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Houseboat--the Modern Palace, Dorothy Richardson, Cos.
Hudson Palisades, Preserving the, AMRR.
Humor, American, Century of, J. L. Ford, Mun.
Hygiene, School, Certain Failures in, R. Clark, Forum.
"Ian Maclaren," Sketch of, YM.

Imagination and Judgment, W. P. Ker, IJE.
Immortality of Man, C. E. Locke, MRNY.

India, Tenancy Law in Northwestern, F. H. Brown, West. Indians, Canadian Ojibway, Drama of Hiawatha as Played by a Band of, F. Yeigh, Can.

Indians, Haidah, Margaret W. Leighton, Over, June. Indians: The Pottawatomies in the War of 1812, S. Po-KaGon, Arena.

Insects as Disseminators of Disease, C. W. Stiles, San. Invertebrates, North American-XV., The Holothurioidea,

H. L. Clark, ANat, June.

Investment and Speculation, G. Yard, Corn.

Ireland, Future of, W. M. Crook, YM.

Ireland, Militant, West.

Ireland, Romanization of, J. P. Mahaffy, NineC.

Ireland, Situation in, G. Langtoft, Fort.

Iron and Steel Making in Cape Breton, P. T. McGrath, Eng.
Irrigation in Hawaii, W. Maxwell, IA, June and July.
Isle of Thanet, England, H. W. Lucy, Cham.
Italian Children, Treatment of, G. Prato, RasN, June.
Italian Neo-Catholicism, A. Mellerio, Nou, June 15.
Italy, Affairs in, H. D. Sedgwick, Jr., Atlant.

Italy, Educational Institutions in, F. Garelli, NA, June 1.
Jefferson, Joseph, Fishing with, J. S. Metcalfe, LHJ.
Jesuits, Father Taunton's History of the, J. F. X. Westcott,

Jesus, Witness of, to Himself in the Fourth Gospel, J. R.
Smith, PRR.

Jew in English Fiction, Maude Frank, Crit.

Joan of Arc, Apropos of, F. de Mahy, Nou, June 15. Journalism, Religious, in England and America, H. W. Horwill, Forum.

Keene, James R., Manipulator, E. Le Fevre, WW.
Kierkegaard, Soeren, M. Muret, RPar, July 1.
Knowledge, Utilitarian Estimate of, J. Seth, Phil.
Kumatology-the Science of Waves, M. Tindal, Pear.

Labor, Child, Legislation in the South, Leonora B. Ellis,

Lakes, Summer Travel on the, W. W. Hudson, Mod.
Landslip in the Upper Pyrenees, J. E. Whitby, Pear.
Lathes, Turret, Some American, P. J. Connor, CasM.
Leprosy, A. Dastre, RDM, July 1.

Lescarbot, Marc, of Vervins, H. P. Biggar, AHR.
Lima, Athenæum of, EM, June.

Literary Experiences, Some, NatR.

Literature: Child in Contemporary French Romance, M. A. Leblond, RRP, July 1.

Literature, French, Dilettanteism in, S. C. de Soissons, Contem.

Literature, Serving-Man in, Mac.

Locomotive-Building in the United States, J. H. Converse, CasM.

London, Irish in, Black.

London, Rowing World of, Cass.

Loon, The, W. D. Hulbert, McCl.

Luck, Ethics of, Cham.

Luther, Martin, and His Protestant Biographers, H. G. Ganss, ACQR.

Machinist, Foreman, M. P. Higgins, CasM.

Machinists' Strike in the United States: A Symposium, Eng.
Mammalia, Evolution of the, W. B. Scott, IntM.

Manuscript Treasures, Some Lost, Georgina P. Curtis, Cath.
Maritime Expansion of America, B. Taylor, Fort.
Marriages, Romantic, Group of, Y W.

"Marseillaise," Strange Origin of the, K. Blind, NineC.
Marshall, John, W. Goddard, NC.

Martineau, James, Hour with, W. C. Wilkinson, Bkman. Marvell, Andrew, Lyrical Poems of, H. C. Beeching, NatR. Mathematics, Principles of, B. Russell, IntM.

Meade, Gen. George G., Pennypacker's Life of, C. L. Moore,
Dial, June 16.

Medical Practice and the Law, C. S. Andrews, Forum.
Messedaglia, A., L. Luzzatti, NA, June 16.

Meteorological Observatory at Blue Hill, F. Waldo, PopS.
Meynell, Mrs. W., Poems by, T. B. Reilly, Cath.

Mikado, Personality of the, W. E. Griffis, Out.

Militarism, Cure of: A Symposium, YM. Military Training, Modern, USM.


Africa, Brief Study of. T. Moody, MisR, June.

Africa, Need for Industrial Missions in, W. L. Thompson, MisR, June.

Alaska, Work Among the Miners of, S. H. Young, MisR. Brindaban, Hindustan, the Unholy City of Temples, W. R. Clancy, MisR, June.

China, Missionary Problem in, F. Greenwood, NineC. Converts, Some, of the Mission Century, A. T. Pierson, MisR, June.

Duncan, William, Among the North American Indians, A. T. Pierson, MisR.

Greek Work in the Marsovan District, C. C. Tracy, MisH.

Hymns by Native Christians of Many Lands, J. T. Gracey, MisR.

India, Christian College and Missions in, L. B. Wolf, MisR. Indians, Red, and the Gospel, R. Phair, MisR.

Japan, Religion in the Higher Schools of, J. T. Gracey, MisR, June.

Morocco, Tour in, C. Mensink, MisR, June.

New Orleans Missionary Conference, Belle M. Brain, MisR. Philanthropic Side of Mission Work, J. Sibree, MisR, June.

Philippines, Religious Conditions in the, J. B. Rodgers, MisR.

Pioneering Among the Cannibals, S. M. McFarlane, MisR. Self-support in Missions, E. H. Van Dyke, and C. S. Sanders, MisR, June.

South Africa, Native View of Christianity in, J. L. Dubé, MisR, June.

South America as a Mission Field, T. B. Wood, MisR, June.

Mississippi During the Civil War, J. W. Garner, PSQ, June.
Molière and Women, H. Davignon, RGen, June.

Monastery, Old-Irish, in the Apennines, T. J. Shahan, ACQR.
Monkeys, Intelligence of, E. L. Thorndike, PopS.
Montreal, Canada's Commercial Metropolis, S. Byrne, Cath.
Moore, George, Conversation with, W. Archer, Crit; PMM.
Mormonism, Sources of Danger from, R. W. Beers, BibS.
Morocco, Sultan of, W. B. Harris, NatR.

Mosquitoes, Yellow Fever and, G. M. Sternberg, PopS.
Mt. Rainier, To the Summit of, Ada W. Anderson, O.
Municipal Activity in England, Elsie Watson, PSQ, June.
Municipal Art in Paris, C. M. Robinson, Harp.

Music: The Art of Accompanying, B. Gluckenberger, Mus,

Music, Programme, Rise of-II., E. B. Hill, Mus, June.
Musical Clubs, Altruistic Side of, Lilla P. M. Curran, Mod.
Mutiny, Great, Tale of the-VII., W. H. Fitchett, Corn.
Mythology, Norse, H. Wunsch, NC.

Nationalism, The New, A. E. Davies, AngA.
Nations, Charity Between, H. S. Kempton, NC.
Nations, Mortgaged, G. E. Walsh, Gunt.

Natural History, American Museum of, Katherine Hoffman, Jun M.

Natural Selection, True Critical Test of, S. Fitzsimons,

Negro, Criminal-VI., Frances A. Kellor, Arena,
Negro, Salvation of the, B. T. Washington, WW.

Negro Volunteer: Some Characteristics, R. L. Bullard,

Negroes, Relation of the Whites to the, G. T. Winston, Annals.

Negroes, Relation of the, to the Whites, W. E. B. DuBois, Annals.

New England Woman, Kate Stephens, Atlant.

New Orleans and Reconstruction, A. Phelps, Atlant.
Newport in Summer E. Gregory, Harp.

New York as a Center of Education, S. G. Williams, JunM.

New York, Housing Question in, P. Escard, RefS, June 1. New York, Queer Trades in, J. J. Goodwin, JunM.

New York, Transition from Dutch to English Rule in, A. E. McKinley, AHR.

New Zealand, Life in, LeisH.

Ney, Marshal, Execution of, R. Blennerhassett, Nat R.
Nigeria and Its Trade, H. Bindloss, Mon R.

Norfolk (England), Summering in, J. W. White, O.
Novels, Great War, Jane H. Findlater, NatR.

Numbers XXI. 16-18, Notes on,-The Song of the Well,
M. S. Terry, BibS.

Oaths, Royal, and Doctrinal Subterfuges, J. J. O'Shea, ACQR.

Odell, Gov. Benjamin B., Jr., A Businesslike Executive, WW.

Odell, Gov. Benjamin B., Jr., of New York, R. Ogden, McCl. Oil Fields, Great Texas, E. R. Treherne, Cos.

Opera in Germany and in England, Kathleen Schlesinger. PMM.

Orators, Some Famous, I Have Heard, G. F. Hoar, Scrib. Oregon: How It Was Saved to the United States, H. W. Parker, Hom.

Oscar, King, of Sweden and Norway, R. H. Sherard, Pear.
Otterbein, Philip William, and the Reformed Church, W.
J. Hinke, PKR.

Palisades, Hudson, Preserving the, AMRR.
Pan-American Exposition:

Aspects of the Exposition, E. R. White, Atlant.
Educational Force, Exposition as an, C. E. Lloyd, Chaut.
Pan-American by Day and Night: I., The Opalescent City,
C. Y. Turner; II., The Incandescent City, W. Fitsroger,

Spirit of the New World as Interpreted by the Exposition.
H. W. Mabie, Out.

Papacy and Empire, Conflict of, D. S. Schaff, BibS.
Paper Mills, Steam Engineering in, W. D. Ennis, Eng.
Park, Edwards A., as a Theological Preacher, BibS
Paris, Municipal Art in, C. M. Robinson, Harp,
Parkman, Francis, at Lake George, Scrib.
Pasteur, Louis, H. Primbault, R&en, June.

Patriotism and Humanitarianism, G. Goyau, RDM, June 15. Patronage, Public, Corrupting Power of, O. W. Underwood, Forum.

Peace Propaganda, Future of the, J. Novicow, RRP, July 1. Pensions, Old Age, National Congress on, L. Bassereau, RefS, June 1 and 15.

Philippines: Claims Arising from the American Occupation, W. F. Norris, GBag.

Philippines, Peopling of the, R. Virchow, PopS.

Philippines, Races of the the Tagals, C. C. Pierce, Annals. Philippines, Religious Conditions in the, J. B. Rodgers, MisR.

Philippines, Semi-Civilized Tribes of the, O. C. Miller, Annals.

Philosophical Literature, German, in the Years 1899 and 1900, E. Adickes, Phil.

Philosophy, Earliest Greek, F. J. E. Woodbridge, Phil.

Copyright Protection for Photographs, W. A. Miller, PhoT.
Dry Plate, Chemistry of the, T. T. Baker, APB.
Feats of the Camera, R. Ottolengui, JunM.

Fishes, Tropical, Photographing, A. R. Dugmore, WW.
Framing, Artistic, of Prints, H. B. Mason, APB.

Shutters, Speed and Efficiency of-II., H. M. Gassman, PhoT.

Trimming Table for Ovals, R. W. Harrison, PhoT.

Pigeons, Homing, T. Goutz, Över, June.

Plants, Disappearance of, J. Vaughan, Long.

Poe, Edgar Allan: His Student Days at the University of Virginia, C. W. Kent, Bkman.

Poets, American, EM, June.

Poets, Scandinavian, E. Brausewetter, Cath.
Poisoning, Psychology of-III., J. H. Beale, Jr., GBag.
Polar Research, New Phases of, C. C. Adams, AMRR.
Polar Star, Voyage of the, Commander Cagni, PMM..
Political Economy, Bibliographical Discovery in, L. Kat-
scher, JPEcon, June.

Popes, Temporal Power of the, Duke of Norfolk and the,
T. B. Bruce, LeisH.

Porto Rican Problem, Significance of the, L. S. Rowe, NAR.
Posterity, Plea for, H. Giffard-Ruffe, West.

Post-Office Deficit, Railroads and the, S. Washburn, Gunt.
Poultry Breeding, Beginning, H. S. Babcock, O.
Poverty and Social Decay, A. M. Colwick, Arena.
Pownalboro, Maine, and Her Daughters, C. E. Allen, NEng.
Preacher and the Out-of-Doors, D. L. Sharp, MRNY.
Preacher Who Is After a Soul, W. Hoyt, Hom.
Preaching for Working Men, E. H. Dewart, Hom.
Protestant Domination Over Weak Communities, J. E.
Wright, ACQR.

Protestant Principle of Authority, C. F. Sanders, Luth. Presbyterian Sabbath-School Polity, Growth of, E. T. Bromfield, PRR.

Puericulture in Germany, M. Wolff, Nou, June 15.

Quakers, Two Generations of, L. P. Smith, and R. E. Robinson, Atlant.

Race Problem at the South, H. A. Herbert, Annals.
Race Problems, America's, Annals.

Race Superiority, Causes of, E. A. Ross, Annals.
Races, Alien, Assimilation of, P. S. Reinsch, Mod.

Races, Lower, Our Relations with the, H. R. Marshall, IJE.
Railroad as a Type of Modern Business, C. Hovey, Ains.
Railway President's Day, C. De L. Hine, Cent.
Readers: Do They Read? A. E. Bostwick, Crit.
Red Sea, Crossing of the, G. F. Wright, BibS.

Religion, Function of the Intellect in, G. S. Innis, MRNY.
Religion: Is It Declining? J. Whitehead, NC.
Religion, Methods of Studying, G. A. Coe, MRNY.
Religious and Poetic Impulses, Kinship of, C. Lanier, MRNY.
Religious Consciousness, Contents of, J. H. Leuba, Mon.
Religious Journalism in England and America, H. W. Hor-
will, Forum.

Respiration, Normal, J. Peirce, ANat, June.

Rhyme, Postscript as to, B. Matthews, Bkman.

Riddle-Books, Some Old, Str.

Riis, Jacob A., Autobiography of IX., Out.

Road Building, Object Lessons in, E. Mayo, WW.

Rome, F. W. Fitzpatrick, OC.

Roman Catholic Church in Detroit, R. R. Elliott, ACQR. Roman Catholicism in the British Empire Under Queen

Victoria, A. Oates, RGen, June.

Ruskin, John, in His Home, Anne O'Hagan, Mun.

Germany, Relations with, NatR.

Machinery Market, Russia as a, A. H. Ford, Eng.

Manchuria, Russian Problem in, G. F. Wright, AMRR. Military Review on the Year 1900, JMSI.

Russia and Her Problem--II., Fort.

Trains, Russian, In, Cham.

Rutledge, John, F. R. Jones, GBag.

Sailor Superstitions, Krin, June 15.

St. Francis of Assisi and the History of Lucca, C. Paladini, RasN, June.

Saloon, Anti-, League, G. H. Johnson, AngA.

San Marino, Republic of, W. Miller, AHR.

Savonarola, Pastor's Criticisms of, G. Schintzer, RasN, June.

Scandinavians in America, S. Sondresen, Krin, May 31 and
June 15.

Science, American Association for the Advancement of,
Self-Consciousness, Studies in, G. P. Morris, JunM.
Seljuks Before the Crusades, S. K. Bukhsh, West.
Seven, Significance of the Number, P. Carus, OC.
Shakespeare's Sonnets, Two New Studies of, W. J. Rolfe, Crit.
Ship-Yard, Mechanical Equipment of the, J. H. Biles, Eng.
Sicily, Tour in, R. B. Richardson, Scrib.

Slavery During the Middle Ages-II., A. M. Wergeland,
JPEcon, June.

Snails, Evidence of, on Changes of Land and Sea, H. A.
Pilsbury, PopS.

Social Betterment, "Trust" for, W. H. Tolman, WW.
Social Problem and the Gospel, H. King, Luth.

Social Reactions in the Future, Possible, H. G. Wells, Fort.
Social Work and Modern Art, C. Mauclair, RSoc, June.
Socialism of the Socialist, W. J. Kirby, ACQR.

South America: Strait of Magellan and the Republic of
Chili, F. Macler, BU.

South, Condition of the, W. G. Oakman, NAR.
South, Solid, Breaking Up the, J. L. McLaurin, WW.
Spain, Colonial Methods of, P. Bigelow, Cham.

Space, Berkeleian Doctrine of, G. S. Fullerton, Phil.
Speeches, Maiden, M. MacDonagh, Mac.

Spelling of English, B. Matthews, IntM.

Spinal Cord, Cocaine Treatment of the, R. Romme, RRP, July 1.

Stage Effects, Modern, Edith Davids, Mun.

Stage Robbers of the West, C. Michelson, Mun.
Star, New, in Perseus, NineC.

Stellar Universe, Limits of the, T. J. J. See, Atlant.
Stephens, James, the Fenian Head Center, PMM.

Stowe, One of the Stately Homes of England, J. O. Hartes,

Sun, History and Mystery of the, F. Ballard, YM.
Supernatural in India, S. Eardley-Wilmot, Temp.
Surgery, Evolution of, P. Delbet, RPar, June 15.
Swordsmanship in England, T. A. Cook, Bad.
Tahiti, T. B. Severson, Pear; J. La Farge, Scrib.
Tao Teh King, Authenticity of the, P. Carus, Mon.
Tariff Agitation, Mania for, G. Gunton, Gunt.
Taxation, Utilitarian Principles of, R. S. Guernsey, San.
Telescope, Making of the, G. B. Waldron, JunM.
Terry, Ellen, Art of, B. Stoker, Cos.

Texas, Sale of, to Spain, H. S. Boutell, Forum.
Theater, The, Viscount d'Avenel, RDM, June 15.
Theology and Theism, Contemporary, J. Lindsay, BibS.
Thermometers, First, E. Krause, Krin, May 31.

Thiers and the Elections of 1863, E. Ollivier, RDM, June 15.
Thomas, Theodore: A Sketch, Mus, June.

Timber, Anticipated Scarcity of, A. Ransom, Gent.
Tolstoy, Count, Colony of Followers of, in England, J. W.
Bienstock, RRP, July 1.

Tolstoy, Count, in Thought and Action, R. E. C. Long,

Tolstoy, Count, Unpublished Chapters of His "Resurrection," RRP, June 15.

Tolstoy, Lyof, a Modern Prophet, Amalie K. Boguslawsky,

Tordenskiold Monument, Krin, May 31.
Torpedo Boat, Life in a, RPar, June 15.

Trade, Balance of, Theory of the, C. J. Bullock, NAR.
Trade, Our Foreign, and Prosperity, J. F. Johnson, NAR.
Trade-Unionism, Coercive, J. A. Miller, JPEcon, June.
Transvaal: see also Great Britain.
Adventures of a Convoy, USM.

British Methods in South Africa, Contem.
Cavalry Notes, J. Vaughan, JMSI.

"Durham" Road to Peace, T. Shaw, NineC.

Liquor Problem in the Transvaal, J. T. Darragh, Contem. Orange Free State, Campaign in the, C. Reichmann, JMSI. Trees and Civilization, G. Pinchot, WW.

Trees: How the Sequoias Grow, H. W. Warren, Chaut.
Trinitarianism, History of, T. F. Wright, NC.

Trinity, Doctrine of the, C. W. Harvey, NC.

Tropical Renaissance, S. Baxter, Harp.

Trout, Brook, Story of the, J. D. Quackenbos, O.

Trust Companies: Is There Danger in the System? A. D.
Noyes, PSQ, June.

Trusts in the United States, R. dalla Volta, NA, June 1.
Trusts, Sixteenth-Century, A. P. Winston, Atlant.
Tuberculosis, H. Gibbes, and E. Mather, San.

Tuberculosis, Bovine, Eradication of, J. A. Gibson, West.
Turgot, E. Renan, RPar, July 1.

Turner, Thomas: A Sussex Pepys, C. Cooper, Gent. Twentieth Century Club of Boston, H. A. Bridgman, AMRR. Uganda Railway, Features of the, F. W. Emett, Eng. United States: Colonies and Nation-VII., W. Wilson, Harp. University of Chicago, Dial, June 16.

University of Toronto, B. Cumberland, and A. H. Harkness,

Varnum, Gen. Joseph Bradley, F. A. Wood, NEng.
Vatican in the Twentieth Century, S. Cortesi, IntM.
Venezuelan Boundary Controversy II., G. Cleveland, Cent.

Virtues, Cardinal, W. DeW. Hyde, Atlant.

Voltaire's Philosophy and Religion, O. B. Super, MRNY.
Walking, Country, for Women, Mary B. Mullet, O.
Wall Street, Machinery of, S. A. Nelson, WW.

War, Moral Problems of, D. G. Ritchie, and J. M. Robertson, IJE.

Warfare, Guerrilla or Partisan-III., T. M. Maguire, USM. Washington Memorial Institution, N. M. Butler, AMRR. Watson, Rev. John, Sketch of, YM.

Wealth: Its Production and Distribution, G. D. Seal, West.

Weather, Ethics and the, E. G. Dexter, IJE.

Wesley, John, Original American Journal of, E. R. Hendrix, MRNY.

Whaling in the Arctic, H. L. Aldrich, JunM.

Whitman, Marcus, Facts About, H. W. Parker, Hom.
Whitney, Hon. W. C., Turf Career of, O.

William the Conqueror, Companions of, J. H. Round,
Mon R.

Witte, Serge Yulievich, R. P. Porter, Home.
Woman in the Far East, Anna N. Benjamin, Ains.
Women: What They Like in Men, R. Pyke, Cos.
Women's Homes in New York, Anna S. Richardson, Home.
"Work by Emile Zola, J. Jaurès, RSoc, June.
Working-Day, New, in British Shops, J. Horner, CasM.
Working-Day, Shorter, Movement for a, W. Macarthur,

Workmen's Risks and Compensation, C. Dejace, RGen,

World, Population of the, J. H. Schooling, Cos.
Yachting: The America's Cup Is Safe, J. R. Spears, 0.
Yachting, the Costliest of Sports, A. F. Aldridge, Mun.
Yellow Fever, Transmission of, by Mosquitoes, G. M. Stern-
berg, PopS.

Young Men's Christian Associations, Jubilee Convention of,
J. M. Whiton, Out.

Zola, Emile, Unknown Debuts of, H. d'Almeras, RRP, June 15.

[blocks in formation]

Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.

[All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.]

Ainslee's Magazine, N. Y.

American Journal of Sociology, Chicago.

AMRR. American Monthly Review of
Reviews, N. Y.

American Naturalist, Boston.
Anglo-American Magazine,
N. Y.

Annals. Annals of the American Acad

A Nat.


Education, Boston.

Educational Review, N. Y.
Engineering Magazine, N. Y.
España Moderna, Madrid.
Fortnightly Review, London.

Frank Leslie's Monthly, N. Y.
Gentleman's Magazine, Lon-


[blocks in formation]

Gunton's Magazine, N. Y.

Harper's Magazine, N. Y.


Hartford Seminary Record,



Home Magazine, N. Y.


Photographic Times, N. Y.

Homiletic Review, N. Y.



International, Chicago.

Political Science Quarterly, Boston.

International Journal

[blocks in formation]

Popular Astronomy, North

[blocks in formation]

field, Minn.


[blocks in formation]

International Monthly, Bur-
lington, Vt.


Popular Science Monthly,N.Y.



International Studio, N. Y.

[blocks in formation]

Presbyterian and Reformed
Review, Phila.

Presbyterian Quarterly, Char-
lotte, N. C.

QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of Economics, Boston.

Quarterly Review, London.

Rassegna Nazionale, Florence,

[blocks in formation]


Réforme Sociale, Paris.





Atlant. Atlantic Monthly, Boston.

Badminton, London.

BankL. Bankers' Magazine, London.
Bank NYBankers' Magazine, N. Y.
Biblical World, Chicago.

Bibliotheca Sacra, Oberlin, O.
Bibliothèque Universelle, Lau-


Kindergarten Magazine, Chi

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Kind R.

Kindergarten Review, Spring


field, Mass.

[blocks in formation]


Kringsjaa, Christiania.



Ladies Home Journal, Phila.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]



Lippincott's Magazine, Phila.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


London Quarterly Review,

[blocks in formation]


taire, Paris.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Revue des Revues, Paris.

Bkman. Bookman, N. Y.


Lutheran Quarterly, Gettys

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

burg, Pa.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


School Review, Chicago.

[blocks in formation]


Scribner's Magazine, N. Y.


Chambers's Journal, Edin

[blocks in formation]

Sewanee Review, N. Y.



Mind, N. Y.


Strand Magazine, London.

[blocks in formation]

Temple Bar, London.



Conservative Review, Wash


Modern Culture, Cleveland,O.


[blocks in formation]


Contem. Contemporary Review, Lon

Mon R.

Monthly Review, N. Y.


[blocks in formation]

United Service


Westminster Review, London.

Werner's Magazine, N. Y.

WWM. Wide World Magazine, Lon


Wilson's Photographic Maga


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