Treaty of Peace with Germany: Hearing Before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, Sixty-sixth Congress, First Session

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919 - Peace - 180 pages

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Page 536 - agreement for an authoritative determination of what the treaty meant. The President. Yes. Senator Brandegee. Now, as it is they will submit the matter either to arbitration or to inquiry by the council, and so forth. Now, you say that the opinion of the council to which the dispute has
Page 542 - to the assembly. The article I have just read provides for a report concurred in "exclusive in each case of the representatives of the parties to the dispute.
Page 534 - The President. Yes, sir. Senator Brandegee. That is, you admit that there are grave doubts among the ablest lawyers of the country as to the necessity for reservations or the alternative between reservations and ratifying the whole treaty, as it is expressed in the vernacular, without the dotting of an "i" or the crossing of a "t.
Page 538 - Senator McCumber. Do you think if Germany had committed no act of war or no act of injustice against our citizens that we would have gotten into this war ? The President. I hope it would eventually, Senator, as things developed. The President. I do think so.
Page 533 - read to us when we met here this morning, and in it he states: Nothing. I am led to believe, stands in the way of the ratification of the treaty except certain doubts with regard to the meaning and implication of certain articles of the covenant of the league of
Page 516 - of the league or not, is hereby declared a matter of concern to the whole league, and the league shall take any action that may be deemed
Page 528 - Senator Johnson of California. Pardon me a further question: You did make the attempt to do it, too; did you not? Senator Johnson of California. And the decision ultimately reached at the peace conference was a disappointment to you ? The President. Oh, indeed I did; very seriously. Senator Johnson of California. You would have preferred, as
Page 527 - Senator McCumber. Senator Johnson, may I ask the President right here whether or not after we entered into the war any treaties were made between any of our cobelligerents that were not given to us. The President. No, sir. I can confidently answer that "No," in regard to myself. Senator McCumber.
Page 525 - The President. There would be as many copies of the proces verbal as there were members of the conference in existence much longer than the time within which we shall learn whether Japan will fulfill her obligations or not. Senator Moses. Without some such depository, how otherwise would this engagement of Japan, as embodied in the
Page 545 - From that moment, and subject to the provisions of this treaty, official relations with Germany and with any of the German States will be resumed by the allied and associated powers,

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