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Churches, Historic American, Katharine Hoffman, JunM.
Cities and Their Future, L. Wuarin, BU.

Clapp, Henry Austin, Reminiscences of-III., Atlant.
Claudel, Paul, French Poet, C. Mauclair, RRP, October 1.
Coking Industry, By-Product, W. J. Irwin. Eng.
College, American, Future of the, J. L. Daniels, BibS.
College Government, Alumni Representation in, S. H.
Ranck, Ed.

College Honor, L. B. R. Briggs, Atlant.

College, The Christian, J. M. Ruthrauff, Luth.

Cologne, the City of the Rhine, Mary F. Nixon-Roulet, Cath.
Colorado Springs and Pike's Peak, F. Walker, NEng.
Constitution and the Territories, N. P. Chipman, Over.
Constitution, Decadence of Our, D. H. Pingrey, Forum.
Constitutional Law, Rise of, U. M. Rose, ALR.
Converse, John H., Sketch of, CasM.

Cook, Joseph, Sacred Creed of, Hom, September.
Copper Mines of Ashio, Japan, E. G. Adams, Jr., Eng.
Corn Carnival, A. D. A. Willey, Cass.

Cotton Mills, Child-Labor in, Irene M. Ashby, WW.
Cougar Hounds. With the-I., T. Roosevelt, Scrib.
Country Home, The, W. H. Bishop, Cent.
Country Life, The New, L. Hubbard, Jr., O.

Country Life, Improved Conditions in, W. F. McClure, WW.
County Fair, A Day at the, C. Johnson, FrL.

Court of St. James, Presentation at, Joanna E. Wood, Can.
Courts, Supreme, American System of, S. E. Baldwin, IntM.
Cradle-Songs, Italian, E. C. Vansittart, Gent.
"Cranford," The Real, H. M. Jenkins, LHJ.
Creation of First Forms, G. H. Dole, NC.
Cricket Season of 1901, H. Gordon, Bad.

Criminal Responsibility of Woman Different from That of
Man, G. Morache, RRP, September 15.

Criminal Trials, Early-II., GBag.

Criminals, Notorious, in Western Prisons, C. Ulrich, Ains. Crispi, Francesco, G. D. Vecchia, AMRR.

Crispi, Francesco, From Silvio Pellico to, J. J. O'Shea. ACQR.

Criticism, Popularity of, N. Smith, Fort.

Curzon, Lord: An Impression and a Forecast, Fort.

Czar's Visit to the West, E. Lavisee, RPar, September 15; W. T. Stead, RRL.

Dante Alighieri, T. A. Quinn, Ros.

Dante as Courtier, M. Scherillo, NA, September 1.

Danube, Down the-II., A. Blackwood, Mac.

Darwin, Charles, F. Le Dantec, RPar, October 1.

Debt, Our National, H. S. Boutell, Forum.

Democracy, Civilized, White Light of, F. Parsons, Arena. Denmark, Liberal Victory in, AMRR.

Dickens, Charles, Homes and Haunts of, C. H. Fielding, PhoT.

Diplomacy, American, Formative Incidents in, E. E.
Sparks, Chaut.

Discount Policy, Modern-II., N. E. Weill, BankL.
Divine Name, The, J. Bigelow, NC.

Divorce Proceedings, Physical Examination in, D. M. Cloud,

Divorce, Some Comments on, Mrs. Kate G. Wells, NAR. Dole, Governor Sanford B., Home Life of, Annabel Lee, Mod.

Drama, Modern, Origins of the, E. Lintilhac, Nou, September 15,

Dreyfus Case-II., E. Tallichet, BU.

Drug and Chemical Trade, Dangers of the, Cham.
Duck Decoys, A. G. Holmes, O.

Eclipse Predicted by Thales, J. N. Stockwell, PopA, September.

Economic Instruction, Empirical Method of, R. F. Hoxie, JPEcon, September.

Education: see also Kindergarten.

Agriculture, Courses of Study in, B. D. Bogen, Ed.

Child from Eleven to Eighteen, Education of a, E. H. Griggs, LHJ.

College Entrance Examination Board of the Middle States and Maryland, EdR.

Commercial Education, S. M. Wickett, Can.

Dickinson, John W., Educational Services of, H. S, Ballou, Ed.

Education, Changed Conditions of. C. S. Albert, Luth.
English, Secondary-School Teacher of, A. M. Hitchcock,
Ed R.

Entrance English" from the Boy's Point of View, A.
Abbott, Ed.

History, American, in the High School, H. E. Bolton,

Hoole, Charles, and Elementary Education, F. Watson, School.

Literary Drill in College-III., G. S. Lee, Crit.

Monastic Dangers in Higher Education, H. W. Horwill, Forum.

Secondary Education in Victoria, T. Palmer, School. Secondary Education, Tendencies in-II., E. E. Brown, School.

Textile Arts in Elementary Schools, Clara I. Mitchell, Kind.

Unification of Education, W. A. Heidel, Ed,

Vacation Schools, Kind.

Workshops, Children's, in Sweden, Mon R.
Egyptian Public Debt, C. E. Dawkins, NAR.
Electoral Commission of 1877, M. H. Northrup, Cent.
Electric Lamps and How They Are Made, E. F. Manson,
Leis H.

Electric Power in Bosnia, J. B. C. Kershaw, CasM.
Electric Railway, Palermo, E. Bignami, CasM.

Electrical Apparatus, Standardizing, J. T. Broderick, Eng.
Electrical Storm Prophet, An, E. P. Lyle, Jr., Ev.
Electricity: Parallel Operation of Alternators, C. F. Scott,

Elephant Hunting in Africa, W. S. Cherry, McCl.
Eleusis, Mystic Rites of, D. Quinn, ACQR.

Eliot, George, and George Sand, Lady Ponsonby, NineC.
Encyclopaedia Biblica, Volume II., AJT.
England: see Great Britain.

England, English Writer's Notes on, V. Lee, Atlant.
England, Lost Land of, Str.

Episcopal Triennial Convention, Florence E. Winslow,
AMRR: Out.

Estoppel by Assisted Misrepresentation, J. S. Ewart, ALR. Ether, Imponderable Agents and the, A. Dastre, EDM, October 1.

Ethnology, Bureau of American, W. J. McGee, NatGM.
Europe, Central, Problem of, P. de Coubertin, Fort.
Evolution and New-Church Philosophy, H. C. Hay, NC.
Exporter, The American, H. E. Armstrong, Ains.
Factory Expense, Distribution of, A. H. Church, Eng.
Fairfax and Pohick Church, The Two Georges of, Susan R.
Hetzel, AMonM.

Farm, Abandoned, Found, W. H. Bishop, Cent.
"Faust" in Music, E. Newman, Mus, September.
Final Causes, Progress in Doctrine of, F. Sewall, NC.
Financial Development, Decade of, D. R. Forgan, BankNY.
Fire Department, Modern, H. Davis, Jun M.

Fireball of December 7, 1900, Lela L. Stingley, PopA.

Fish Culture: Brook Trout Fry and Fingerlings, A. N.
Cheney, O.

Fishing Industry of the Great Lakes, W. E. Andrews, Mod.
Fiske, John, Historical Service of, A, B. Hart, IntM.
Fog Studies on Mount Tamalpais, A. McAdie, PopS.
Fontenoy, Battle of, L. d'Haucour, Nou, September 15.
Food and Land Tenure, E. Atkinson, PopS.
Forestry, British, Sad Plight of, H. Maxwell, NineC.
Foss, Sam Walter, B. O. Flower, Arena.

Foundry, Bettering the Work of the, P. Longmuir, Eng.
Fox Hunting in England. G. C. Roller, O.

Chamber of Deputies, Day in the, J. S. Crawford, Gunt.
Colonial Expansion in the Past Century, C. Guy, IntM.
Commune of March 18, 1871, A. Dayot, RRP, October 1.
Economic Progress in France, RRP, October 1.
Financial Anxiety of France, W. R. Lawson, NatR.
Franco-Turkish Conflict, 1857, Baroness de Fontmagne,
RPar, September 15.

Government School from the Inside, J. M. Howells, Cent.
Italy, France and, S. Cortesi, IntM.

Journalism, French, E. Pilon, Nou, September 1.
Maritime Defense and Algeria, RRP, September.
Prussia and France in the Year 1866, L. Aegidi, Deut.
Republicanism in France (1882-1900), G. Goyau, RDM, Octo-
ber 1.

Third Republic, Financier of the-II., F. Loliée, RRP,
October 1.

French Language, New Dictionary of the, G. Paris, RDM, September 15.

Franchise Values, Policy Concerning, G. C. Sikes, JPEcon.
Franchises, Public, Piracy of, R. R. Bowker, Atlant.
Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D. C., Marie A. Gan-
non, Ros.

Franciscans, Missions of the, W. J. Spillman, Mod.
Frontenac: The Savior of Canada, C. T. Brady, McCl.
Game Laws of Ontario and Quebec, A. C. Shaw, Can.
Game Preserving, Growth of, W. A. Baillie-Grohman, O.
Games in Old and Modern France, A. Lang, Black.
Genesis I., Brief Study of, C. B. Warring, Hom, September.
Genesis in the Light of Modern Knowledge, T. F. Wright,

Genesis, Legends of-II., H. Gunkel, OC.

Genius, Determining of, C. Lombroso, Mon.

Geographical Congress, Next International, NatGM.

George Junior Republic. Treatment of Delinquent Boys in the, R. E. Phillips, WW.

German Colonization, Historic Landmarks in, Deut.
German Order of the Iron Cross, L. Hale, NineC.

Gladstone, William E.: Fragments of His Conversation,
Mrs. Goodhart, NineC.

Golf Championships, Future of the, A. Pottow, O.
Good Actions, Credit for, G. S. Fullerton, PopS.

Gospels, Newberry, Textual Value of the, E. J. Goodspeed,

Górky, Máxim, Krin, August 31.

Górky, Máxim, and His "Fomá Gordyéeff, " C. Brinton, BB. Great Britain: see also Transvaal.

Colonial Borrowings and the Colonial Loan Act, BankL.

Economic Decay? Is Great Britain Falling Into, H. Morgan-Browne, Contem.

Imperial Problem, J. A. M. Macdonald, Contem.
Ireland and the Budget, Earl of Mayo and N. Synnott,

Irish Parliamentary Representation. J. G.S.MacNeill, Fort.
Landsdowne, Lord, A Year of, H. Whates, Fort.
Liberal Party, Truth About the, Black.

Liberalism, British, L. Jadot, Nou, September 1.

Liberals, Forward! March!! West.

Naval Engineers, Dearth of, C. E. Lart, NatR.
Navy, An Eastern, D. C. Boulger, Contem.

Navy, Fighting Strength of the, USM.
Parliament and the Party System, Mac,

Poor Law, English, F. H. Giddings, IntM.

Post-Office Report, Bank L.

Premiership, Succession to the, C. A. Whitmore, NatR.

South African War, Lessons from the, H. Vincent, USM. Statesmanship, British, Fort.

Yeomanry, The, R. H. Carr-Ellison, USM.

Greek Idealism in the Common Things of Life, S. H. Butcher, Ed R.

Grouse, Ruffed, and Its Shooting, E. Sandys, O.

Hadley, Arthur Twining, the President of Yale, Cent. Hamsun, Knut, as a Dramatist, H. Christensen, Krin, September 15.

Harnack and His Critics, G. H. Joyce, ACQR.

Harnack's" Wesen des Christenthums," G. U.Wenner, Luth. Harvard, John, and the Early College, W. R. Thayer, NEng. Health, Laws of, C. B. Patterson, Mind.

Henley Regatta, Foreign Entries at, T. A. Cook, Fort. Heredity, Biological, Some Ideas Concerning, G. Sergi, Mon. Heredity in Man, W. Seton, Cath.

Homer, The Age of, G. Smith, AHR.

Hooligan, Making of the, T. Holmes, Contem.

Horse Fair Pilgrimage, E. S. Nadal, Scrib.

Horses, Trotting, in Norway, N. Everitt, Bad.

Housewives, Chautauqua Reading Course for, Martha Van

Rennsselaer, Chaut.

Hugo, Victor, Lyric Poetry of. C. E. Meetkerke. Gent.
Humor, Italian View of L., W. D. Howells, NAR.

Hunnewell Estate at Wellesley, Mass., W. M. Thomson,

Ibsen's Dramas, Woman in, Amalie K. Boguslawsky, Mod.
Icelandic Question, D. Maury, Nou, September 1.
Indian: Has He Been Misjudged? A. L. Benedict, IJE.
Indian Sports, Moki and Navaho, G. W. James, O.
Indians: Making the Warrior a Worker, A. Decker, Mun.
Industrial Consolidations, Recent, G. E. Walsh, CasM.
Industrial Movements and Social Legislation, A. Loria, NA,
September 1.

Infantry Tactics, Evolution of-III. F. N. Maude, USM.
Insurance, Marine, Intricacies of, W. Allingham, Cham.
Inventions for Harnessing Wind, Water, and Sun, G. B.
Waldron, Mun.

Ireland, Educational Revolution in, T. Fitzpatrick, West.
Irony and Some Synonyms, H. W. Fowler, Gent.
Irrigation in the Southwest, W. E. Smythe, WW.
Irrigation in the West, Types of, G. E. Walsh, Gunt.
Italy, France and, S. Cortesi, IntM.

Italy: Intolerable Situation in Rome, G. D. Vecchia, West.
"Italy's Garden of Eden," Elizabeth R. Pennell, Cent.
Japan, Financial Condition of, R. Machray, MonR.
Japan, New, Men of, Mary G. Humphreys, Cent.

Jerome, Judge William Travers, and Civic Honesty, A. Goodrich, WW.

Jesuit Relations, C. W. Colby, AHR.

Jesuits: Is It Reasonable to Distrust Them? R. E. Dell, Mon R.

Jones, John Paul, Daring of, G. Gibbs, Cos.

Journalism: "Covering" a War, E. Marshall, Pear.

Junius, Letters of, and the Epistle to the Hebrews, I. W. Riley, BibS.

Kaiser William and His Family, C. Lowe, PMM.

Kant's Significance in the History of Philosophy, P. Carus, Mon.

Keats, John, A. Symons, Mon R.

Kelvin, Lord, H. Č. Marillier, PMM.

Kentucky Mountains and Their Feuds-II., S. S. MacClintock, AJS, September.


Boston, Kindergarten Settlement of, Caroline F. Brown, Kind R.

Chicago Vacation School Kindergartens, Kind.

Froebel, Stanley Hall, and Henriette Schrader, Mary J. Lyschinska, Kind R.

Kindergarten Students, Special Schools as a Field of Observation for, Mary Adair, KindR.

Work and Play in the Grades, Charlotte M. Powe, Kind. Work and Play, Necessary Elements in, C. Geraldine O'Grady, Kind.

Kiplings, Rudyard: Are There Two? C. E. Russell, Cos. Knights Templar, Conclave of the, F. P. Elliott, Home. Korea, Something About, H. N. Allen, SocS.

Korea, The Forbidden Kingdom," F. W. Fitzpatrick, Mod. Labor and Capital, Mutual Interests of, J. Strong, SocS.

Labor and Capital, Relations of, Harriet E. Orcutt, SocS.
Labor and the Law in England, A. M. Low, Forum.
Labor: Victorian Factory Act and Wages Boards, W. Mc-
Millan, RRM, August.

Laces, Italian, Old and New, Ada Sterling, Chaut.
Languages in the Future, Conflict of, H. G. Wells, NAR.
Laundry Machinery, J. L. Couper, CasM.

Law of Nations, The, F. A. Ogg, Chaut.

Law, Practice of, in New York, H. E. Howland, Cent.
Law. The: Is It Too Dear? F. Dolman, Str.

Leo XIII.'s Busy Holiday, A. Diarista, Cath.

Lepanto, Battle of, J. B. O'Connor, Ros.

Liberty. Personal, S. F. Scoval, Hom, September.
Life: What Is It? W. M. Salter, OC.'

Lincoln and Seward, Recollections of, J. M. Scovel, Over.
Lipton, Sir Thomas, Lavinia Hart, Cos.
Literature, Electricity and, B. Karr, Arena.
Liturgics in Non-Liturgical Churches, W. S. Pratt, AJT.
Log Drive of the Main Menominee, S. E. White, JunM.
Lombroso in Science and Fiction, G. C. Speranza, GBag.
London, Lodging-Houses in, Old and New, Cham.
London, Rapid Transit Problem in, F. J. Sprague, Eng.
Lottery, Louisiana, Campaign Against the, R. Carradine,
Jun M.

Lowe, Sir Hudson, Vindication of, R. C. Seaton, NatR.
Lyrical Anthologies, Three, C. L. Moore, Dial, September 16,
Lyttelton, Sir Thomas, Maud Lyttelton, NatR
McKinley, President William:

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Address at Buffalo, September 5, 1901, AMRR.

Death of the President, W. Wellman, AMRR; Atlant: A. P. Doyle, Cath.

McKinley, President William, H. B. F. Macfarland. AMRR; E. Ridley, AngA; J. W. Hamilton, Contem; H. L. West, Forum; P. Carus, OC.

Tragedy. The, and Its Behests, M. W. Stryker, Ev.
Magicians, Modern, J. P. Coughlin, Jun M.

Man, Civilized, Antiquity of, A. H. Sayce, AJT.
Man, Tripartite Nature of, S. W. Howland, BibS.
Martineau, James, F. H. Foster, PRR.

Match Puzzles and Problems, R. Saxon, Pear.
Maximite, the New Explosive, H. Maxim, FrL.

Medical Profession, Organization of the, P. M. Foshay,

Mercury, Visibility of, G. S. Jones, Pop A, September.
Mermillod, Cardinal, T. L. L. Teeling, ACQR.

Methodist Ecumenical Conference, J. W. Johnston, AMRR
Middle Ages, Transition to the, J. S. Banks, LQ.
Miles, George H., Sketch of, T. E. Cox, Cath.

Military Science, Progress of, as a Cause of the Decline of
War, J. von Bloch, Deut.

Milwaukee, City of, BankNY, September.

Mine Workers' Life and Aims, J. Mitchell, Cos.
Ministry, The Call to the, J. A. Clutz, Luth.

Aintab, Turkey, Anniversaries at, A. Fuller, MisH.
Bissell, Mrs. Mary E., Fifty Years of Service by, H. J.
Bruce, MisH.

Bonin Islands, C. Johnson, MisR, September.

Ceylon, American Board Deputation in, J. L. Barton, MisH.

Chinese Indemnities and the Church, L. J. Davies, Mish.

Eliot, John, A. T. Pierson, MisR, September.
Foreign Missions, G. Trobridge. NC.

Hawaiian Islands and Their People, H. W. Frost, Mish.

Hunan, China, Opening of, G. John, MisR, September.
India of To-day, H. M. Lawson, MisR, September.
Japan, Awakening in, T. M. MacNair, MisR, September.
Japan Mission, Annual Meeting of the, D. W. Learned.

Japanese on the Pacific Coast of America, M. C. Harris.
MisR, September.

Korea, Diseases and Doctors in, H. M. Bruen, MisR, Sep tember.

Korean Characteristics, J, S. Gale, Mis R, September. Martyrs in China, At the Graves of the, Luella Miner. Mis R, September.

Parker, Rev. Edwin Wallace, H. Mansell, MisR, Sep tember.

Winchester Conference of Missionaries to Non-Catholics.
W. L. Sullivan, Cath.

Mitla, Prehistoric, Ruins of, Mrs. Clara S. Ellis, Home.
Mobainmedans, Women Among, R. V. Rogers, GBag.
Moon, The Wet and Dry, A. K. Bartlett, PopA.

Monopolies and Fair Dealing, C. S. Devas, IJE.

Monroe Doctrine and the Doctrine of Permanent Interest.

A. B. Hart, AHR.

Moore, Thomas, S. E. Saville, West.

Morgan, J. Pierpont, R. S. Baker, McCl.

Morocco, Notes on, Isabella L. Bishop, MonR.

Moslem Confraternities of North Africa, W. B. Harris Black.

Mountain Climbing, H. C. Fyfe, Pear.

Music, Mystic, W. Richards, Temp.

Music, Programme-IV., E. B. Hill, Mus, September.

afutiny, Great, Tale of the-X., W. H. Fitchett, Corn.
National Types, Change of, Cham.

Naturalist Clubs, Chautauqua Junior, J. W. Spencer, Chaut.
Nautical Nomenclature, C. W. McKay, O.
Nautilns, Living, Notes on, B. Dean, ANat.

Naval Manoeuvres at Nantucket, H. H. Lewis, NEng.
Naval Progress. Recent, Black.

New England Village, A, AMRR

New York City: see also Tammany Hall.

Chamber of Commerce, W. L. Hawley, Mun.

Charter, Revised, The Mayor and the, G. L. Rives, NAR.
Financial Problems, B. S. Coler, NAR.

Franchises, Public, Piracy of, R. R. Bowker, Atlant.
Jerome, Judge, and Civic Honesty, A. Goodrich, WW.
New York, The Newer, G. B. Clark, CasM.

Police Corruption, National Danger from, F. Moss, Nar.
Unification of New York, T. R. Dawley, Jr., Out.
Nickel Steel, Applications of, C. E. Guillaume, Eng.
North Pole, Finding a Way to the, Black.

North Pole, On the Way to the, Marquis von Nadaillac,

Novelist, True Reward of the, F. Norris, WW.
Nyssens, Albert, C. Dejace, RGen.

Observatory, Mount Low Railway, E. L. Larkin, PopA, September.

Orders and Decorations, Royal, F. Cunliffe-Owen, Mun.
Orient, Beginnings of War in the, G. Bapst, RGen.

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Original Package" Doctrine, M. M. Townley, ALR.

Oxford Movement, Aspects of the, H. C. Alleman, Luth.
Paderewski, Ignace Ian, Emma H. Ferguson, Mod.

Pain and Death, Thoughts on, H. B. Mariott-Watson, NAR.
Palestine, Possible Population of, G. F. Wright, BibS.
Pan-American Exposition:

City of Living Light, A. Davis, Mun.

Electrical Marvels and Mechanical Triumphs, D. Murray,

Exhibits That Might Have Been, F. W. Taylor, Ev.
Horticultural Exhibits, F. W. Taylor, Ev.

Paper, Wood Pulp, Manufacture of, H. H. Lewis, Home.
Paris Bourse, E. Friend, Forum.

Parsons, Thomas William, Maria S. Porter, Cent.
Peace, Universal, F. A. White, West.

Pearl Fisheries, Mississippi, H. S. Canfield, JunM.
Peary, Lieut. R. E.: His Work in 1900 and 1901, NatGM.
Pedigree-Monger, Amateur, P. E. Lewin, Gent.
Pennsylvania, Political Ills of, Atlant.

Perjury in Judicial Proceedings, J. J. McCarthy, ALR.
Personality and Atonement, A. Boot wood, LQ.
Peru, Social Conditions in, C. E. George, Gunt.
Philadelphia Commercial Museum, R. A. Foley, WW.
Philadelphia Street-Railway Franchises, C. R. Woodruff,
AJS, September.

Philadelphia's Model Public Bath and Wash House, SocS.
Philippine Commission, Work of the. B. J. Clinch, ACQR.
Philippines, Education in the, F. W. Nash, Ed R.
Philosophy of India, A. S. Geden, LQ.

Chicago Photographic Salon, L. A. Lamb, BP.
Development, Stand, C. H. Bothamley, APB.
Electographic Action, Results of, W. Godden, PhoT.
Portraiture, Home, H. Erichsen, PhoT.

Reducing Agents, Action of. R. Namias, APB.
Physics, Atomic Theories in, L. Boltzmann, Mon.
Piano Playing, Correct, J. Hofmann, LHJ.
Platt, Thomas C., as "Boss," G. Myers, NatR.
Poetry: English Hexameters and Elegiacs, Mac.

Poetry, The New, in France, G. Lanson, IntM.

Poland, Russian, Since 1871, C. Dany, RPP, September.

Pole, South, German Expedition to the, G. Kollm, NatGM.
Police, American, Character of, F. Matthews, WW.
Police Court and Its Problems, T. Holmes, YM.
Politics, American, Ethical Ideals in, W. MacVeagh, Arena.
Politics as a Business, J. L. Steffens, Ains.
Politics, Use of Moral Ideas in, J. S. Mackenzie, IJE.
Pope Leo XIII., Successor to, M. de Nevers, PMM.
President of the United States, Functions of the, J. P. des
Noyers, RDM, October 1.

President of the United States: Some Things He Does Not
Do, J. E. Watkins, Jr., LHJ.

Presidents, Two, and the Limits of American Supremacy, Fort.

Primary Election Law in Minnesota, A. L. Mearkle, AMRR.
Printing Presses, Private and Special-II., F. Carrington,

Psychology as a Natural Science, E. H. Griffin, PRR.
Psychology, The New, G. S. Hall, Harp.

Public Ownership, Outlook for, A. Watkins, Forum.
Publishing Trade, Net Prices in the, Dial, October 1.
Punishment, Capital, Abolish, F. A. Davis. Mind.

Queensland at the Beginning of the Century, W. H. Traill,

RRM, August.

Railway, German Suspension, R. L. Pearse, CasM.
Railway Trains, Housekeeping on, Helen C. Candee, Ains.
Railway Travel Around the World, H. Le Roy Collins, PMM.
Ravenna, H. Spender, Fort.

Reading Wanted by the Public, E. Wood, Atlant,

Reconstruction and Disfranchisement, Atlant.
Reconstruction, Undoing of, W. A. Dunning. Atlant.
Referendum, Imperative Need of the, B. O. Flower, Arena.
Regicide in the Nineteenth Century, S. B. Chester, Gent.
Religion: Its Impulses and Its Ends, J. H. Leuba, Bibs.
Religion, Progressive, for the New Age, W. Goddard, NC.
Religion, Value of, G. E. Moore, IJE.

Revolutionary Parties in New York, C. Becker, AHR.
Rhym Tyranny of, W. C. Lawton, Chaut.
Right-Handed? Why Are We, H. B. Bare, Pear.
Roads, Good, as a Good Investment, E. Mayo, WW.
Roman Catholicism, German Revolt Against, F. Cisar, PRR.
Roman Catholicism, Prospects of, W. Barry, NatR.
Rome, Intolerable Situation in, G. D. Vecchia, West.
Rome, Walk in, O. Kuhns, Chaut.

Roosevelt, President Theodore, AMRR; D. E. Fralick,
AngA; P. Bigelow, Contem; G. Gunton, Gunt; D. A.
Willey, Mod; W. L. Clowes, NineC; W. T. Stead, RRL;
A. H. Mattox, SocS.

Roosevelt, Vice-President Theodore: Address at the Minne-
sota State Fair, September 2, 1901, AMRR.
Russia as a World Power, S. Brooks, WW.

Russia, Social Assimilation in, Sarah E. Simons, AJS.
St. Helena, Prisoners of War at, 1900-1901. A. L. Paget, Long.
San Francisco's Diplomatic Corps, W. J. Weymouth, Over.
Sardine Industry, French, H. M. Smith, Pop.

Science: How It is Harnessing Wind, Water, and Sun, G. B.
Waldron, Mun.

Science, Progress of, R. S. Woodward, PopS.

Scott, Sir Walter, Last Links with. Eve B. Simpson, Cham.
Second Advent Theory Reviewed, E. B. Fairfield, Bibs.
Seeds. Flight of the, G. C. Nuttall, Pear.
Servetus, Michael, J. J. Walsh, ACQR.
Servian Constitution, New, RPP, September.
Seton-Thompson, Ernest, W. W. Whitelock, Crit.
Shakespeare's History-V., King John, J. L. Etty, Mac.
Sicily, Greek Temples in, A. E. P. R. Dowling, ACQR.
Siberia, Colonization of, R. E. C. Long, Forum.
Siberia, New, H. de Tizac, RPar, September 15.
Slums, Incidents of the, W. A. Wyckoff, Scrib.
Smallpox, Late Epidemic of, J. N. Hyde, PopS.
Social Settlements, P. Escard, Refs, September.

Socialism and the Evolution of Political Ideas, C. Rappo

port, RSoc, September.

Socialistic Imperialism, J. A. Hobson, IJE.
Soldiers, Clothing for. O. H. Porter, USM.
Sonora, Mexico, G. Holms, Cham.

Sound Signals, Experiments with, J. M. Bacon, NineC.
South America, Future of, NatR.

Spain in the Struggle Between the Anglo-Saxon and Latin
Races, T. E. Corpancho, EM, September.

Spain, Popular Songs of, G. Michaud, Bkman.
Spectrum, The New, S. P. Langley, PopA.

Spencer, Herbert: The Man and the Philosopher, W.
Knight, Bkman.

Spencer's Philosophy, G. McDermot, ACQR.

Stage, From Breakdown to Rag-Time on the, C. R. Sher-
Tock, Cos.

Stage, London, Beauty on the. G. H. Casamajor, Cos.
Stillman, James, Banker, J. B. Lander, WW.

Stockbridge, Evolution of, Mrs. H. M. Plunkitt, NEng.
Strike, Pullman, Significance of, A. P. Winston, JPEcon.
Strike, Steel, Lesson of the, G. Gunton, Gunt.
Strike Time, McKeesport, Pa., in, M. G. Cunniff, ww.
Strikes, Labor, Personal Liberty and, J. Ireland, NAR.
Strong Man, The Making of a, A. Kidd, O.

Success, Relation of Fear to, J. M. Jackson, Mind.
Sugar-Beet Industry in Canada, J. R. Bone, Can.
Sugar-Growing in Behar, F. B. Bradley-Birt, West.
Sullivan's Expedition in the Revolutionary War, G. P.
Keese, A MonM.

Surgery, Modern, Progress of, R. Romme, RRP, October 1.
Surgery, Operative, in America, R. H. Nesbitt, NineC.
Supernatural, The, D. A. Merrick, ACQR.

Tammany Hall: Politics as a Business, J. L. Steffens, Ains. Tammany Hall, Strength and Weakness of, W. L. Hawley, NAR.

Tammany Hall Police Protection of Vice and Crime, McCl.
Tartarin, Trail of-I., A. B. Maurice, Bkman.

Tauchnitz Publishing House, T. Hopkins, Crit; PMM.
Taxation, Utilitarian Principles of, R. S. Guernsey, San.
Taxidermy, American School of, R. W. Shufeldt, PhoT.
Tchaikowsky, Pierre Ilitch, M. Delines, BU.
Temporal Power, The, C. Coupe, ACQR.

Tenement Landlord, Heartless, L. B. Crane, SocS.
Territorial Acquisitions, Boundaries of, NatGM.

Texas Rangers, E. Mayo, FrL.

Theistic Thought, English, B. L. Hobson, PRR.

Theology, Natural, Endowment of, R. M. Wenley, Mon. "Theology, New," Characteristics of. E. H. Dewart, BibS. Theology, The New, R. H. Newton, Mind.

Ticknor, George, in Literary England, G. Paston, Temp.

Time and Space in the Two Worlds, J. B. Keene, NC.
Tolstoy on America, P. MacQueen, FrL.

Trade Rivalry Between America and Europe, G. B. Waldron, Chaut,

[blocks in formation]

Tragedy, Motive of, W. B. Worsfold, Corn.
Transvaal: see also Great Britain.

Concentration Camps, Miss E. Hobhouse, Contem.
Pacification, Business View of, H. Birchenough, NineC.
South Africa of To-Morrow, A. G. Robinson, Forum.
South African War, Lessons from the, C. Warren, NatR.
Treasury, Independent, Substitute for the, BankNY.
Trust and the Single Tax: I., The Vital Element in Restraint
of Trade, L. F. Post; II., The Evil of Exclusive Privi-
leges, J. H. Ralston; III., The Ultimate Basis of All
Monopoly, B. Hall, Arena.

Trusts in Europe, S. G. Lindholm, JPEcon, September.
Trusts: Recent Consolidations, G. E. Walsh, CasM.
Trusts: Trade Combinations in Europe, J. W. Jenks, CasM.
Tuberculosis, Professor Koch and, G. S. Woodhead, MonR.
Tuberculosis. Prophylaxis of, E. P. Lachapelle, San.
Tunny, Mediterranean, W. H. Grenfell, NineC.
Turkey Hunt in the Southwest, P. Clement, O.
Turkish Empire, T. Nicol, LQ.

United States: Colonies and Nation-X., W. Wilson, Harp.
United States, European Feeling Toward the, D. Kinley,

United States. National Debt of the, H. S. Boutell, Forum.
Universities of Europe, D. Story, Mun.

Virginia and the Torrens System, E. C. Massie, ALR.
War Ship. American, J. R. Spears, JunM.

War, Spanish, Watching for the Enemy in the, J. R. Bartlett, Cent.


Washington-Greene Correspondence-II., NEng.
Weather Bureau, W. L. Moore, NatGM.
Welsbach Gaslights, Improvement in, F. H. Mason. San.
Wesleys, The, and the New Portraits, W. H. Withrow, Out.
West Indies, British Trade of the, J. J. Nevin, West.
Westcott, Bishop, in Relation to Contemporary Thought,
J. O. F. Murray, Contein.

Westminster Confession, Printing of the, B. B. Warfield,

White, Gilbert, L. C. Miall, Crit; J. Vaughan, Long. Whitman, Walt, Deification of, W. V. Kelley, Hom, September.

Witte, M. de, A. Dariac, RPP, September.

Women and Alcoholism, J. Keilhoff, RefS, September.
Women and the Intellectual Virtues, Eliza Ritchie, IJE.
Women, Industrial Status of, Ella C. Lapham, JPEcon.
Women, What Men Like in, R. Pyke, Cos.
Women in Politics, Mary E. Cardwill, AngA.
Women's Clubs, Helen Č. Candee.

Women's Work in Western Canada, Elizabeth Lewthwaite,

Woodcock Shooting on Mississippi Islands, H. S. Canfield, 0.
Workmen, Pensions for, G. Rouanet, RSoc, September.
Wyoming, Story of, E. Mayo, Pear.

Yacht Designer, Evolution of the, W. P. Stephens, O.
Yale's Fourth Jubilee, B. Perrin, Atlant.
York, Duke and Duchess of, at Home, C. Bryan, Can.
Youth, Persistence of, G. S. Street, Corn.

Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.

[All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.]

Ainslee's Magazine, N. Y.

ACQR. American Catholic Quarterly

Review, Phila.

American Historical Review, N. Y.

American Journal of Soci

AMRR. American Monthly Review of

American Naturalist, Boston.
Anglo-American Magazine,
N. Y.

Annals. Annals of the American Acad



Ed R.





Educational Review, N. Y.
Engineering Magazine, N. Y.
España Moderna, Madrid.
Everybody's Magazine, N. Y.
Fortnightly Review, London.

Forum. Forum, N. Y.


[blocks in formation]

Frank Leslie's Monthly, N. Y.
Gentleman's Magazine, Lon-





[blocks in formation]


Hartford Seminary Record,



Home Magazine, N. Y.


Photographic Times, N. Y.

Homiletic Review, N. Y.



International, Chicago.

Political Science Quarterly. Boston.


[blocks in formation]

Popular Astronomy, North

[blocks in formation]

field, Minn.


International Monthly, Bur


Popular Science Monthly,N.Y.


Anthony's Photographic Bul. letin, N. Y.

lington, Vt.



International Studio, N. Y.


Architectural Record, N. Y.

[blocks in formation]


Arena, N. Y.


Art Amateur, N. Y.

ice Institution, Governor's
Island, N. Y. H.


Art and Decoration, N. Y.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy,

Kindergarten Magazine, Chi


Junior Munsey, N. Y.


Presbyterian and Reformed
Review, Phila.

Presbyterian Quarterly, Char-
lotte, N. C.

QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of Economics, Boston.

Quarterly Review, London.

Rassegna Nazionale, Florence.


Réforme Sociale, Paris.


[blocks in formation]

Kind R. Kindergarten Review, Spring

[blocks in formation]

field, Mass.


[blocks in formation]

Revue des Deux Mondes,



Ladies' Home Journal, Phila.
Leisure Hour, London.


[blocks in formation]


Lippincott's Magazine, Phila.

[blocks in formation]



London Quarterly Review,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

taire, Paris.

[blocks in formation]


Bkman. Bookman, N. Y.

Lutheran Quarterly, Gettys-
burg, Pa.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Macmillan's Magazine, Lon


Cassell's Magazine, London.



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]


Methodist Review, Nashville.


Century Magazine, N. Y.

MRNY. Methodist Review, N. Y.


[blocks in formation]

Mind, N. Y.



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Cons. Conservative Review, Wash

Contem. Contemporary Review, Lon


[blocks in formation]


Monist, Chicago.


Mon R.

Monthly Review, N. Y.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Munsey's Magazine, N. Y.


Cosmopolitan, N. Y.


Music, Chicago.


Critic, N. Y.

NatGM. National Geographic Maga







Deutsche Revue, Stuttgart. Dial, Chicago.

Dublin Review, Dublin.

Edinburgh Review, London. Education, Boston.


zine, Washington, D. C. National Magazine, Boston. NatR. National Review, London.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Rosary, Somerset, Ohio.



Yale Review, New Haven.

[blocks in formation]

Young Man, London.


Young Woman, London,


THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS CO., 13 Astor Place, New York.

[blocks in formation]

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