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355 392

392 103 additional beds are under construction, contract

date of completion, Feb. 9, 1930. 75

Not used at present by bureau.

American Legion at eleventh annual convention recom

mended 200 neuropsychiatric and 300 general beds.

New hospital authorized by Public, No. 29, Seventy

first Congress, Dec. 23, 1929.

U.S. Public Health Service is asking for a new 100-bed

hospital. American Legion at eleventh annual convention recom

mended a 400-bed general hospital. Bureau's program at Seventieth Congress, second ses

sion, requested authority to sell.



370 438



U.S. P.H.S.

U.S. Navy Gen.
Soldiers' Home. Gen..



Soldiers' Home is asking for an additional 200 neuro

psychiatric beds. American Legion at eleventh annual convention recom

mended a 400-bed hospital.


U.S. V. B.



Walla Walla
American Lake.

U.S. V. B
U.S. V. B.

T. B.
N. P.

Puget Sound.
Port Townsend.

U.S. Navy Gen.
U.S. P. H.S..

U.S. P. H. S. Gen.



West Virginia, unde- U.S. V. B.


U.S. V. B.


Wyoming, Sheridan.

Soldiers' Home. Gen.
U.S. V. B. N. P.


NotE.-Beds listed as available to this bureau in U. S. Public Health Service hospitals represent only those occupied. All hospitals of the Public Health Service are available to this bureau and any facilities therein beyond the normal requirements of that service may be utilized, if needed.

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the accounting office; and if that is done I think you will save hething. Mr. CRADDOCK. I did not mean that you should act on all these es personally. General HINES. I understand. Mr. CRADDOCK. But what I mean is that these matters that go rough the Veterans' Bureau should be finally determined, and that ur final action should be binding, and the Comptroller General puld not be permitted to rule on the questions later. General Hines. I am sure that is going to be necessary in some of ese cases, because we can not debate on the question of whether a eck is paid, and matters of that kind, or whether it will be sent back ain. That is beyond reason. Mr. SCHAFER. Your attorneys in your legal section, and your torneys on your highest appeal board, are certainly just as competent id qualified and know at least just as much about the adjudication Veterans' Bureau cases as the attorneys set up in the Comptroller eneral's preaudit section in your office.

General Hines. I would think so; they are studying the law all me time.

Mr. SCHAFER. In fact, I would say they are better able to handle kose problems. If you are going to have two agencies in the Veterns' Bureau, with the preaudit section of the Comptroller General's ffice absolutely nullifying the action of your legal department and he action of your attorneys, you might as well remove everybody corking on that force, because you have a duplication that has been a pading to confusion. b General Hines. If you ever get into that, you will see the desiraa Sility of the Government adopting some improved system in the tinatter of auditing. We make too many audits now. If there happened to be one audit, that would be well; but I am wondering if we all realize that each department audits probably in the field, again in the central office, and the Comptroller General audits on top of that. We have somewhat of a duplication there. It is brought about by various laws.

Mr. SCHAFER. I believe it would be better if the Comptroller General would take his preaudit section out of the Veterans' Bureau, in connection with the adjudication of these Veterans' Bureau cases, and transfer it to the prohibition department and preaudit some of those accounts.

The CHAIRMAN. We thank you very much, General Hines, for your appearance to-day, and your interesting and informative testimony.

General Hines. Thank you, sir.





Distribution of appropriation for 1930, United States Veterans' Bureau

[blocks in formation]

$15, 649, 339

125,000 2, 806, 657 18, 580, 996

3. 13



Administrative expense:

Administrative salaries
Printing and binding...
Other administrative expense

Total administrative expense.
Direct expense:

Salaries (medical and hospital)
Medical and hospital...
Military and naval compensation.
Adjusted service certificate fund..

Total direct expense.
Grand total..

1 Other administrative expense includes expenses for such items as stationery, motor vehicles, telephone and telegraph, travel of employees, rents, etc.

NOTE.-If the salaries incidental to medical and hospitalization were added to administrative salaries, the total salaries would be 8.139 per cent of the grand total of all appropriations.

Cost summary, disbursing division, United States Veterans' Bureau, January 1 to Cost summary, disbursing division, United States Veterans' Bureau, January 1 to

56 3. 72

25, 044, 004 31, 650, 000 191, 450, 000 112,000,000 115, 250, 000

6,000,000 481, 394, 004 499, 975,000

5. 01 6. 33 38. 29 22. 40 23. 05

1. 20 96. 28 100.00

May 31, 1929

Number of



Cost per

Salary expense



Check production: Printing

addressograph checks.

2,073, 238

Typing checks


20, 137

. 03111

$825. 49 $0.00039 Printing in one operation on A4 ad.

dressograph machines, from addressograph plates, checks and check copies covering regular monthly payments of compensation, insurance, insurance dividends, quarterly payments of adjusted compensation, and emergency officers' retirement pay; making necessary verifications, and maintaining record of all checks and

check copies printed. 626. 50

Typing on Elliott-Fisher machines

checks and check copies covering adjustment payments of compensation, insurance, and emergency officers' retirement pay, checks showing name, address, amount, identification number, and such information as adjustment date, final payment, etc.; main. taining record of all checks and check

copies typed. 5, 367.85 02574 Typing checks covering miscellaneous

payments, showing name, address, amount, and identification number, information being obtained from va

rious classes of public vouchers. 6,819.84 .00296

Typing checks (miscellane


208, 491

2, 301, 866

Total, printing and

typing checks. Signing checks...

2, 301, 866

2, 134. 47

Verification of checks.....

2, 301, 866

9, 400.90

.00092 Signing checks in the name of the dis

bursing clerk, central office, mainly by use of 15-pen and 5-pen signa. graphs, Elliott-Fisher checks and all reissued checks being signed individ

ually. .00408 Verifying typed and printed checks

with vouchers and award cards from which issued, and determining that no erasures or other alterations appear on checks, that no mechanical errors appear, that signatures are

complete, etc. 00204 | Inclosing and sealing in envelopes, by

machine or by hand, all checks issued by central office disbursing clerk; in the case of miscellaneous checks, sep. arating from original vouchers, sus. pension letters, voucher stubs or voucher copies; segregating air mail, special-delivery mail, and registered mail.

Inclosing and sealing checks.. 2, 192, 161


May 31, 1929Continued

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

$1,557.65 $0.00071 Segregating by States and foreign coun

tries checks which have been inclosed

and sealed. 4, 395. 25 .002

Tying checks in bundles, by States;

placing checks in mail bags, locking bags, and dispatching to post office; placing postage on checks mailed direct to payees in foreign countries and dispatching to post office; forwarding to Department of State sealed packages of checks, together with lists thereof, which are transmitted to American consular agents for deliv

ery to payees. 7,369.00 .00395 Adding certain groups of checks to de

termine amounts of moneys represented by same and verifying these amounts against amounts previously approved and certified for payment

on vouchers. 1, 793. 47

.02548 Embossing addressograph plates on

graphotype machines from information on vouchers and award cards covering all regular payments made by central office; making necessary corrections on plates to cover changes in rate, name, address, and identifi

cation number. 9, 515.82 00446 Maintaining file, numerically by iden.

tification number, of addressograph plates covering all regular payments made by central office; searching and correcting files to cover suspensions, change of guardian, etc.; proof reading transcripts of new and corrected

plates. 825. 49

.00039 See “printing addressograph checks."

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

20, 137

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Verifying vouchers to determine that

they are complete in every detail. Verifying vouchers and checks with

amended award cards, abstracts, and guardianship letters, accrued amounts being proved on calculating ma

chines. Examining all classes of miscellaneous

vouchers prior to payment to determine whether supporting papers are attached, that the accounts are completely and correctly stated in com. pliance with prescribed requirements; on vouchers paid without preaudit, checking against contracts and determining that bureau regulations and decisions of the Comptroller General have been complied with.

[blocks in formation]
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