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Charles L. Capen, of Bloomington. N. H. Kornegay, of Vinita.

Wm. P. Breen, of Fort Wayne.

G. W. Wakefield, of Sioux City.

J. G. Slonecker, of Topeka. Luther C. Willis, of Shelbyville. Bern'd McCloskey of New Orleans.

Jos. C. Holman,

of Farmington. Geo. Whitelock, of Baltimore.

R. C. Ostrander,
of Lansing.
F. V. Brown, of

F. L. Schofield, of


Alex. Troy, of Montgomery.

Thomas J. Prescott, of Phoenix.

Arthur Neill, of Little Rock.

R. L. Simpson, of San Francisco.

Lucius W. Hoyt, of


Charles W. Joslyn, of Hartford.

T. Bayard Heisel, of Wilmington.

John F. Laskey, of Washington.

Orville A. Park, of Macon.

John A. Matthewman, of Honolulu.

James H. Matheny, of Springfield.

F. H. Kellogg, of South McAlester.

Merrill Moores, of Indianapolis.

Samuel S. Wright, of Tipton.

D. A. Valentine, of Topeka.

Bernard Flexner, of Louisville.

W. S. Benedict, of New Orleans.

Leslie C. Cornish, of Augusta.

James U. Dennis, of

W. J. Landman, of
Grand Rapids.
Charles W. Farnham,
of St. Paul.

Chas. F. Gallenkamp, of St. Louis.

[blocks in formation]



P. H. Leslie, of Helena.

John L. Webster, of Omaha,

Oliver E. Branch, of Manchester. James J. Bergen, of Somerville.

A. H. Harllee, of Silver City.

R. L. Hand, of Elizabethtown.

W D. Pruden, of Edenton.

J. H. Bosard, of Grand Forks.

J. W. Warrington, of Cincinnati.

Geo. H. Burnett, [of Salem. Nathaniel Ewing, of Uniontown. Francis Colwell, of Providence. J. E. McDonald, of Winnsboro. Thomas Sterling, of Redfield. John E. Wells, of Union City.

T. S. Reese, of Austin.

Andrew Howat, of Salt Lake City. W. L. Burnap, of Burlington.

Alex. Hamilton, of Petersburg.

Wm. A. Peters, of Seattle.

W. W. Brannon, of Weston.

F. C. Winkler, of Milwaukee.

SECRETARY. Edward C. Russel, of Helena.

Roscoe Pound, of Lincoln.

Arthur H. Chase, of Concord.

Albert C. Wall, of Jersey City.

Edward L. Bartlett, of Santa Fe.

Fred'k E. Wadhams, of Albany.

J. Crawford Biggs, of Durham.

W. H. Thomas, of Leeds.

W. H. A. Read, of Toledo.

A. F. Flegel, of Portland.

William H. Staake, of Philadelphia.

William A. Morgan, of Providence.

Hunter A. Gibbes,20 Columbia.

John H. Voorhees, of Sioux Falls.

Robert Lusk, of Memphis.

A. E. Wilkinson, of Austin.

J. Wolcott Thompson, of Salt Lake City. John H. Mimms, of St. Albans.

Eugene C. Massie, of Richmond.

Eugene G. Kreider, of Olympia.

Nelson C. Hubbard, of Wheeling.

Cornelius I. Haring, of Milwaukee.


Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting

of the

New York State Bar Association

At Albany

Tuesday and Wednesday, January 19 and 20, 1904.

JOHN G. MILBURN, President.


[blocks in formation]

Tuesday, January 19, 1904, 11 A. M.

The meeting will be called to order on Tuesday, January 19, 1904, at II o'clock A. M., by Hon. John G. Milburn, President, in the Common Council Chamber in the City Hall.

Prayer By Rev. Paul Birdsall.

The order of business will then be proceeded with, as laid down in Subdivision II of the By-Laws, as follows:

I. Reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting. 2. Nominations for membership.

3. Report of Executive Committee.


Report of Treasurer.

5. Report of Committee on Admissions.

6. Election of members.

7. Election of officers.

8. Reports of other standing committees. 9. Reports of other special committees. 10. Special orders.

[blocks in formation]

Tuesday, 2 P. M.-Common Council Chamber.

Annual address by the President-Subject, "Statutory Revision and Consolidation."

Report of the Nominating Committee.

Election of officers.

During the progress of the meeting the following papers will be read:

"Some Problems in Connection with International Arbitration," by Hon. William L. Penfield, solicitor, United States Department of State, Washington, D. C.

"American Constitutional Law, as Molded by Daniel Webster," by Everett P. Wheeler, of New York.

"The Civil Jury," by A. Caperton Braxton, of Staunton, Virginia.

"Is the Surrogate's Court Fulfilling Its Purpose?" by Hon. Louis W. Marcus, of Buffalo.


'Changed Conditions in the Practice of Law," by Edward P. White, of Amsterdam.

"Legal Aspects of the Panama Question," by Roland Crangle, of Buffalo.

"Suicide and the Law," by Wilbur Larremore, of New York.

"Mr. Adriaen van der Donck, the Earliest Lawyer in New York," by Alfred L. Becker, of Buffalo.

"Law Reporting," by Robert G. Scherer, of Albany.

General discussion of the subject-matter of each of these papers will be in order immediately after it has been read.

Tuesday, 8 P. M.— Assembly Chamber, Capitol.

Prayer By Rev. Paul Birdsall.

Annual address by Hon. John Watson Foster, LL. D., of Washington, D. C.; subject, "What the United States has Done for International Arbitration."

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9.30 P. M.- Fort Orange Club.

Reception to Hon. John Watson Foster, LL. D.

Wednesday Morning, January 20, 1904.

The Association will meet in the Common Council Chamber at 10 A. M.

Order of business according to By-Laws.

Reading of papers.

The subject, "How Can the Supreme Court Trial Term be Relieved Through the Medium of the County Courts?"

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