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BIOGRAPHY. Marcus Whitman and the Early Days of Oregon. By William A. Mowry. 12mo, pp. 341. New York: Silver, Burdett & Co. $1.50.

Dr. Marcus Whitman's heroic transcontinental ride in 1842-43, and his tragic death in the Indian massacre of 1847, have made him one of our national heroes. Dr. Mowry has for more than twenty years been engaged in an investigation of all the facts attending Dr. Whitman's life in Oregon, and especially the question of his service to the nation in saving the Oregon country to the United States. He has examined every scrap of documentary evidence obtainable, and has conversed with many persons who had intimate knowledge of the facts. His conclusion is that to Whitman more than to any other one man is due the policy which resulted in keeping the present States of Oregon and Washington as integral parts of the American republic. Karl Marx: Biographical Memoirs. By Wilhelm Liebknecht. Translated by E. Untermann. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co. 50 cents.

Liebknecht's biographical memoirs of Karl Marx are the most authentic sources of our knowledge of the great socialist's life. Liebknecht was a contemporary and disciple of Marx, and not only had intimate personal knowledge of his teacher's private life, but sympathized with him fully in all his misfortunes. From 1850 to 1862, Liebknecht was a fellowexile with Marx in England, and for much of the time was a member of his family. It is natural, then, that in writing his memoirs he should treat of Marx the man rather than of Marx the economist and the socialist. These memoirs were not published until 1896, thirteen years after the death of their subject. This, we believe, is the first English translation.

The Tribulations of a Princess. By the Author of "The Martyrdom of an Empress." 8vo, pp. 379. New York: Harper & Brothers. $2.25.

While the authorship of "The Martyrdom of an Empress" is still unrevealed, a volume attributed to the same author and relating "The Tribulations of a Princess" has just appeared. This autobiography gives many personal recollections of the Austrian and Russian courts, relating more or less of the court gossip concerning the personalities of kings, emperors, and other personages in high public station.

The Last Confessions of Marie Bashkirtseff, and Her Correspondence with Guy de Maupassant. With a Foreword by Jeannette L. Gilder. 12mo, pp. 157. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company. $1.10. The publication of the first English edition of "The Journal of Marie Bashkirtseff" in 1889 created a sensation of no small dimensions. In the present volume is included the diary of the young Russian artist for the last two years of her life, together with an interesting correspondence carried on with Guy de Maupassant. A foreword is supplied by Miss Jeannette L. Gilder, through whose instrumentality Marie Bashkirtseff was introduced to the American public. Mr. G. H. Perris contributes an introductory chapter.


Masters of French Literature. By George McLean Harper. 12mo, pp. 316. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. $1.25.

Professor Harper introduces this little volume of essays with a brief discussion of "The Place of French Literature." Then follows a study of "The Golden Age of French Drama," after which the author proceeds to what he terms “The Revolutionary Analysis-Saint-Simon, Montesquieu, and Voltaire." Essays on Victor Hugo, Sainte-Beuve, and Balzac complete the volume, which forms in a general way a history of French literature. To borrow Professor Harper's own figure, his work forms a series of views from several mountain-tops, each within sight of its nearest neighbors.

Corneille. By Leon H. Vincent. 16mo, pp. 198. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. $1.

The French Academy. By Leon H. Vincent. 16mo, pp. 159. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. $1.

The French Academy, the origin and history of which are only imperfectly understood by most Americans, is the subject of a clever and interesting treatise by Mr. Leon H. Vincent, the author of the series of "Brief Studies in French Society and Letters in the Seventeenth Century." Readers whose interest may be stimulated by Mr. Vincent's monograph will be aided in further research by the list of reference-books which he appends to his volume in the form of a bibliographical note. Another volume in the same series is devoted entirely to the great dramatist Corneille, who was also a member in his latter days of the academy, and was in many ways a typical Frenchman of the seventeenth century. Modern German Literature. By Benjamin W. Wells. 12mo, pp. 429. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. $1.50. In the new edition of "Modern German Literature," by Prof. Benjamin W. Wells, of the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee, two new chapters are included, one dealing with German literature from the rise of the young German school to the French war, and another with the first generation of imperial Germany. Professor Wells has thus been able to show more clearly the currents of literary development and to bring the story down to the closing months of the nineteenth century.

The Christian in Hungarian Romance. By John Fretwell. 16mo, pp. 124. Boston: James H. West Company. $1.

This book is a study and résumé of Dr. Maurus Jokai's novel "There Is a God; or, The People Who Love but Once." This is an extremely picturesque story, dealing with the revolution of 1848, the defeat of Austria at Solferino in 1858, and other stirring episodes in Hungarian history. Pope Pius IX. figures in the story, and the leading characters are members of the old-established Episcopal Unitarian Church of Hungary, which has existed for over three hundred and thirty-two years, and has been associated with some of the most tragic and romantic events in the history of southeastern Europe.

Falstaff and Equity: An Interpretation. 12mo, pp. 201. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. $1.50.

This volume is mainly a commentary on Falstaff's expression, "There is no equity stirring." It is a lawyer's examination of Shakespeare's legal knowledge, and will be found of special interest to all English-speaking judges, lawyers, and law-students, as well as to all persons interested in Shakespeare's personal biography.

The Writings of King Alfred, d. 901. By Frederic Harrison. 12mo, pp. 31. New York: The Macmillan

Company. 25 cents.

Mr. Frederic Harrison's valuable Harvard address on the writings of King Alfred has been printed in pamphlet form. Its publication is timely, in view of the millennial commemoration of King Alfred's death.

Literary Rambles at Home and Abroad. By Theodore F. Wolfe. 16mo, pp. 235. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. $1.25.

Literary Shrines: The Haunts of Some Famous American Authors. By Theodore F. Wolfe. 16mo, pp. 223. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. $1.25.

The latest volume of Dr. Wolfe's series of sketches of the homes of literary men and women is entitled " Literary Rambles at Home and Abroad,” and deals with both American and English writers. The book opens with descriptions of the homes of authors along the Hudson River, and from this region the rambles are continued into New Jersey and

along the Delaware. Among the writers whose haunts are described in these chapters are Willis, Headley, Burroughs, Paulding, Irving, Cooper, Stedman, Frank R. Stockton, Walt Whitman, and Thomas Dunn English. The literary shrines visited in England were Stratford-on-Avon, Byron's Harrow, Kensel Green, the Ayrshire home of Burns, and the English lake country.


The Opera Past and Present: An Historical Sketch. By William Foster Apthorp. 12mo, pp. 238. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. $1.25.

In this volume, Mr. Apthorp has sketched in succinct and readable chapters a history of the opera covering over three centuries and dealing with four nationalities. Mr. Apthorp considers the different schools, composers, and works more with reference to the influence exerted by them on the evolution of the opera than with reference to their intrinsic excellence. He departs from his general plan in the cases of Mozart and Beethoven, whose genius he considers as too closely in harmony with the fundamental idea of the opera to be neglected.

Ten Singing Lessons. By Madame Marchesi. 12mo, pp. 198. New York: Harper & Brothers. $1.50.

The reader should not take the title of Madame Marchesi's book too seriously, or imagine that any attempt is made in this entertaining volume to impart vocal instruction. The "ten lessons" are chiefly biographical and reminiscent chapters about Madame Marchesi's pupils and the many singers and musicians she has known during her long career as a teacher of singing. Interspersed with these personal recollections is much sound and excellent advice to would-be singers. A preface to the volume is contributed by Madame Melba, one of Madame Marchesi's devoted pupils, and a somewhat more formal introduction by Mr. W. J. Henderson, the musical critic.


The Life of the Bee. By Maurice Maeterlinck. Translated by Alfred Sutro. 12mo, pp. 427. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. $1.40.

This translation of Maeterlinck's bee studies will acquaint many American readers for the first time with the fact that the distinguished Belgian author is a specialist in entomology. In the present volume, however, he disclaims any intention to write a treatise on bee culture or a scientific monograph, promising to reserve for a more technical work the notes and experiments he has made during twenty years of bee-keeping. His purpose in this book is to make his reader acquainted with the bee's daily life. He claims for the book at least the merit of accuracy as to facts, and the most casual turning of his pages reveals his familiarity with the literature of the subject.

The Insect Book: A Popular Account of the Bees, Wasps, Ants, Grasshoppers, Flies, and Other North American Insects, Exclusive of the Butterflies, Moths, and Beetles, with Full Life Histories, Tables, and Bibliographies. 4to, pp. xxvii-429. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co. $3.

Dr. L. O. Howard, chief entomologist of the United States Department of Agriculture, whose article on mosqui toes appears elsewhere in this number of the REVIEW OF REVIEWS, has written a popular description of bees, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, flies, and other North American insects for the series of nature books published by Doubleday, Page & Co. Dr. Howard has included in this volume full life histories of the different insects, bringing out the most important and typical facts in each instance. It has been Dr. Howard's aim in the preparation of this work, not only to give information about insects, but to encourage origina study. In other words, he not only tells what is known about the insect world, but he tries at the same time to

point out what is not known but can be more or less easily found out. Dr. Howard has excluded the butterflies from his book, since they have already been treated in another volume of the same series by Dr. W. J. Holland, who is now preparing a moth book. A similar volume is also promised for the beetles. In the illustration of "The Insect Book " only original plates are used, the insects photographed having been either collected especially for the purpose or taken from the United States National Museum. There are several pages of colored cuts, and more than 300 text cuts in black and white. All in all, Dr. Howard has succeeded remarkably well in popularizing his subject. The authoritative character of his work is, of course, beyond question. Nature Biographies: The Lives of Some Everyday Butterflies, Moths, Grasshoppers, and Flies. By Clarence Moores Weed. 8vo, pp. 164. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co. $1.50.

In this little volume, Professor Weed gives his readers a personal introduction, as it were, to various members of the butterfly, moth, and grasshopper families. His text is accompanied by numerous photographic illustrations, and all the studies, it is needless to say, have been made directly from nature. The chapters entitled "Catching Butterflies with a Camera," "The Camera and the Entomologist,” "Studies of Insect Parasites," and "Insects in Winter" are especially suggestive.

Our Near Neighbor, the Mosquito. By A. B. Rich. 12mo, pp. 58. New York: The Abbey Press. 50


This brief monograph is the result of several years of careful study of the mosquito in his New Jersey haunts. All the peculiar habits and characteristics of this insect marauder are fully described by Mr. Rich. The illustra tions of the book are reproductions of the author's microscopic slides, mounted in the course of his investigations. Mr. Chupes and Miss Jenny: The Life Story of Two Robins. By Effie Bignell. 12mo, pp. 250. New York: The Baker & Taylor Company. $1.

This is a delightful account of the life history of two pet robins. Each had the unusual experience of living for some five years in charge of a devoted lover of birds.

Our Ferns in Their Haunts. By Willard Nelson Clute. 12mo, pp. 332. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company. $2.35.

Mr. Clute, the author of this work, is the editor of the Fern Bulletin, the only publication in the world devoted exclusively to ferns. In the present volume special attention is paid to the habits, structure, growth, and distribution of all the fern species to be found north of the Gulf States and east of the Rocky Mountains. An illustrated key to the families assists to ready identification. The language employed is untechnical, and the common or English names are given in connection with the scientific nomenclatures, both "old" and "new." Mr. William W. Stilson has supplied more than 200 illustrations from living plants.

And the Wilderness Blossomed. By Almon Dexter. 12mo, pp. 283. Philadelphia: H. W. Fisher & Co. $2. This volume relates the experiences of an American family in their summer home in northern Maine. It tells how the house was built and furnished, and describes its natural surroundings. There is a chapter on native birds and more than half the book is given up to an account of the cultivated plants-annuals, perennials, and biennials-that may be successfully grown in that portion of the country. Familiar Trees and Their Leaves. Described and Illustrated by F. Schuyler Mathews. Edition in Colors, with an Introduction by Prof. L. H. Bailey. 12mo, pp. 320. New York: D. Appleton & Co. $1.75.


The Jewish Encyclopedia: A Descriptive Record of the History, Literature, and Customs of the Jewish People from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Isidore Singer, Ph.D., Projector and Managing Editor. Complete in Twelve Volumes. Vol. I., Aach -Apocalyptic Literature. 4to, pp. xxxviii-685. New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company. Cloth, per volume, $7; half morocco, $9; full morocco, $11. The first volume of "The Jewish Encyclopedia," on which work has been in progress for the past three years, has just been issued. The conception and, to a great extent, the execution of this great enterprise are accredited to Dr. Isidore Singer, a graduate of the University of Vienna, who came to this country five years ago with only the slightest knowledge of the English language, but with a determination to secure a publisher for the crowning work of his life. His efforts were successful, and the work is now well on its way through the press. A staff of learned writers in Europe and America has been engaged and organized, and the first of the twelve volumes now before us is a creditable exhibit of the results of cooperation between scholarship and executive ability. The subject-matter of the encyclopedia falls into three main divisions, each of which is again subdivided into departments, each under the control of an editor directly responsible for the accuracy and thoroughness of the articles embraced in his department. These three main divisions are: (1) History, biography, and sociology; (2) literature; (3) theology and philosophy. Nearly four hundred persons have thus far contributed to the work, writing in various languages; and in order to reduce the work of these contributors to the same uniform standard, a complete bureau of translation and revision had to be established. As an indication of the scope of the work, it is interesting to note that the selection of topics for insertion involved the labor of twelve months and resulted in a trial index of over twenty-five thousand captions. In the present volume, the article on America includes an immense amount of important information regarding the part taken by Jews in the discovery, exploration, settlement, and development of the United States.

The International Year Book. Edited by Frank Moore Colby. 8vo, pp. 1061. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. $3.

The International Year Book" for 1900 is a volume of more than one thousand pages, and is really what the subtitle of the work indicates," A Compendium of the World's Progress During the Year." Besides embracing the significant events at home and abroad, the "Year Book" gives excellent résumés of discussions of national and international questions. There are also many biographical sketches, not only of eminent men who died during the year 1900, but of many personalities who, for one reason or another, are distinctly before the public at the present moment. As an appropriate supplement to the record of 1900, there are chapters on the progress of the nineteenth century in the various fields of science, literature, art, and history. There is also a compendium of the census statistics of population. The Pronunciation of 10,000 Proper Names. By Mary Stuart Mackey and Maryette Goodwin Mackey. 16mo, pp. 294. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. $1.

This convenient handbook is partly a compilation from standard works, but includes also many names not commonly found in these, particularly Philippine, Spanish, Samoan, and Slavic words.

A Dictionary of American Authors. By Oscar Fay Adams. (Fourth edition, revised and enlarged.) 12mo, pp. 532. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. $3.50.

In the present issue of this invaluable work more than a thousand names have been added, and the dates of deaths

occurring since the last preceding issue have been inserted. The titles of the principal writings (and in most instances the publishers) of each author in the list are given, as well as the author's profession and other important data. In the editorial office the book is indispensable. Libraries will find it equally helpful.

Encyclopedia of Etiquette: What to Write; What to Wear; What to Do; What to Say. A Book of Manners for Everyday Use. By Emily Holt. 12mo, pp. 442. New York: McClure, Phillips & Co. $2. This book gives full descriptions and illustrations of the proper forms of invitation for the various kinds of social entertainments, such as dinners, receptions, and dances, together with detailed instructions as to when, how, and to whom invitations should be issued. The approved duties of host and hostess, as well as of guests, are also fully set forth, and special instruction is given as to proper dress for men and women for all social occasions, and the arrangement of rooms and decorations. The proper duty and bearing of servants are also treated in detail, and there are special chapters dealing with the thousand and one problems and fine points of etiquette that require elucidation. Indian Basketry. By George Wharton James. 8vo, pp. 238. New York: Henry Malkan. $2.

In this volume, Mr. James describes the basket and basket-makers of the great American Southwest, the Pacific coast, and Alaska. The author has drawn upon various scientific monographs covering this interesting subject, and gives the results of nearly twenty years of personal study of various basket-making tribes and their methods of work. The book contains more than 300 illustrations, many of which have been taken from the scientific publications of the United States Bureau of Ethnology, while others are reproduced from original photographs and drawings, and present remarkable specimens of this fast-decaying Indian art. Mr. James describes the parts played by baskets in Indian legend and ceremonials, and attempts some interpretation of basket symbolism.

Bamboo Work. ("Work" Handbooks.) Edited by Paul N. Hasluck. 16mo, pp. 160. New York: Cassell & Co. 40 cents.

Taxidermy. ("Work" Handbooks.) Edited by Paul N. Hasluck. 16mo, pp. 160. New York: Cassell & Co. 40 cents.

The "Work" Handbooks cover numerous practical topics, such as "House Decoration," "How to Write Signs, Tickets, and Posters," "Dynamos and Electric Motors," "Cycle Building and Repairing," "Electric Bells: How to Make and Fit Them," and various other subjects of interest to the householder. The present manuals deal, respectively, with bamboo work, comprising the construction of household furniture and other articles in bamboo, and taxidermy, comprising the skinning and stuffing of birds, mammals, and fish. Each manual is supplied with engravings and dịagrams. The editor of the series, Mr. Paul N. Hasluck, is the editor of Work and the Building World.

The Photo-Miniature: A Monthly Magazine of Photographic Information. New York: Tennant & Ward (287 Fourth Avenue). 25 cents a number; $2.50 a year.

Each monthly number of this publication is a monograph on some special subject in photography, complete in itself. In the second volume, "Albumen and Plain Paper Printing," Photographic Manipulations,"" Photographing Clouds," and "Landscape Photography" were among the topics treated on this plan. In the third volume, now in the course of issue, "Telephotography" and "Pin-Hole (Lensless) Photography" are the subjects of two extremely interesting treatises, which should not be missed by either amateur or professional. Great care is taken in the illustration of these booklets, and a series of them bound together would make a fascinating little volume.


Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the July numbers of periodicals. For table of abbreviations, see last page.

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Armies: Negro Volunteer: Some Characteristics, R. L.
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wealth Parliament, W. H. Fitchett, RRM, May; RRL, July.

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Austrian Question? Is There a, W. Beaumont, RPar, July 1. Automobile, Care of the, J. A. Kingman, O.

Babylonian History, J. A. Craig, Mon.

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Bank, Increasing the Efficiency of the Working Force of a, BankNY.

Banking Methods, Modern, A. R. Barrett, Bank NY, June.
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June 15.

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[blocks in formation]

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Charity Organization Work, Psychology of, S. H. Bishop,

Charity Worker: What He Is Expected to Do, F. Tucker, Char.

Charlatanism, Evolution of, F. Ragnault, RRP, July 1. Chautauqua, a School for Out-of-School People, Chaut. Chicago Building-Trades Conflict, J. A. Miller, JPEcon, June; E. L. Bogart, PSQ, June.

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Loot, Ethics of, G. Reid, Forum.

Manchuria, Russian Problem in, G. F. Wright, AMRR.
Missionary Problem, F. Greenwood, NineC.
Naval Contingent, With the, RRM, May,

Peking, Defense of the French Legation in, Lieutenant
Darcy, RDM, June 15.

Poetry of China, J. Gautier, RPar, June 15.
Powers, Policy of the, H. C. Thomson, Mon R.
Railway Engineering in China, T. J. Bourne, CasM.
Waldersee, Count, Failure of, RPL, June.
"Yellow Peril," M. L. Taft, MisR.

Christ Under Oath, J. J. Young, Luth.

Christian Endeavor, Twenty Years of, J. W. Baer, Home. Christian Science, Absurd Paradox of, J. M. Buckley, NAR. Christianity and Public Life-II., D. S. Cairns, Contem. Christianity, Roman Catholic, Cardinal Gibbons, NAR. Christianity: Shall It Have a Fair Trial? R. F. Bishop, MRNY.

Chrysostom, Lessons from the Life of, C. Geikie, Hom.
Church and the Social Problems-II., E. G. Miller, Luth.
Church, National, Unity of Spirit as the Basis of a, R. A.
Bray, IJE.

Church, New, Three Essentials of the, J. Reed, NC.
Civilization, Propaganda of, J. R. MacDonald, IJE.

Clark, John B., an American Economist, F. A. Fetter,

Climate and Carbonic Acid, B. Willis, PopS.

Coach, Ancestry of the, E. Penfield, O.

Cocain Analgesia of the Spinal Cord, S. E. Jelliffe, PopS. Coins, Token, Private Issue of, R. P. Falkner, PSQ, June. Coleridge Country, P. H. W. Almy, Gent.

College Men and Others, J. G. Speed, Ains.

Colleges, Women's, Working One's Way Through, Alice K. Fallows, Cent.

Colliery Management, W. Blakemore, Eng.

Commerce, British, American Progress and, H. Cox, NAR. Compressed Air, Uses of, H. A. Fergusson, Mun. Conscience, Study of, C. Caverno, BibS.

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Creighton, Bishop, H. Paul, NineC.

Cremation Movement is Anti-Catholic, J. P. Murphy, Cath.
Crete, Labyrinths in, M. A. A. Galloway, NineC.
Cricket: Sketch of Mr. G. L. Jessop, Cass.

Crime, Punishment of, R. Anderson, Nine C.

Criminal Reform, L. Ashburner, West.

Cuba and Porto Rico, Our Relation to the People of, O. H. Platt, Annals.

Cuba and Porto Rico, Spanish Population of, C. M. Pepper, Annals.

Currency, Further Improvements in Our, L. M. Shaw, BankNY.

Cutler, Manasseh, and the Ordinance of 1787, N. N. Withington, NEng.

Daumier, Honoré, F. Jourdain, RRP, June 15.

Davenport, E. L., Recollections of, Clara Morris, McCl.
David, Thomas, and His Work, C. M. Bakewell, IJE.
Death and Resurrection from the Scientist's Point of View,
G. Björklund, Krin, June 15.

Declaration of Independence, H. Friedenwald, IntM.
Declaration of Independence, Men Who Signed the, Lora S.
La Mance, Lipp.

Declaration of Independence, Story of the, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl.

Deer, Louisiana, G. M. Allen, A Nat, June.

Depression: the Disease of the Time, W. J. Baylis, West.

Dickens, Charles, F. G. Kitton, Bkman.

Dillon, Dr. E. J., W. T. Stead, RRL.

Diving as a Fine Art, W. Henry, Pear.

Doctors vs. Law, W. A. McClean, GBag.

Domestic Economy, Mme. Schmahl, Nou, June 1.

Douglas, Rev. Archibald, A. Lang, Black.

Drama, Romantic, Balcony Scene in, F. C. Drake, Cos.

Dream, Prophetic Value of the, in Contemporary Psychology, N. Vaschide and H. Pierion, RRP, June 15.

Drunkenness an Acquired Vice, San.

Earthquakes, C. Buhrer, BU.

East, Far, Woman in the, Anna N. Benjamin, Ains.
Economic Ages, F. H. Giddings, PSQ, June.


Academic Freedom in America, W. DeW. Hyde, IntM.
Citizenship, Education for, Gunt.

College Course, Shortened, C. F. Thwing, Forum.
College for the People, T. E. Will, Arena.
Colleges, Smaller, Mission of the, C. W. Heisler, Luth.
Economics in the Schools, J. L. Laughlin, JPEcon, June.
Elective System: Is It Elective? J. Corbin, Forum.
Elocution in Education, M. R. Ely, Wern.

Hygiene, School, Certain Failures in, R. Clark, Forum.
Manual Training, The New, A. Henry, Mun.
Pyramid of Studies, Mon R.

Roman Catholic Secondary Schools, J. A. Burns, ACQR.
Technical Training, Higher, J. Schoenhof, Forum.

Edward VII., King, Travels of, Cass.

Eleanor" and "Romola," K. Clark, BB.

Electric Cable Making, CasM.

Electric Traction, E. G. Craven, Cham.

England: see Great Britain.

English Monastic Towns, Risings in the, N. M. Trenholme, AHR.

Ennodius, Saint, and the Papal Supremacy, E. Maguire,

Evolution in New-Church Light-VI., G. Hawkes, NC.
Factory Expense, Distribution of, A. H. Church, Eng.
Facts, Doctrines, and Ideals, E. H. Griffin, PRR.
Family Budgets IV., Mrs. Earle, Corn.
Farming, Revolution in, L. H. Bailey, WW.
Farquharson, Hon. Donald, Annie E. Mellish, Can.
Feminism, Three Precursors of, R. Doumic, RDM, June 15.
Fiction, Current, Love Motive in, R. Burton, BB.

Fiction, English and American, Difference in, W. D. Howells, NAR.

Finance, American, Century of, A. Viallate, RPar, June 15.
Finland, Recent Developments in, E. Mottaz, BU.
Fish, How to Dress the-After Walton, C. Deming, 0.
Fishes, Tropical, Photographing, A. R. Dugmore, WW.
Fishing in New Guinea, C. Protheroe, Bad."
Flower-Culture, V. du Bled, RDM, June 15.
Flowers at Chautauqua, E. F. Andrews, Chaut.

Girl's Life in France, T. Bentzon, LHJ.

French Republic: Why It Is Strong, S. Brooks, WW.
Population of France, P. Mille, RPar, July 1.

Young People, Social, Political, and Religious Tendencies of the: A Symposium, RRP, June 15.

Frietchie, Barbara, The Real, Frances W. Carruth, Bkman.
Game Situation in the Indian Territory, R. Bruce, O.
Garden, Amateur's, R. Blight, O.

Garden in Old Hampshire, Anna L. Merritt, Cent.
Genesis, Legends of-II., H. Gunkel, OC.
Genius, Boyhood of, C. Lombroso, NA, June 1.

Genius, British, Study of-VII., Pathology, H. Ellis, PopS.
Geology in the Twentieth Century, C. R. Keyes, Arena.
George the Fourth and Mrs. Fitzherbert, Marriage of, J.
Fyvie, NineC.

Germany's Relations with Russia, NatR.

Glasgow International Exhibition, 1901, A. McGibbon, AJ; A. Mudie, MA.

Glasgow, the "Second City," PMM.

Golf Holes, Most Difficult and Best, H. Hutchinson, O.
Gorky, Maxime, C. Brinton, Crit.

Gray, Thomas, and Dante, T. H. Warren, Mon R.
Great Britain: see also Transvaal.

Agricultural Conditions ("Back to the Land!"), NineC.
America, Commercial Rivalry with, B. Taylor, and H. W.
Wilson, Fort.

Armies, British and Foreign, Cost of, W. E. Cairnes, Contem.

Army-Corps Scheme, F. Maurice, NineC.

Capital? Is Great Britain Living on Its, Contem.

Civil List, Some Curiosities of the, W. M. J. Williams, Cham.

Coal, England's: How Long Will It Last? J. Geikie, PMM.
Empire and the Army, Fort.

England Under the Edwards, A. Agresti, RPL, June.
Fleet, Volunteers for the, R. Appleyard, Fort.

Ireland and the Liberal Party, J. A. M. Macdonald, Con


[merged small][ocr errors]

Opposition, Death and Burial of the, W. T. Stead, RRL. Registration Reform and Woman's Suffrage, West. Rosebery, Lord, Foreign Policy of-I., Contem.

School, English, and Its German Rival, R. E. Hughes, Contem.

Soldiers and Sailors, Provision for, Margaret Vane, NatR. Volunteer Efficiency, B. Williams, MonR.

War Office, A Business, R. Giffen, NineC.

War Office, the Admiralty, and the Coaling Stations, J. C. R. Colomb, Mon R.

Wealth, National: Is It on the Wane? W. R. Lawson, Bank L.

Habitations, Native, of America, R. Bache, Pear.

Hale, Edward Everett: An Appreciation, G. S. Lee, Crit. Harrison, Frederic, Criticisms of, Dial, July 1.

Havana, Sanitation and Yellow Fever in, V. Havard, San. Hawaii, Irrigation in, W. Maxwell, IA, June and July. Hawaii, Natives of, T. M. Coan, Annals.

Health Studies, Cosmopolitan-II., Germany, F. L. Oswald, San.

Hesogamia Among Semitic Nations, G. Mazzarella, RPL, June.

Hoop-Rolling Extraordinary, H. J. Holmes, Pear.

Horse, Return of the, H. T. Peck, Bkman.

Horseback Riding for Women, Elizabeth Y. Miller, Mun.

Horses, American Methods of Training, A. E. T. Watson,


Hounds and Hunters, American, M. Foster, JunM.

Hounds, Hobart, With the, C. S. Clerk, Bad.

House, Odor of a, Mary L. Graham, JunM.

House of Commons, Changes in the, H. Furniss, Cass.

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