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heading of “ Vienna Congress Treaty,” to every instance in which a reference has been made to that Treaty in subsequent European Documents.

In order to add to the usefulness of the Work, and to make the Boundary Treaties really intelligible, Maps have been prepared and inserted, showing the Boundaries between the Principal States of Europe. In cases in which such Maps have been laid before Parliament with the Treaties, they have been reduced in size, to avoid the inconvenience of unfolding, and have been inserted in the volumes after the Treaties. General Maps of the same description have also been added, showing the status of Europe in 1815 and in 1875.

The entire Work is published in English. In cases in which the Treaties and other Documents have been laid before Parliament with English Translations, those Translations have been generally adopted, but in cases in which they have not been communicated to Parliament, Translations from the original language have been carefully made, and in all cases in which the Document has been inserted in the “ State Papers,” in the French language, a foot note is attached, giving a reference to the volume in which a copy of it is to be found.

The Treaty of Ghent of 1814 is inserted in order to show the terms upon which Peace was concluded with the United States of America after the French Revolutionary War; but it has not been thought necessary to insert the Treaties alluded to therein, or those which have been contracted with that country since that date, and consequent thereon.

In the Appendix will be found Copies of or Extracts from Treaties which were concluded prior to 1814, but which are alluded to in the body of the Work as being still in force, as well as a reference to the volumes of “State Papers,” in which will be found extracts from and references to other Documents, which it was not thought neces

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sary to insert in the body of the Work in their order of

The INDEX, which forms an important feature in the
Work, and is prepared upon an entirely new Plan, gives
full reference to EVERY NAME as well as to EVERY SUBJECT
mentioned in the several Treaties or other International
Documents contained in the entire Work.

In conclusion, I can only repeat that the object aimed
at in this work has been to enable the Statesman and
the Student, but especially the English Statesman and
the English Student, to ascertain accurately the Changes
that have taken place by Treaty in Europe since 1814, and
how these Changes have been brought about. With this
view the necessary Documents are given in Three Volumes
in a complete and connected form. Hitherto, in order to
obtain this information, it has been necessary to consult
collections of Treaties in many instances published abroad
and not easily accessible in England; or to refer to Blue
Books laid before Parliament, to the “ State Papers," or to
accounts of these events contained in Treatises on Inter-
national Law or International Questions, and other Works.

I am well aware that a Work such as this must, in some
measure, be incomplete. Some Documents of little prac-
tical value have been omitted; but every important State
Paper relating to the transactions referred to, will be
found recorded in these pages.

No pains have been spared to secure accuracy, and the
willing labour of my leisure hours during many years has
been given to make “The Map of Europe by Treaty" a
complete and satisfactory Work.

For the selection of the Papers, the correctness of the
Translations, and the accuracy of the Maps and Notes, I
am solely responsible.

Foreign Office,

August, 1875.





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12. 3rd May. Treaty between Austria and Russia. Poland. (Vienna)

13. 3rd May. Treaty between Prussia and Russia. Poland. (Vienna.)

14. 3rd May. Additional Treaty between Austria, Prussia, and Russia.

Cracow. (Vienna.)


3rd May. Constitution of Cracow. (Vienna.)...

16. 18th May. Territorial Treaty between Austria, Prussia, Russia, and

Saxony. (Vienna.)

Accession of Great Britain to ditto (18th September)

17. .... 18th May. Declaration between Prussia and Saxony. House of

Schönburg. (Vienna.)

Acceptance of ditto by the 5 Powers (29th May)

18. .... 19th May. Treaty between Great Britain, Netherlands, &c. Russian

Dutch Loan. (London.).....

20th May. Territorial Treaty between Austria, Prussia, Russia, and

Sardinia. Union of Genoa to Sardinia. Sardinian

Cessions to Genera. (Vienna.).

20. .... 27th May. Act of Acceptance by Switzerland of the Declaration of

the 8 Powers of 20th March, 1815. (Zurich.)

28th May. Territorial Convention between Austria, Bavaria, and

Prussia. (Kreuznach.)

21. 29th May. Territorial Convention between Hanover and Prussia.


22. 31st Jay. Treaty of Union between Belgium and Holland.


23. .... 31st May. Territorial Convention between Nassau and Prussia.


31st May, Separate and Secret Article between Nassau and Prussia.

Territorial. (Vienna.)......

24. 1st June. Territorial Convention between Prussia and Saxe-Weimar.


25. ... 4th June. Territorial Treaty between Denmark and Prussia,

Pomerania, Lauenburg, &c. (Vienna.)

7th June. Territorial Treaty between Prussia and Sweden.


26. 8th June. Federative Constitution of Germany. (Vienna.)

27. 9th June. Final Act of Congress of Vienna. (Vienna.) ..

28. 10th June. Territorial Convention between Austria, Prussia, &c.

Westphalia, &c. (Vienna.)

12th June. Territorial Convention between Austria and Přussia.


29. .... 18th June. Protocol. Protests of the Pope against certain clauses

in Treaties of 1814 and 1815. (Vienna.)..

30. Sept., 1811 Protocols of Conferences between 8 Powers. Congress

- June, 1815.) of Vienna

31. 26th July. Protocol between Great Britain, Austria, &c. Slave

Trade. (Paris.)

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