Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine

July 25

Same subject: Guaranty subscribed by the

British minister inclosed. 183 Same to samo....

July 28 | Samo subject: Bar silver wbich the Depart.

ment declined to allow to be carried to Mon. tevideo on a United States war vessel bas been placed on board the British war ship Espiègle, to the destination of England.



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1891. 184 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine...... July 29 Political: Election of Señor Claudio Vicuña to

succeed President Balmaceda. 185 Same to same.

July 30 Neutrality: Attacks on Mr. Egan for alleged

nonobservance of neutrality, presented in
Mr. Wharton's No. 106, are denied and re-

Same to samo.....

Aug. 3

Same subject: Alleged partiality of British

navy to the insurgents' cause. Transmits
instances asserted by the Chilean Govern.

ment, and incloses article from la Nacion 189 Same to same.

Aug. 5 | Telegrams received by way of Europe are fre

quently unintelligible; recommends the us.
ing of the Central and South American Co.'s

Same to same.

Aug. 8 Outrage on Mr. Herbert C. Stevenson, a United

States citizen, by the intendante of Concep-
cion : Regret has been expressed and an in-
demnity of $2,000 satisfactory to him, paid Mr.

Stevenson. Letter of regrei inclosed. 192 Same to same

Aug. 19

Revolution : Attack on the South by the insur

gents anticipated: movements in sympatby

with them repressed with barbarity. 193 Same to samo

Aug. 20

Asylum afforded to two members of the revolu.

tionary party. On hearing that threats had
been informally made to search his and other
legations on that account, he energetically pro-

Same to same

Aug. 24 Revolution: Rout of the Government forces at

Concon, near Valparaiso, and ensuing demor-
alization of the Balmaceda party; measures
suggested by Mr. Egan to avert the sacking
of Valparaiso, which, however, was not at.

tacked by the victors.
Same to same (telegram)..... Aug. 27 Same subject: Another victory of the revolu.

tionists reported and a decisive battle ex.
pected; communications between Valparaiso
and the capital cut off; asks to be informed

by the Department of any news obtained. Mr. McCreery to Mr. Blaine Aug. 28 Same subject: Defeat of the Government troops; (telegram).

Valparaiso, surrendered to foreign naval com-
manders for preservation of order, is being

entered by the revolutionists.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan Ang. 28 Same subject: Communicates information con.

tained in the above. Mr. McCreery to Mr. Blaine Aug. 30 Same subject: Flight of Balmaceda; represent(telegram).

ative of the Junta proceeding to Santiago to

assume control in its name.
195 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine...... Aug. 31 Same subject: Resignation of Balmaceda in.

duced by the American and French lega.
tions; Gen. Baquedano placed in charge of
the city; scenes of disorder and pillage; sack.
ing of Balmaceda's partisans' property, all
legations except that of Great Britain shelter-

ing large numbers of refugees.
Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan Sept. 1 Same subject: Calls for a full report of the situ-

ation. Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine (tele. Sept. 1 Same subject: Revolutionists have organized gran).

the Government; asks whether he pay recog

nize it; all tranquil. Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan Sept. 4 Same subject: Instructions to recognize the (telegram).

now Government if formed and accepted by

the people. Samo to same (telegram)..... Sept. 7 Same subject: Requests telegraphic reply to

the above telegram.
Mr. Egan to Mr. Wharton Sept. 7 Samo subject: Provisional governmept estab.

lished on the 4th is accepted by the people
ani in cordial communication with the lega-

tion. 197 Same to samo

Sept. 7 Sare subject: Provisional Government has offi.

cially notified the legation of its constitution
and assumption of power, and has been like-

wise recognized. 198 Same to same

Sept. 7 Asylum: Refugees on board American and Ger.

man war vessels. Informal feelers for their
surrenler are met by positive refusal of the

Arnerican legation and German admiral.
Same to same.

Sept. 10 Paper money issnel by the late government will












be recognized by the new one. 201 Same to same

Sept. 16

Members of the cabinet appointed. 202 Same to same

Sept. 16

General elections will take place on Oct. 18.

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203 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine...... Sept. 17 Neutrality: Denial by Rear-Admiral Brown of

the rumor that infortuation of the landing of
revolutionists at Quinteros was brought to
Valparaiso by the U.S. S. San Francisco, bas
been made publio to counteract ill feeling

running against the United States. Same to same (telegram).

Sept. 21

Suicide of Balmaceda .. 204 Same to same

Sept. 21

Same subject: Balmaceda's letter to the Argen

tine minister.
Same to same (telegram)..... Sept. 24 Asylum: Refugees in the legation would be

tried criminally and their lives endangered if
surrendered; it will not be done except under
safe conduct. The legation is watched by
police; two of the servants have been ar.
rested and are in prison; firm protest has been

Same to same (telegram)..... Sept. 25 Disrespect to legation: Arrests of visitors

amount to 20 in two days; no reply has been

made to his protest and he has entered another. Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan Sept. 20 Same subject: The question of right of asylum (telegram).

will be discussed later, but the United States
will insist that no disrespect is shown to the
legation, and prompt action from Chile is ex-

Same to same (telegram)..... Sept. 26 Asylum: Information concerning the refugees

Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine (tele. Sept. 27 Same subject: Reply to the above; names former

situations, etc., of refugees given; the charge
of conspiracy brought against them has been
denied in a note in which safe conduct is again
asked for; that favor was granted to 2 officers

who had entered the British legation.
Same to same (telegram)..... Sept. 28 Same subject: No answer has been made to his

note referred to above. 205 Samo to same....

Sept. 29

Same subject: Particulars regarding the ques.

tions of asylum condensed in previous tele-
grams; status of the case regarding the other
legations; correspondence with minister of

foreign affairs relating thereto inclosed.
Same to same (telegram)..... Sept. 30 Same subject: Safe conduct refused by minister

of foreign affairs, who renews the charge of
conspiracy against the refugees; no more ar.
rests of visitors to the legation bave been

Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan Oct. 1 Same subject: The right of asylum can not now

be denied by Chile after being freely recog.
nized; deprecates acts of disrespect to the
legation, and recommends that the asylum be

not abused by the refugees.
Same to same (telegram).. Oct. 1 Same subject: Instructions to keep the Depart.

ment fully advised.
Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine (tele. Oct. 3 Same subject: The minister of foreign affairs

denies any intention of disrespect to the lega.
tion, but insiste upon the right of taking out.
side of the legation precautions against con-

Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan Oct. 6 Same subject: Information concerning refugees

in other legations requested.
208 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaino Oct. 6 Disrespect to legation : Confirms in detail pre-

vious telegrams; particulars concerning sev.
eral of the American and other visitors ar.
rested on leaving the legation; the Spanish
minister has agreed to act in harmony with
tbe United States minister respecting the ref.
ugees in his legation; his correspondence and
interviews with the minister of foreign af-

Same to samo (telegram).... Oct. 8 Asylum: Number of refugees originally re-

ceived and actually remaining in the several
legations given ; visitors to Spanish legation
also arrested; no safe conduct granted in any

case, but some allowed to leave under bond. 136 Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan.... Oct. 9 Outrage on Mr. Stephenson: Action reported in

No. 191 is approved.
Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine Oct. 13 Asylum: The reply of foreign office expresses re-

gret for disrespect shown to legation, which
was in violation of orders, and that safe con.
ducts can not be granted in consequence of

decree submitting refugees to criminal trial. Same to same

Oot. 17 Same subject: Mr. Egan has repeated request

for safe conducts. Precedente citing priuci. ples set by the Chilean Government.












From and to whom.




1891. Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine...... Oct. 17


Same to same (telegram)..... Oct. 18


Same to same ..

Oct. 19


Same to same (telegram)..... Oct. 20


Same to same (telegram)..... Oct. 23


Same to same (telegram)..... Oct. 23



Mr. Wharton to Mr. Egan | Oct. 23


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Same subject: Incloses notes referred to in the

telegrams of Oct. 13 and 17 and decree insti.

tuting criminal proceedings against refugees. Assault on seamen of the U.S.S. Baltimore:

Announces the killing of one and wounding

of 5 men, and the wounding of 1 Chilean. Same subject: Letters of Capt. Schley, of the

Baltimore, to the legation and to the inten.

dente of Valparaiso. Asylum: Substance of the reply to request for

safe conduct in which the right of Chile to decline to grant the same is maintained. An. other decreo provides that prisoners will not be brought before the courts or liberated even under order of the supreme courts. Victory

of the Liberals at the polls. Same subject: substance of Mr. Egan's reply

to the above suspending discussion pending decision of the United States Government, but giving reasons why the refusal of safe con.

duct iust be interpreted as an unfriendly act. Assault on the seamen of the Baltimore: Capt.

Schley reports the attack to have been unprovoked; the legation will wait for instruc

tions. Same subject: In view of the participation of

the police and of the delay on the part of the Government of Chile to offer any expression of regret or of purpose to punish the perpetrators, instructs him to request an explana

tion. Asylum: Persistent refusal to grant safe con

duct; he thinks further exchange of notes

would be nseless. Assault on the seamen of the Baltimore: Asks

what reparation is expected. Asylum : Incloses, with comments, copies of

the notes from and to the Chilean Govern. ment and decree of the Junta and of the Su.

preme Court relative to refugees. Political: Result of the legislative eloctions. Instructions to maintain his position and to

draw for any amount needed. Assault on the sailors of the Baltimore: Reply

of the Chilean Government to Mr. Egan's note. It will recognize no authority to judge the case but that established by the nation. The American sailors were made to sign a document in Spanish, and no officer allowed

to be present at the examination. Same subject: Confirms with particulars the

above telegram; incloses Capi. Schley's letter
tu the legation and report to the board of in.
vestigation, and notes exchanged with the

Chilean foreign office.
Same subject: The investigation is secret;

Capt. Schley and the United States consul at
Valparaiso have been invited to submit evi.
dence and will refer it to the legation; re-

quests instructions. Same subject: Reply of the minister of foreign

atlairs expresses no regret; says that the re. sult will be communicated and the guilty punished, and gives the report of the inten. dente exonerating the police; deuying any knowledge of the origin of the trouble or of Riggin's inurderer, and describing the assault

as a free fight among drunken sailors. Instructions of Oct. 28 acknowledged.. Assault on the sailors of the Baltimore : In

structious to have the paper signed by the sailors shown to him and to allow no officer or man to testify except in the presence of a

counsel in his own language and publicly. Same subject: Capt. Schloy las been advised to

tender evidence in accordance with the above instructions: the same judge who refused to let othcers of the Baltimore attend the exam. ination, granted that favor to the secretary of the German consulato in a similar circum. stance one month earlier.



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220 Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine...... Nov. 3 Same subject: Confirms in detail his telegrams

of Oct. 31 and Nov. 3. Incloses note of minis.
ter of foreign affairs referred to in the tele-
gram of Oct. 31; two letters of Capt. Schley
giving the names of witnesses and reply
thereto; correspondence between Capt. Schley
and the intendente of Valparaiso, and letter
of the United States consulat Valparaiso, rel.
ative to the favor mentioned in the telegram
of Nov. 3 as baving been granted to the sec-

retary of the German consulate.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. McCreery Nov. 3 Same subject: Full information requested by

Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine (tele- Nov. 7! Outrage on fireman Shields of the steamship

Keweenaw, reported by consul at Valparaiso;
the ill treatment followed upon arrest on a

charge of drunkenness.
Same to same (telegram)... Nov. 7 Asylum: Threats against the legation fo-

mented by the press alleging a conspiracy of
the refugees. Measures were taken by the
authorities against hostile demonstration, re.
solved in a public meeting, but no denial of
the charge was made previously to the ineet-

Same to same

Nov. 7 Assault on the sailors of the Baltimore: In

closes correspondence between Capt. Schley
and the intendente in regard to witnesses,
and second letter from the United States con
sul at Valparaiso relative to the attendance
of secretary of the German consulate at in-

Mr. McCreery to Mr. Blaine Nov: 8 Same subject: Full report transmitted as di.

rected by Mr. Blaine's telegram of Nov. 3.
Mr. Egan to Mr. Blaine Nov. 9 Outrage on Patrick Shields, of the Keweenaw:

Incloses letter of United States consul to in-
tendente at Valparaiso, together with medical
report of injuries sustained, reply of inten-
tendente referring the matter to the judge of
crime, and consul's letter reporting tbat
Shields' name does not appear on the police
records and that Shields way vot brought be.

fore any court.
Same to samo

Nov. 9 Spyiam: Confirmatory of telegram of Nov. 7;

incloses extract of La Union relating to al.

leged couspiracy and object of the meeting, • call of said meeting, protest of Mr. Egan and

Señor Matta's reply, and denial of conspiracy

by the intendente. Same to same (telegram).. Nov. 10 Friendly sentiments expressed by the president

of the provisional government at the call

made officially by Mr. Egan.
Same to same

Nov. 10 Same subject: Confirios the above..
Same to same (telegram) Nov. 11 Election of Señor Montt for President and res.

ignation of the provisional government at the
convening of Congress, New cabinet not yet

forned, but better feeling is.anticipated. 229 Same to same

Nov. 11 Confirms the above 230 Same to same

Nov. 11 Assault on the sailors of the Baltimore; Tho

investigation is declared by Señor Malta to
be delayed by the refusal of Capt. Schley and
Consul McCreery to supply the judge with
necesary information pending instructions

from the legation.
Same to same (telegram).... Nov. 14 The cabinet remains in office as previously con-

stituted, but changes are expected before the

end of the year. 231 i Same to same

Nov. 14 Confirms the above 232 Same to samo

Nov. 16 Asylum: Refugees were received as guests at

a cost of upwards of $5,000; the Spanish le

gation provided shelter only.
Same to same (telegram).... Nov. 17 Disrespect to the legation: Protest has been

made to the Chilean Government of the insult-
ing conduct of spies by whom the legation is

watched. 234 Same to same...

Nov. 19 Attacks on Mr. Egan by Mr. Julio Foster in

New York: Incloses his note to Señor Matta
complaining that they were made under as.
sumption of official character, and reply
thereto denying that Mr. Foster was over
vested with any authority.



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