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Among Life's Pleasures

A picnic luncheon is apt to be so disappointing, and it's such a labor to prepare. The sandwiches get soggy, the cakes break, everything is stuffy by the time you get where you want to go. Why not take a little kettle, a bottle of cream, a few small bowls, and a package of

Cream of Wheat?

The woods furnish your gypsy fire, the brook, clear running water, and in a few moments you have a meal

so dainty and delicious, fresh and appetizing, as to add charm to the sylvan surroundings.

A coupon will be found in every package of Cream of Wheat. Send us ten of these coupons and ten cents, and we will send you, free, your choice of three beautiful pictures, described more fully in the coupon referred to.

CREAM OF WHEAT CO., Minneapolis, Minn.


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Leland Stanford, Jr.







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