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form part of each duplicate (or triplicate) of any proposal offered under them.

5. When proposals are solicited for articles grown or manufactured at or near a post to be supplied, the advertisement shall, if time permit, be published there, in order to open to settlers, farmers, millers, stockraisers, &c., in the vicinity, a home market for sale of their products direct to the United States. Such advertisement shall specify when and where at the post proposals will be received and opened; also to whom If such prothereat the envelopes containing them must be addressed. posals are to be received and opened at two or more places, the advertisement must provide for their being opened at all places simultaneously. 6. When the proposed contract involves details too numerous to be stated in the advertisement, the same should be embraced in specifications and instructions to bidders, and the advertisement should refer to them for detailed information upon the subject.

7. Whenever specifications or instructions to bidders are prepared for distribution, the advertisement will state where and how they can be obtained, and will require that one copy of them shall be attached to or accompany each duplicate (or triplicate) of the proposal and form part thereof. To enable bidders to understand fully what is required, the specifications and instructions should be comprehensive, clear, and detailed, and should embrace a copy of the advertisement. As it is designed that these specifications, &c., shall, in terms or in substance, be incorporated into the contract, or be attached to and form part thereof, great care should be observed in their preparation. They should be ready for distribution on the day fixed for first publication of the advertisement.

8. All possible economy in advertising consistent with the necessities of the service must be practiced, and all verbiage in the descriptions of supplies in advertisements and in the headings and titles thereof must be avoided. Advertisements must be set up close.

9. At principal offices and depots where advertisements inviting proposals are frequently issued, it is not necessary to publish in detail, each time, the usual conditions imposed on bidders and contractors. A notice that they will be furnished on application will be sufficient.

10. Advertisements should be as brief as the nature of the service required will admit, stating its character, the kind and amount of supplies or materials or nature of work desired, with the time and place of delivery or performance (when the same can be fixed before entering into the contract), together with such other general information as may be deemed necessary by the officer issuing the advertisement.


Proposals for



o'clock on



[ocr errors]

Sealed proposals, in duplicate [or in triplicate], addressed to the undersigned, will be received at day of —, 18—, at which time and place they will be opened in presence of bidders, for [Here set forth the kinds and quantities of supplies or materials or the nature and extent of services required, times and places of delivery, kc.; making this part of the advertisement, when not too expensive, so full that persons may at once bid understandingly, otherwise, as brief as will suffice to give a general idea of what is wanted and induce application for specifications or instructions to bidders containing detailed information].

One copy of this advertisement must be securely attached to each duplicate (or triplicate) proposal, and must be mentioned therein as comprising part of it.

If specifications, or instructions to bidders, are prepared for distribution, here say:] Specifications (or instructions to bidders, or specifications and instructions to bidders, as the case may be), containing detailed information, may be obtained One copy thereof must be securely attached to each duplicate (or triplicate) proposal, and must be mentioned therein as comprising part of it.


[If blanks for proposals are prepared for distribution, here say:]

Blanks for proposals may be obtained at

[When a bond is required from bidders, here say:]

Proposals must be accompanied by a bond, with two sureties, in the sam of 8[Here enter a sum which has been designated by the head of bureau as the proper penalty], in accordance with the act of Congress of April 10, 1-78, and with the Form prescribed. A proposal unaccompanied by such a bond will not be considered.

[When a written contract is to be made, here say:]

The successful bidder will be required to enter into a written contract with the United States, with good and approved security, in the sum of [Here enter a sum to be not less than one-fifth (3) nor more than the entire value of the contract to be bid for, as near as can be estimated beforehand], within days after being notified of the acceptance of his proposal. Proposals must be inclosed in sealed envelopes marked "Proposals

[blocks in formation]

The United States reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

11. Whenever an officer of the War Department, or of any bureau thereof, or of the Army, or a board of officers, or court-martial, shall deem it necessary or advisable to advertise in any newspaper (the design being that such advertising shall be paid for by the Government), he or they will cause a copy of the proposed advertisment to be made and forwarded directly, through the head of his or their bureau, to the Chief Clerk of the War Department, for the action of the Secretary of War. with a letter requesting authority to publish the same, and stating in what paper or papers among those on the official newspaper-list of the War Department the advertisement should, in his or their judgment, be inserted, and for what length of time. Heads of bureaus will transmit these applications to the Chief Clerk of the War Department, with their recommendations indorsed thereon. If the officer or officers consider that the interests of the Government require the publication of an advertisement in any newspaper not on the official list, the application should set forth that fact.

12. The following Form of application for authority to advertise will be observed:


SIR: I inclose herewith a copy of an advertisement, dated inviting proposals for

[ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small]

-, and respectfully request authority to pub

lish the same in the following-named official newspapers:

insertions in

insertions in

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

[Here sign officially.]


War Department, Washington, D. C.,

(Through ———. )

NOTE.-The number of newspapers named in the application for authority to advertise, the number of insertions recommended therein, &c., will be according to the requirements and interests of the Government in each case. Unnecessary expense for advertising must not be incurred.

13. All bills for advertising must be submitted to the Secretary of War for approval prior to being paid. The officer who issued the advertisement will cause publishers to furnish him with their bills in duplicate and with copies of their papers containing the advertisement. After satisfying himself that the advertisement has been inserted for the time charged, he will have the bills made out and certified upon the official Form, with the nature of the advertisement definitely described, and

with a copy of it, cut from the newspaper named in the bill, attached to the account. A copy of the letter from the War Department authorizing the advertising to be done must be indorsed on the account. The accounts for advertising thus prepared, together with the original bills rendered by the publishers, will be forwarded by the certifying officer directly to the Chief Clerk of the War Department for audit, with a letter of transmittal describing the inclosures. Orders authorizing advertising to be done will not be construed as authorizing payment of the bills until they have been audited and approved.

14. The following is the official Form of accounts for advertising:' THE UNITED STATES,

[blocks in formation]

The rate charged per square (of



lines each) is as follows: For the first inser

dollars and cents; for each subsequent insertion,

dollars and

I certify that the annexed advertisement was cut from the newspaper named in the above account, and that it was inserted in that newspaper for the period stated; also that the regulations of the War Department relative to advertising and job-printing, dated, 18-, have in this case been complied with.

Signed in duplicate at this day of


[Here sign officially.]

15. Officers are prohibited from making any alterations in the columns of accounts headed "No. of squares or lines," "No. of insertions charged," "Amount charged." They will enter in the proper column the number of insertions ordered, and leave blank the column headed

count of more than one newspaper, nor of more than one advertisement. Vouchers for advertisements and for job-printing must not be submitted in the same letter of transmittal.

16. Accounts may, in some cases, be presented to officers for advertisements which they did not order published in the newspaper charging for the same, but which may have been ordered to be inserted therein by the Secretary of War; these accounts must also be submitted to the War Department for decision. They will be made out upon the official Form the same as other advertisements, and in like manner trausmitted to the Chief Clerk of the War Department. The following form of certificate will be used in such cases:

"I certify that the annexed advertisement was cut from the newspaper named in the above account, and that it was inserted in that newspaper for the period stated."

17. In the event of the death, removal, or resignation of any officer. or of his being transferred to another station, the outstanding bills for the advertisements of his office will be prepared, certified, and forwarded by his successor, who is authorized to vary the Form to correspond with the facts. Officers changing stations will leave with their successors complete records relative to unsettled accounts for advertising.

18. The heads of the several bureaus of the War Department will furnish to their officers charged with the duty of advertising, complete lists of newspapers designated by the Secretary of War in which advertisements may be published, together with the regulations and orders of the War Department upon the subject, and all necessary blanks.


1. Information in regard to supplies or services for which proposals have been invited by advertisement will be furnished all persons desiring it, on application to such sources as are designated in the advertisement.

In case of supplies, they will be informed of the kind, quantity, and quality of articles required; place, time, and rate of delivery; conditions of payment; furnished with such specifications as have been adopted, and permitted to examine the standard samples at the places where they are deposited.

In case of services, they will be informed of the nature and extent of the services required; the place where or places between which they are to be performed, and the time allowed for the performance; furnished

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