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Albert Hessberg, of Albany, presented the following

report of the Treasurer:

ALBANY, N. Y., January 18, 1904.

To the New York State Bar Association:

The Treasurer respectfully makes the following report:

[blocks in formation]

Balance on hand at date of this report... $4,017 33

Statement of Disbursements.

Secretary's account, salary..

$1,000 00

Secretary's account, including general ex

penses, postage, printing supplied officers of Association, traveling expenses and sundries..

Treasurer's account, clerk hire...

958 94

150 00

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Number of members who paid their dues for 1903..
Number of members who paid dues in arrears.....
Number of members who paid dues in advance...




[blocks in formation]

The foregoing account, with the vouchers accompanying the same, examined and found correct.



Dated ALBANY, January 20, 1904.

Mr. Hessberg:

At a meeting of the Executive Committee it was resolved, that a final notice be sent those members who are delinquent for three years in payment of dues, with a direction that, unless they make payment on or before the first day of March, their names are not to be continued on the membership rolls or in the next publication of the annual report of the Association.

The report of the Treasurer was accepted and ordered filed.

The Executive Committee submits the following report:
ALBANY, N. Y., January 20, 1904.

To the New York State Bar Association:

First. The annual joint meeting of the Executive and Law Reform Committees was held at the city of Albany on the first Friday of December, 1903, to prescribe topics for consideration at the annual meeting of the Association for 1904.

Second. At the annual meeting of the Executive Committee, held at the Capitol, in the city of Albany, on the 18th day of January, 1904, there were present:

Judge Ingalsbe, who, in the absence of Judge Keck, was made Chairman, Tracy C. Becker, Josiah Perry, William P. Rudd, Jerome L. Cheney and Charles J. Buchanan.


Third. meeting:

The following business was transacted at such

Mr. Albert Hessberg presented his report as Treasurer of the Association.

On motion, Messrs. Rudd and Becker were appointed to examine the Treasurer's report and the vouchers and papers appertaining thereto, and subsequently reported that they found the same, respectively, to be correct, and the same was placed on file.

On motion, seventy-one new members of the Association were elected.

On motion, the sum of $150 was appropriated to pay the clerk of the Treasurer of the Association for the ensuing year, and the sum of $75 was ordered paid to Edward Kaestner for his services in connection with the annual meeting.

It was also resolved that the Treasurer pay, and he hereby is authorized and directed to pay, the expenses of this annual meeting, and for the publishing and distributing of the Annual Report, upon the same being audited by the Secretary of the Executive Committee, or, in his absence, by any member of the Committee of the Third Judicial District.

The Treasurer was also, on motion, directed to pay any other bills or accounts presented to this Board upon the same being audited by the Secretary of the Committee or, in his absence, by any member of the Committee of the Third Judicial District.

The Treasurer having reported the names of certain members of the Association who were in arrears in the payment of dues for three years, the following was, on motion, adopted:


Resolved, That the names of all members now upon Treasurer's books in arrears of dues for three years be dropped from the rolls unless such dues are paid on or before March 1, 1904, and that the Treasurer be requested to notify such members to such effect.

On motion, the Treasurer was authorized and directed to purchase a suitable book of life membership certificates for his use.


The President:


If there is no objection, the report of the Executive Committee will be received and filed. Report of the Committee on Admissions.

The Secretary:

That committee will report later.

The President:

The election of members will be deferred. The election of officers.

The Secretary:

That will follow the address of the President.

The President:

Reports of other standing committees.

J. Newton Fiero, of Albany:

Mr. President, the report of the Committee on Law Reform would come under that head, and I beg leave to say that the committee had a meeting this morning, in regard to matters which were referred to it last year, and agreed on a report which is to be formulated, and I

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